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07-08-2015 19:33

R.I.P. June 28th 2013...

A man that inspired us all, one of so many but unique and amazing!!!

We all loved and shared some super great moments with him, particulary from the begining Syrnia was created!

Full of wisdom, a master calculator, a true savior of spirits and dedicated to every piece of things he touched. So many accomplishements and tracks to follow he done.

He was part of the oldest clan The Dark Warriors [DW] and became a Zen when the great clan split occur, he was always a dedicated member that you could always find around the corner when you need someone.

I didn't know him very well in R/L but one thing I can say he was accurate on every word he spoke. A legend for some of us, a dam nice pal to talk with for others, he is one that many could really miss by now.

I hope where you are now is where you deserve to be!!!

Zen for all, all for Zen!
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Dark Nero
07-08-2015 19:40

I never knew mad nor did we speak but he influenced me so much in this game he was a legendary miner that many wanted to beat or surpass, we saw him as the peak of the mountain that if we got there we were the best of the best.

RIP Dude and although you may be surpassed you will forever be a mining god that influenced so many :'(
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RIP Hot Rod :'(
07-08-2015 19:49

Condolences to his family, friends and clan. As Seren said, he was an inspiration to all miners.

R.I.P Dad 20.4.13
R.I.P Rizla 18.1.11
R.I.P Marmite 20.8.13
07-08-2015 20:09

Oh wow. MAD was a great guy. Prayers for his family and friends.
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07-08-2015 20:23

Truly saddened by this, my thoughts are with his friends and family. Had some great times with both MAD and joebags down in AC4, now both Mining Legends look down upon us and I'm sure they are having a laugh together.


07-08-2015 20:30

rest in peace MADitude
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07-08-2015 21:48

MAD was a truly a great guy. Going to miss him a lot. Thoughts and Prayers to his family. RIP great Syrnian.
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TSoH 4 Life!
07-08-2015 22:33

MADi was an absolutely amazing guy, sad to hear this

Rest in peace MADi
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07-08-2015 23:23

He was a nice lad and an inspiration for what he achieved.
May his legend live on.

Rest in peace.
You have gained clanleadership of the Smexyness clan. Cloud has stopped as clanleader, you took over her place. <3

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07-08-2015 23:47

Im lost for words

MAD love you bro :'(

08-08-2015 01:09

So sad to hear of this Another great player lost.

RIP MAD, and my thoughts are with all of his Syrnian friends and family
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My best friend, my soldier, my hero <3
08-08-2015 01:28

Sorry to hear this news. My thoughts are with his friends and family
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08-08-2015 02:35

Wow sad day to come back and see this in forums. A good friend always will be missed. Rest in peace hun <3
*lights a candle for Dreamer and Maranda*

Joined: August 21, 2007 - 17:32
08-08-2015 07:53

Oh gosh. Love and prayers are with MAD and his family/friends. Can't believe he is gone.
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08-08-2015 11:26

R.I.P Legend, many good times with him in arch 4 including him leaving me ores because his timer was that low he could mine them all
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R.I.P murderdoll22

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08-08-2015 12:31

An Extraordinary Gentleman and a TRUE Legend of Syrnia
Rest in Peace
You have married Sayyadina!

08-08-2015 15:14

09-08-2015 03:24

RIP bud...
09-08-2015 03:31

So sorry to hear this
Rest in Peace
You have married littlebro!
: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
09-08-2015 03:38

Oh wow very sad to hear. Rest in peace my friend, and condolences to friends and family.
09-08-2015 03:39

Very sad day indeed. MADi was truly a gentlemen and an absolute mining legend, all of us miners and other skillers for that matter looked up to him in awe.

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09-08-2015 15:33


I really don't know what to say but the fact that he was an amazing guy to talk to and will be sorely missed.
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10-08-2015 00:37

We joked around about me reaching 20k ingame hours and you gave me a fancy pickaxe to congratulate me. The 30k mark went by unseen, but I never realized he wouldn't be around to see me reach it

Certainly missing the good old days with you, joebags & vinnie. Hope you guys have fun together while waiting for the rest of us to join you in the hopefully distant future.
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12-08-2015 22:14

Very sad news! RIP old friend.
16-08-2015 08:26

MAD-travel well on your journey, my friend. Coming back to find this saddens me. But that is mine to take. For you and yours, I wish peace.
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RIP, Kelly. 7/25/14 Gone too soon from this earth but never from my heart.
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