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08-04-2016 15:07

Hello everyone!


I am the leader of Golden Legion and I am looking for new recruits to strengthen our ranks. Golden Legion is one of the oldest and well respected clans in the game. We have been around since August of 2005.

With a new owner of Syrnia and future looking not so bleak anymore, Golden Legion is looking to replenish it's ranks. We feel the time has come to recruit new members and make the flame of our legion strong once again. Perhaps it is your destiny to be a golden legionnaire and leave your mark in the world of Syrnia by entwining your fate with ours?

You can check our member list and stats here:^gl^

If you're looking for free stuff, go look somewhere else.
If you are changing clans more often than socks, go look somewhere else.
If you are not changing your socks at all - definitely go look somewhere else ;)
If you get invited, a trial period of 1 month will begin.

    Who and what are we looking for?
  • Maturity

  • Sense of humor.

  • Good reputation.

  • High levels and experience are welcome, but not mandatory - our impressions after reading your application will help us decide.

  • We are also ready to give a chance to players completely new to the game

    What we offer:
  • We have a level 112 smith, so you don't have to worry about tools up to obsidian.

  • Lots of items are stored in our storehouses for use of clan members.

  • Friendly, mature, no-drama people and chat

  • We don't have a mandatory donation system. You keep your resources and work on skills you want. Our members help each other without being ordered to do so.

  • Advice in most aspects of the game.

  • Clan goals, and help with member individual goals

    Details which should be included in your application, apply by sending me a message:
  • Some information about yourself (where are you from, how old are you, how long have you been playing Syrnia)

  • Have you been in any clans before - which ones and why did you leave, etc.

  • Your goals in this game

  • What do you expect from ^GL^? And how can you help us?

  • Anything else you want to say


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Mr. Addy
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Mr Tiddles
08-04-2016 16:48

I would like to come visit if that's ok?
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Cruz Nairb
08-04-2016 23:01

LK is a great guy and ^GL^ is one of the oldest and most respected clans in Syrnia. I highly recommend considering them if you are looking for a clan.
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Common Sense
12-04-2016 20:39

Amazing Clan they have been around for as long as I can remember great people very kind and helpful
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Stay [CLEAN] Folks !
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