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13-06-2014 19:31

Guide for Arch 2 Spawn Hunting

***No more hunting for a few pixels, if you choose to use this method.***

I thought I would make this guide, to make it easier to Navigate Arch 2. I have asked moderators and been told this is neither a bug or an exploit. I thought I would share this method of navigating Arch 2.

Arch 2 is an auto-attack area of CL 22-34, see below

**borrowed from
Forum -> Help -> Combat Areas and Monsters

Arch Cave 2 (Heerchey Island)

Enter Arch Cave 2 via Arch Cave SE.

Arch Cave 2 has a random Auto Attack at each location

Recommended for Auto Attacks
CL40 - 25HP

Black Bat (22)
Stone Gaman (24)
Starving Spider (30)
White Bat (32)
Iron Scaled Gaman (level 33)
Koban Miner (level 34)

^^^Taken from-
Forum -> Help -> Combat Areas and Monsters

Here is the trick

If you put your cursor in the the drop box where you add amount and click tab it will cycle through the places you can go to from that position with hitting, if you hit tab a second time. For example if you are at 2.11 first tab takes you to 2.10 second time 2.9 third time 2.12 forth time 2.17. These show up as boxes or small dots. When you can see or know which location it is on you hit enter and automatically go there.

Browsers it works on:

Chrome *** add an exra click ***
???( let me know if it works on your browser will add)

*Helpful Hints*

>>The quicker you can kill the auto the quicker you can check ground for spawn so higher CL is helpful

Below is a table of location and how many clicks of tab before hitting enter.

you are here 1 Click 2 Clicks 3 Clicks 4 Clicks
2.1 >2.3 >2.2 >S.E. xxx
2.2 >2.4 >2.19 >2.1 xxx
2.3 >2.5 >2.7 xxx xxx
2.4 >2.2 >2.18 >2.6 xxx
2.5 >2.6 >2.3 >2.10 xxx
2.6 >2.16 >2.4 <>2.5 xxx
2.7 >2.3 >2.8 xxx xxx
2.8 >2.7 xxx xxx xxx
2.9 >2.7 >2.11 xxx xxx
2.10 >2.5 >2.11 xxx xxx
2.11 >2.10 >2.9 >2.12 >2.17
2.12 >2.14 >2.13 >>2.11 xxx
2.13 >2.12 >2.14 >2.15 >2.20
2.14 >2.12 >2.13 >2.15 >2.16
2.15 >2.13 >2.14 >2.16 >xxx
2.16 >2.13 >2.15 xxx xxx
2.17 >2.11 xxx xxx xxx
2.18 >2.4 xxx xxx xxx
2.19 >2.2 xxx xxx xxx
2.20 >2.13 >3.1 xxx xxx

Any helpful hints or things that might be useful. if I think it is worthy I will add to this post

If running through to Arch 3 here is a quick route to follow
2.1 >> 2.2 >> 2.4 >> 2.6 >> 2.16 >> 2.13 >> 2.20 >> Enter Arch 3

Please only post useful tips on this. No need for flaming

Edited on 20-04-2017 09:59
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13-06-2014 20:47

Using tab to move is a pretty old trick but it can definitely be handy

I think you should add some extra details in around this though, such as explaining the spawning system in arch 2 and how it links to the other caves (feel free to lift the info from my Arch 5 guide), give details of what chests spawn, how many chests spawn, most common spawning locations (2.17, 2.18, 2.19), locations you might as well not bother checking, ways of out playing others in the cave, explain the combo chests etc

I have wrote guides for Arch 3/4/5 and LC for the new TLgrounds.. if wyks ever gets around to it lol. I think someone else did Arch 1/2, but if not it would be nice to have access to another solid guide for those areas.


Edit: Also im sure I remember tab working on IE too, but it was a while ago so I might be wrong.

Edited on 13-06-2014 20:48
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Mr Tiddles
14-06-2014 15:57

Mobile there is only one trick. Zoom in on the map to make the pixels bigger that you have to click. And memorize the map by heart
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14-06-2014 22:16

It works on Opera
15-06-2014 08:04

but but ....Arch 2 is already easy ?
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17-06-2014 15:49

If you camp that is ped
03-10-2016 13:27

From arch 2.3 to arch 2.1 is three clicks.

You missed this on your chart Z, xD.
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