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01-05-2016 13:01

with this new lore place, I wanted to give it a go and help tell a story of the new Pirate flower, I hope it suffices, I can hardly mach the woven wonders of Karisade.

Decades ago the pirates were not like the ones we see today, a long time ago they were an army that stood proudly on the shores of Skull Island, their loyalty unwavering, their skills unmatched and their leader the most violent of which man has ever known.

During the reign of Captain Artim Kallus the pirates were feared by more than just the mainlanders who called Syrnia their home, Kallus was ruthless in his quest for dominance in Syrnia, he led his men across many continents including his control over Exrollia and Elven.

Kallus won many battles with his men who wore his crest so proudly, the Pirate Crimson became a symbol of a new age that inspired Kallus to attempt his biggest mark on history, Kallus was a clever man but never once did he plan to take Serpenthelm and its neighbouring islands, he knew the risks and he knew strategically he was out matched by the Lords that governed but Kallus became too arrogant and was blinded by his yes men.

In the darkness of the Winter Solstice Kallus led the attack on Remer and Dearn island his strategy flawed from the beginning but his men, wearing the Pirate Crimson led the attack, the night sky filled with screams and clanging of swords as Kallus victorious on Dearn decided to continue North as his men finished their attack on Remer, it was this move that cost Kallus.

As dawn broke Kallus landed on Webbers Island a spider infested land of little strategic value, his men exhausted disembarked only to be ambushed by Lord Serpenthelms forces waiting in the webbed forest. Kallus unsure of his next step, fled the island as he lost over 80% of his fleet, his journey led him to the baron wastelands known as the Outlands it was here Kallus met his end as he fled to the land he ruled, he was met by The elves who led him to believe he was safe. Kallus turned to face the outlands as the arrow pierced his back, he knew deep down he could never control those proud Elven folk but never did he believe he would be betrayed there and then by those he deemed allies.

as Kallus dropped the heavens opened and rain poured down from the skies across the battle scarred islands of Remer, Dearn and Webbers, some say this was the heavens weeping for a lost son, others tears of joy as Syrnia could now begin to heal from the wounds inflicted by Kallus and his men.

As the decades passed some say they still see the Pirate Crimson blooming on the lands Kallus craved so much but surely these are but rumours. The sigil of a Pirate era lost and forgotten surely would not bloom now to this day?
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27-07-2016 03:49

Needs more cowbell.
16-12-2016 12:46

Belated congrats Benguin - a worthy first entry to the Players section of the Legendarium!
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Forum -> Legendarium -> An Era forgot and Kallus's demise

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