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07-11-2014 13:51

Regarding recent concerns over Syrnia being hacked, we'd like to share the following information to reassure our players.

M2H found and solved all issues. They never hacked the game.

They were never able to change the game, and they did not have any access to the database (that's where all information is saved, email, password, messages, forum topics etc.).

No data was changed or stolen however some chat logs both public and whispers were copied (though we do not have details of all these to hand).
The data thief also copied some of the games peripheral scripts.

This data was obtained by accessing a folder on the Syrnia website that wasn't closed, where our raw script data is saved. This has now been closed, so we are protected from any future data breaches.

The route this data was copied from has now been blocked and no further access should be possible and all your passwords and information are safe, however you are reminded that passwords should be kept confidential and secure from all other Players and for your own peace of mind it may be a good time to reset your password carefully.

We are also aware that this person posted links to an updated cheat script.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that anyone caught cheating will lose their account permanently and be banned from creating another.

If you have any concerns, please contact the Game Staff via Ticket
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