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30-01-2016 21:32


I know that many of you think this game is abandoned, M2H does not care anymore, syrnia will never see another update etc. I hope it's not so bad and another update might still come.

This discussion is not about the likelihood of updates, instead it is about the type of updates Syrnia needs and players want.

What do you think?

I'd want new game play mechanics. I don't even care that much about what they are. Clan members getting on a trawler to hunt whales or giant squids, boot throwing competition, horse taming, new kind of PvP arena with tournaments, using magic for something other than item enchantments and orbs. Update could add new skills or extensions to existing skills. New quests would be great. Some new factions with quests, similar to thieves guild.

Highest ranking players also need something new to look forward to, I guess.

What do you think?

P.S. I expect to not get shot for making this topic.

Issues that need to be addressed, in no particular order. All have been mentioned in this topic, or other topics or chat. I've added a few issues that players were discussing in chat.


ID Name Description
#1 Login/Registration/PW recovery Fixed
#2 Option to disable whispers
#3 New higher level island for pirates
#4 New game-play mechanics
#5 Promotion of Syrnia Perhaps a contest with prizes for the best promoters?
#6 New coder
#7 level limited PvP Outlands could be expanded with zones for different CL ranges
#8 Split in battle-mage levels (perhaps random CL ranges) Fixed
#9 More lower level quests
#10 More unique/rare items (perhaps as a donation option, items that don't have any impact on game-play) and can be put in trophy slot for showing off
#11 New ways to purchase premium points Paypal?
#12 Mid-level island
#13 New skills (possibilities - tailoring, taming, naval exploration/combat.
#14 Lore to expand Syrnia universe
#15 Expanding fishing and woodcutting skills They are very simple and linear, compared to mining and combat
#16 800 slot farm
#18 Use for new gems Jade, gamanite, ruby, serendibite, lapis
#19 Fixing battle-mage Fixed... so it stops breaking every now and then
#20 Cheat detection improvements
#21 Missing item images
#22 Fame/pirate system update
#23 Switching between different gear suits Nice to have.
#24 Bouquet messages in a separate folder Nice to have.
#25 Clan crest, visible on the left from helmet. Nice to have.
#26 Fishing tools as weapons. Harpoons and fishing spears? Miners, woodcutters can use tools as weapons. Fishing is also a gathering skill, but does not have a benefit of a weapon.
#27 Higher level locked items Highest we have is level 40.
#28 School for trading 75+
#29 Boat damage Water vessels take damage over time and need repairs (wood), simplest implementation would be +durability on boats, would be easier to implement than boat HP
#30 Player organized BM fights Players pay for using arena and can organize tournaments of their own
#31 New gold bar smelting location
#32 Voting website list Most links are broken
#33 BBCode buttons ...when users edit/make a topic or reply.
#34 Limiting monster orbs Perhaps number of orbs used at a single location per day should be limited, or number of orbs per day per player. Right now working locations can be blocked by orbs for hours. It especially hurts ogre mine.
#35 Refreshing user interface Cross-platform support (smartphones, tablets, monitors etc.)
#36 Option to disable SH lines in clan chat Option to disable them in history as well. And maybe move them to a different log, separate from chat. Make it a separate log available in clan menu.
#37 Option to disable OL logs Would make OL faster for some players
#38 Showing BM logs after fights So people could see who killed who.
#39 Account deletion 4 months for non-donators currently. Could be increased to a year.
#40 Change email associated with account Would be useful for some.
#41 Monster pictures Perhaps they can be brought back with right image caching implementation, so server does not get hurt too much
#42 Event list sorting Alphabetically and/or chronologically
#43 Transfer house ownership
#44 More than 1 house at location
#45 Login page shows news from 2010 This makes new players think there have been no updates for 6 years.
#46 Old news page is broken http://www.syrnia.com/index.php?page=news
#47 Option to not have underlined name for donators No difference between underscores adn spaces in chat.
#48 Harvesting different types of crops at once ...
#49 Constructor house problem. People can't have 2 houses in a location, makes life hard for constructors


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Mr. Addy
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30-01-2016 21:43

Since any suggestion here has as much chance of implementation as not let's go with something outlandish:

"Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers and Carriers"

Variation though mostly.
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31-01-2016 00:20

add cooking back to the battlemage
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31-01-2016 00:36

Something that activates syrnia again. Promotion, new Players. New Players and new Players.
Cruz Nairb
31-01-2016 08:29

1. an active and interested coder
2. bug fixes and fixes for any server issues
3. actual game related content, whatever that may be

Edited on 31-01-2016 08:29
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31-01-2016 09:02

Even though I know it will n ever get read.. but on the off chance it might.. here is my 2 bits

1. level limited PVP so that younger newer players have a chance at fighting without being total suicide for them because it really turns them off to find out they have to play for years before they can do it with any chance of surviving.

2. More frequent battle mages for the lower levels and a split in the higher levels so it becomes more attractive for players to do.

3. more quests for younger players even if it means something silly like making 5 bars or fishing diff fish at a location to give more goals to gain toward.

4. more opportunity to get or create unique items or ability to name an item in your inventory.

5. a use for burnts in game like possible fertilizer for farms or use in creating something?

6. another Island with more locations to do things for mid-high level players... like players in their 50's and above because honestly the crowding can be awful at these level locations.

7. The return of Paypal for a donation option since it makes it easier to donate to get the premium points package for a lot of us.

Edited on 31-01-2016 09:03
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31-01-2016 09:08

I'm not in a hurry to get updates, as there are still things I can't do in most skills.

But I'd probably put in a vote for what Twitxhy said. Changing up the arena fight bracket ranges to give more variety would also be nice, I guess.
The Couch YetiTemp
31-01-2016 18:22

New Quests,
New Tailoring Skill,
New Magic Items,
New Non-Combat related Quests,
New Non-Combat related Locations,
New Pirate-Only Locations,
New LandLubber and Pirate Locations,
New Combat location for mid range levels for Pirates.

Return of Beer skill.

Naval Exploration,
Naval Combat,

Add Taming,
Add Breeding,
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31-01-2016 23:54

New players need to know that there is stuff to look forward to, plus the people who have stayed and played deserve something new to do too.

That being said here is my two crowns.

A. A new Island perhaps with a mix of high and mid level stuff to do, since people complain about only being high enough to do 1 thing since they tend to specialize, but they also like to have lower level stuff to do. As for what skills should be high what should be low, I will toss out combat as High, mining and woodcutting as mid, and we can go from there.

B. New quests. Thankfully, with the release of Anasco and Arch 5 we had new quests implemented too, but I do think that with the talented people we have, a couple players could provide stories and outlines for some quests that a potential coder could turn into a quest.

C. Stability, we should be able to have the game up without having to wait half a minute to log in, or if that is here to stay the main new player login page needs to be amended to tell people it may take a while to log in, so they know it is normal.
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01-02-2016 00:03

Firstmostly wanted update is interesting lore via quests or whatever. I don't really care too much how it gets into the game.

Secondmosterliest wanted update is adding five or six more tiers of items to the game. For example five more types of metal, seeds up to level 350, magical spells up to level 250, three more types of boats with fishing locations to match.

Thirdmostlieserestest wanted update is creating balanced pvp, however that may happen.

There are my three cents. They are worth about three cents
Love, Tele
01-02-2016 00:54

If 5 more tiers get added, Syrnia might become one of the most hardcore games in the world

Edited on 01-02-2016 00:54
01-02-2016 01:10

I wonder how long it's going to take before someone releases a game that takes more than one human lifetime to beat... ;D

It's probably happened numerous times, but... you know... Syrnia!
Love, Tele
Mr Tiddles
01-02-2016 01:47

syrnia is perfect and needs no updates. ^.^

However new creatures are a good thing.

We have small chests but no large Chests

We have locked sarcs but I think those should be changed to two different sets of sarcs.

Locked Silver Sarcougus and Locked Gold Sarc.

Another way to obtain gems. as of right now lockeds mining and combat all contribute to gems and yet it's still extremely hard to raise the skill compared to others.

Pirates need an overhaul. Currently the system is broken as no player joining today will ever be able to catch up to the current pirate captain.

Pirates are known in game for their negative fame. I think that a great addition for pirates would be something to do with orbs which cause anyone who summons creatures to gain -5tt. a pirate wizard if you will... creatures only pirate folk can create although they shouldn't be the only ones with the power to use it.

I think that the game is in need of a way to get away from the best armors in game should be gained via outland mining. currently the outlands are a bit unfair and you are forced to join certain clans to gain mass exp or armor with any type of ease. arch 5 and arch 4 help out a bit to counter act that however even in arch 5 it's the player who clicks the link to mine first who gets the ore. NOT the player who put in the most effort to get their mining up to reduce their level.

I think that special gear such as a witch suit would be nice. Lets go ahead and fix the broken images too.

I personally feel like the best possible exp in game is a downfall in a sense... as a woodcutter a player only can sit in one place for the rest of their lives if they so choose to cut wood for exp/drops.

mining and combat have done it correctly as they can. There are methods within the game for you to gain decent exp in mining without risk and there are places that offer much greater rewards with lots of risk involved if your brave enough to go after the rewards.

Expand the outlands. why is the max woodcutting forest only level 55 in outlands yet the highest mining location is level 100?

forcing players to go to outlands for mining is just about the most amazing thing in game. (for me anyways) lets find a way to increase the trafic and fun. Maybe make it a bit more fair/safe so that it's not considered obsolete
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01-02-2016 11:32

A bouquet of four leaf clovers.
01-02-2016 17:06

That goes against a fundamental principle of Syrnia, namely s/he who plays longer has advantage over those who have played for a shorter time. South Park's world of warquest sums it up nicely
Love, Tele
03-02-2016 07:03

You mean south park's 'make love, not warcraft' episode? If so, I don't quite get the reference that you are trying to make.
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03-02-2016 15:43

Its the one where one guy on wow is high level and just kills all the noobs before they have a chance to gain levels. Idk I played wow for 5 mins and hated it so maybe its a bad reference.
Love, Tele
04-02-2016 03:28

Pirate sh/dripoff point kanzo/ogre side of ols
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06-02-2016 02:29

An admin who actually manages the game.

Edited on 06-02-2016 02:29
Love my Isolation!
06-02-2016 02:31

Thats exactly what it is Telepathetic and why the PvP needs to be updated
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06-02-2016 07:03

What rubo said, because he is always right.
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18-02-2016 19:57

Bump, so this not get deleted.
18-02-2016 20:05

Without an admin or an active coder with certain freedoms given by the admin you wont get any updates, so i guess those are the most important additions to the game
19-02-2016 16:49

pictures of monsters in a fight again would be nice
19-02-2016 20:45

An active coder would be a nice start to all of this, but I would like to see...
-800 farm slot available
-A use for the new gems
-Clan competitions/activities sound pretty fun

That's all for now
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