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Ricktimus Prime
19-04-2016 00:02

I just wanted to remind the older folks, and inform the newer folks that there is an unofficial Syrnia Facebook group. It's purpose is to give you a place to chat, gripe, strategize, and socialize with fellow Syrnians in a more relaxed venue. Check us out if you'd like.


The rules are few, but necessary:

Rule for the Group. Please read.

This will be short and sweet, but I fully expect them to be followed. I hate requiring any rules at all, but unfortunately some dont play well with others.

1.) No pornographic material of any kind - picture, video, or text. There are minors on this page and I wont allow them to be exposed to it here.

2.) No attacks upon other members of a vulgar, profane nature. I understand that there are personality conflicts and some arguing is of course allowed, but within reasonable limits.

3.) No posting of methods to cheat on Syrnia. Discussion of cheating players and general descriptions of how they may be cheating is allowed, but do not post specific methods or links to such that could be used to teach someone how to cheat.

4.) You must identify yourself in the "Syrnia Username Cheat Sheet" with your Syrnia ID.

Violations of rules 1-3 will result in your immediate and permanent removal from the group. Failure to comply with rule 4 will result in a reminder, after a reasonable amount of time to comply, you will be removed if you fail to do so.

Thanks - Affliction
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Mr. Addy
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19-04-2016 00:29

is facebook like myspace?
28-04-2016 15:29

no i think its like myface
Love All!
29-04-2016 14:50

I've been a member for several years and I recommend this group. Member posts are (within the rules given above) unmoderated, so you can speak your mind without fear of censorship. You can also post about non-Syrnia topics or simply share a chat and a joke with fellow Syrnians. Many players use this page as a refuge during periods of downtime.

My Feedback Suggestion

Due to its large size (328 members and counting), this group no longer has its own interactive Facebook chatbox. Why not create a Tinychat or Chatzy room to compensate for this and then post a link to it in the room description area? That way, members could chat to each other in real time, which might prove particularly desirable during periods of downtime.
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14-01-2023 19:27

I'm sorry, I'm so bored. I'm looking through forums to find something interesting and came across this. I remember this, they kicked me out because my Syrnia memes were getting more attention than their posts. Would anyone want to be in a Syrnia memes Facebook group?

Edited on 14-01-2023 19:28
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