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27-04-2016 00:46

Hello Syrnia.

After a bit of consideration we have decided to make changed to the name change policy.

Due to the amount of people wanting another name change we are changing from the current rule of 1 name change per player to 1 name each per year!

This is not for everyone, but for those interested this policy will begin 1st May, please don't send your tickets in before this date or they will be sent back with no action taken.

All tickets should be directed to the Multi/Cheats department with the topic Name Change to help stay on top of the intial influx of tickets.

Please choose your new name carefully and make sure the spelling is correct because you will have to keep your name for an entire year, we will not be changing it a second time because you no longer like your name or you misspelled it in a ticket.

Moderator edit:
We are not reassigning prior names of active players. That would be misleading on our part.

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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Announcements -> Name Changes

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