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24-06-2014 23:22

I stand up to day with grave news to Syrnia. One of the finest sweetest ladies that ever graced Syrnia's path has passed away after a long illness. Her quiet humor, kind words and gentle manner will be sorely missed by me and many others here in the world of Syrnia. To her family and husband, Bencedin also of Syrnia, I wish you love and condolences in the fact that her loving smile will look down on you all until the time you are together once again.

A long time player of Syrnia, I will always remember her patience and humor in chat. Her dedication to the game and enjoyed her time here until the end.

My love to you always Deb, and goodbye, Sandy
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Mr Coffee
24-06-2014 23:25

Thoughts and prayers to Bencedin, and his family. Blue was always cheerful and could always lighten up chat with her good humor and charm. She will be missed terribly. Rest peacefully Debi.
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24-06-2014 23:35

Rest in peace.
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Rest in peace. <3
Forgemaster Az
24-06-2014 23:55

Debi, you will be missed...I am lacking the words to describe what I feel.
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Burnt Cod
25-06-2014 00:23

Rest in peace, Debi

Prayers to bence and family
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25-06-2014 00:28

Rest in peace
25-06-2014 00:41

The Shire has lost one of its lights.

Thoughts and prayers for Ben and family, Deb will be missed greatly.
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25-06-2014 00:42

So sad to hear about this. I never had the pleasure of knowing her, but it's always too sad to hear of a fellow Syrnian passing away.

Wishing for rest and peace for the family.
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25-06-2014 01:25

. I have talked to her a few times and she knows how to make us smile. Condolences to Ben and his family. Rest in peace Debi.
25-06-2014 02:23

Very sad news. Blessings to her family and friends as they say Goodbye. RIP Debi.
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Cruz Nairb
25-06-2014 02:28

RIP and my thoughts are with her friends and family.

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25-06-2014 02:46

My thoughts and prayers are with Bencedin and his family. Debi was so energetic and full of joy, she will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.
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25-06-2014 02:59

rest in peace
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25-06-2014 03:01

R.I.P. my thoughts to her family and friends.
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25-06-2014 04:47

Ben I'm so so sorry for your loss and your families lost. I have known you both for a long time on here at least. I know Debi had to live her life like she was on here. First to offer anything to anyone who needed. First with kind words of encouragement. First to show how big of a heart she has. She was a special lady who I am honored to call friend.
She will be missed by all here and all she touched in real life. R.I.P. Debi
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26-06-2014 00:06

Always sad to see someone go.. My condolences on your Loss..
maybe she will get shorter times and better drops in the next stage..
26-06-2014 03:46

Rest in Peace
29-06-2014 15:13

Rest in peace, Debi

Prayers to bence and family
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