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10-11-2014 19:22

About us
The Syrnian Adventurers (~ADV~) is one of the oldest clans still active in the game, boasting in excess of fourteen years of existence. The clan is currently ranked 12th by TLGrounds default measurement (total experience), with an average experience of over 44 million. Not to mention we have the ranked 1 player for total level (Stolo is a beast, and the man of few words is far more impressive in green chat).

What we are looking for
In order to press on and climb the ranks, we are seeking new members to join our ranks.
We would like to recruit players who have a total experience in excess of 10 million, or players who specialise in fishing, cooking or mining. This being said, all applications will be considered and put to a vote, providing you show the high level of activity we desire.

The usual perks!
In joining us, you will benefit from an active clan chat where you can enjoy a little small talk or ask for help (we have a fair few old timers here, so have a decent grasp of all aspects of the game) etc. We also help each other progress in our respective skills, by donating our resources for others to use, and requesting their resources to further our own progression. We have a project on the go currently, working to this end.

How to apply
If you are interested in joining our clan, send a message to myself or Akkarin with the following things:

  • A little info about yourself

  • Your total level, and total experience

  • The skill(s) you train

  • What Syrnian goals you have set yourself

  • What you will bring to the clan, and what you would expect the clan to do for you

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