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23-12-2014 21:07

Some extremely disturbing news has reached Syrnia from the Pixie Postal Service...

A motley army of malevolent monsters have invaded the North Pole and kidnapped Santa :O

There'll be no presents, no events, no invasions this Christmas Day...

...unless the criminals are caught.

Somehow Santa has sent a coded message to the elves, describing the nature of his kidnappers.

With this information, the elves have prepared a 'Teleportation Spell'...

The spell will transport the kidnappers to Syrnia, if you can guess their names from the clues in Santa's coded message.

One by one, the list of clues is about to appear...

The first person to decipher the clue and type the correct creature name in Worldchat...

...will receive a prize and activate an invasion!

Creature 1: Santa describes it as a "large evil insect" [2]21:09 TermaMatrix[Corps]: big bad bug
Creature 2: Previously lupine? [2]21:10 DarthBlood[AFK]: werewolf
Creature 3: One-armed thief? [2]21:12 Evert[MsFit]: Bandit
Creature 4: A type of key or scaffold [2]21:13 Evert[MsFit]: Skeleton?
Creature 5: Feared rat pie [2]21:15 Disturbed[Choob]: Dread Pirate.
Creature 6: Malevolent faerie [2]21:16 fraggelmupp[TLO]: evil elf
Creature 7: Two donkeys within! [2]21:17 fraggelmupp[TLO]: assassin
Creature 8: Rotten scoundrel [2]21:18 Disturbed[Choob]: Rogue!
Creature 9: More aching monarch [2]21:19 fraggelmupp[TLO]: sorer queen
Creature 10: Cranberries song title with the top missing? [2]21:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: headless zombie
Creature 11: Bah, humbug! [2]21:22 Kairuku[R-o-D]: scrooge
Creature 12: 'Casting a bra' (anagram) [2]21:23 Kairuku[R-o-D]: giant scarab
Creature 13: I told this person I was in love with you [2]21:24 fraggelmupp[TLO]: witch doctor
Creature 14: Shady single lady [2] 21:25 Mobbie[O.G.]: dark widow
Creature 15: Infant ice titan [2] 21:27 Mobbie[O.G.]: baby frost giant
Creature 16: 'Nudest diaper' (anagram) [2]21:28 Kairuku[R-o-D]: undead priest
Creature 17: There are icy plates on this ‘manga’ anagram [2]21:29 fraggelmupp[TLO]: frost scaled gaman
Creature 18: Revolting frozen water vapour (male) [2]21:31 fraggelmupp[TLO]: abominable snowman
Creature 19: 'Farting sot' (anagram)

Santa has been freed. Thank you for all your help!!!
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23-12-2014 21:09

big bad bug
*Hapiness is a full 150 slot inbox of theiving attempts*

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23-12-2014 21:10

Big Bad Bug
23-12-2014 21:10

big bad bug
23-12-2014 21:10

Tiger Centipede
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23-12-2014 21:10

big bad bug
23-12-2014 21:10

23-12-2014 21:11

Big bad wolf
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23-12-2014 21:12

were wolf
*Hapiness is a full 150 slot inbox of theiving attempts*

Please feel free to thieve any of my many strategically located shops, returns are welcomed
23-12-2014 21:18

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