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23-03-2015 19:14

Just heard the sad news that Redwing has passed away. For those who don't know she used to be a player here and contributed to the Exrolia Island. She was a good friend to those who knew her and I wish to send my thoughts and prayers to her family.
Redwing may you fly high with the angels and then rest peacefully.
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23-03-2015 19:27

My thoughts are with her family and friends
Your gonna have to face it your addicted to Crow. ;)

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23-03-2015 19:30

She was a nice player.

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Dark Nero
23-03-2015 20:10

awww such sad news My thoughts are with her family and friends
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23-03-2015 20:41

Rest In Peace Redwing
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23-03-2015 21:02

Holy crap :o She was a very nice lady... possibly the first person to help me in syrnia in the old Exro days
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23-03-2015 23:25

Rest In Peace
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24-03-2015 06:43

An enormous loss for anyone that has been in ExRo or done any activities on Exrollia. A kind and sweet lady.

You will be missed
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24-03-2015 06:46

Very sad indeed i'm sorry to hear, rest in peace Redwing
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24-03-2015 06:46

prayers, I like to think we was friendly. The name will be missed.
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24-03-2015 06:50

Rest in peace Redwing...
24-03-2015 09:26

Im not crazy!

Im just a little unwell
24-03-2015 11:31

RIP Redwing
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Forgemaster Az
24-03-2015 18:29

Gone, but never forgotten! R.I.P.
R.I.P. Kelly
I will never forget you. You leaving leaves a big whole in my heart. Keep a place in front row for me at Wrestlemania: Heaven Edition! I love you, my friend...and I miss you :,(
24-03-2015 18:52

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24-03-2015 19:37

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24-03-2015 21:38

OMG I am so sorry to hear that, sending prayers and good vibes to the family through this tough time. RIP Redwing, you are lost but not forgotten.
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25-03-2015 01:11

RIP, may God's peace find you and your family.
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25-03-2015 02:29

My prayer to the family at their sad loss. My love to her clan and her memory here. She will be sadly missed. I will have a moment of though for her every time I set foot on exrolia. It is a sad day for all of syrnia with your passing. May eternity be filled with joy, loved ones, and a fast internet connection so you can look down and laugh at us all for being the noobs we all are.
25-03-2015 02:38

Rest well, Redwing. My condolences to the family!! A well respected, long time player. Will certainly be missed.
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25-03-2015 15:53

Rest in peace
26-03-2015 05:15

Sorry to hear. My thoughts are with the family.
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28-03-2015 01:52

Rest in peace.
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