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04-04-2016 12:08

Updated May 2017

Well this thread is for you, though not really the sort of post that is generally here but I'll try to give some impartial advice;

First thing get involved in world chat get your name out there, and see which other players you seem to fit with, or just watch and see which characters are "your cup of tea".

I would also recommend not just joining the first clan to randomly invite you, chances are they want low resources from you or are collecting new players like pokemons to make their clans look large and active.

Whilst watching world you will be leveling up a few of the skills and seeing where you fit in, it could be you like very few skills or even one to focus on or that you like to do a bit of everything. This again helps you pick the right clan moving forwards but also helps you give some info about you when you select to apply (most higher clans like to know a bit about you rather than just a random invite).

I always supported 1-sec as the main new player clan, this was simply because they focused on helping newer players, and didn't exploit them... Sadly this clan has been disbanded, so lets see who else there are (these are only a few from the vast clan list);

I'll start with TAG simply because that's where i call home. We are pretty much a clan full of awkward people who all like to take the "water" out of one another... As such we really aren't suited to newer players, we are the sort you have to either click with or hate us all. I wouldn't recommend TAG for any new players, unless you are an older player returning, sorry! 1/5 *s from me

Corps, simply put has the most organised structure and willingness to help one another that I have ever seen. The reason for this is the core players are all family, which as you can imagine is a great for working together. Their leader Terma, is one of the nicest if not the nicest player I have ever met on here. They are more than happy to help new players wanting to work pretty much any skill. The chat can be a little slow but the members are very active, mainly afk. I would recommend this as a good clan for some one who knows what skill(s) they want to do. I wouldn't even bother sending in an application here I would simply chat to Terma, you will see instantly what sort of person she is and she will always try to help. 5/5 *s from me

~AE~, the newest clan on the list. The core principle of Treve setting up this clan was to fill the gap left in the game by the closure of 1sec. as such its a clan for new players to the game who need a hand getting into the game. they provide starting resources for most skills, help with any needs you may have and try to ensure that they all work to help one another. Chat is again slow mainly due to a lack of members as they are a new clan, however they do kick inactive members which i personally think is a great plus, so all of the members you see are at least semi active. Treve is always happy to have visitors and others join outside of new players which means you will see some other faces pop in from time to time. I think the principle of a clan to help new players is a great goal and if it grows and increases in numbers i can see this being a great clan, however for now is still very young so will have to see how things get on. 3.5/5 *s from me

O.G, Yea lol they think there all gangsta's and hard as nails, but really the core active players are all really nice chaps and chapetts... That being said they do have one or two marmalade players you will either love or hate. The clans recently under new leadership which I think is a great phase to join a clan, as you can really make an impression on a new leader and become part of their core players. They are very very well stocked on all items from the basics to the end of game items, probably one of the best stocked clans. I'm sure their new leadership wouldn't mind me saying they aren't really for fresh out of the tutorial players, but play for a few months see how active you are and what you want to do skill(s) wise then send in an application to Queenie, Fate or Affliction who are usually around. 4/5 *s from me

TLO, this really is one of those places you have to join to appreciate. I hand on heart didn't think it would be somewhere i would actually be sad to end my visit... Yet has been the only one so far. Its one of these places where i joined knowing very few players, however after just a week there i got to know some lovely people, who really help one another. They do this without the drama that comes with some clans and their core player make sure everyone feels welcome and part of the clan.
They have a lot of higher players who would be happy to help new players. You will find a good few faces from world chat in this clan as they are a large clan with a decent % of active members for chat. A lot of the players are us/auz here so good coverage over the uk nights for chat/help. I would strongly recommend having a visit here and seeing if you fit in, as i would say its one of the top 3 clan I've had the pleasure to see. 4.5/5 *s from me (was tempted to go for 5 but i didnt get to see how they interact with newer players)

C. Another well organised and structured clan with a great resource trader in Treize who helps the clan ensure that all members have what they need, and swaps out items people don't need. Borneo was the 1st player to offer me a new trawler when I left my prior clan and dumped all my items in the SH, which shows they are willing to help other players. Negative has to be the size and activity. they have 10 active members (actively gaining 100k+) based on this chat can be very quiet at times. 3/5 *s from me

CLEAN, A great clan with a great leader who has helped me in the past. The member base is very high however just over half of the clan are inactive so chat isnt as fast paced as i had expected. they have a good core of active players who seem friendly and willing to help both one another and the clan. They again have a few marmalade players, but with lots of low players it can be a good place to all help one another as you will find lots of clannies with you on the 1st island. This will help with things like checking for dropped items (after dying at valera). Clan chat is here is unique as they have the only non swearing chat in the game which again a lot may see as an advantage. Over all i think this is a great clan for either a player starting the game or a more established player, though personally i feel the banter is less due to the chat restrictions... 3/5 *s from me (updated 29/04/2017)

Dream I've chosen this clan as it is very much similar to OLD and Drunk also. This/these sort of clans have very few members usually 5-8 very active players who pretty much work together to make sure things are all in order. They can be very well off resource and GP wise, however do tend to suffer from quiet clan chat and needing outsource items. The huge plus is they generally have huge very experienced players with lots of knowledge, I wouldn't recommend these clans for new players as these clans tend to be tight knit, but get chatting to some of them in world if this seems "your cup of tea". 1/5 *s from me (low rating like us, as I feel not the right place for 95% of new players)

**Please note this forum is not to bias anyone into joining TAG, simply put we don't want new players, nor is it here to discredit any clans. I've been playing for around 10 years now. This is simply my view on clans from an outsiders look in and chatting to players from these clans to try and help others find the right place for them. If I have offended you are you aren't happy just remember this is my opinion and this is only a game, So smile and move on.


On a side note if you're a low player and have lost all your items due to death, just nudge ill re start you up free of charge (and no you cant then join tag sorry).

EDIT - Also sorry I didn't do every clan, there are simply too many, and I wanted to pick ones where I actively speak with people from those clans.

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05-04-2016 14:16

We are gangstas!!! Thanks for the shout out mate.
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06-04-2016 00:20

You must refer to Excy's cologne with "marmalade".. Its a different sort of scent and i have often wondered if it wasn't a choice made to merely confuse the masses beyond just his chatting habits *nods*
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07-04-2016 11:00

First thing get involved in world chat get your name out there, and see which other players you seem to fit with, or just watch and see which characters are "your cup of tea".

What happens when world chat is no place for you?
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07-04-2016 13:37

You watch and see which characters are your cup of tea ;) its in your quote

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21-01-2017 19:50

Knights Templar is always looking for Active and a Team player for Our Guild
is Family Oriented? ask any of us if We're on line

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27-01-2017 01:11

O.G. is for people who have a tendency to not care what is said and likes to have a good time. Every night is a party night. Spam rubo more! He loves it. Come for the good times, but don't drink the water.
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04-09-2018 06:59

Hi! I am looking for a clan. You can expect me to be active at least 5 hours a day. Looking forward to your invite!
16-09-2019 10:08

This forum is out of date and our new player churn is low. I am happy to update and do a few visits to clans if desired or delete this if interest / worth in doing so is low.

Will check back on 48 hrs see what the interest level is.

Edited on 16-09-2019 11:53
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Dark Nero
16-09-2019 12:03

keep it active it does help new players to get a perspective of clans new and older ones.

even older players get an idea of what a clan is like and helps them plan visits here and there.
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16-09-2019 19:48

Great post, may want to update it with active clans / new clans that help others. Good reference for new players
Cruz Nairb
17-09-2019 05:56

Worth keeping in my opinion.
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17-09-2019 09:03

Ok then I shall make some time to update in the coming month.
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