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Dark Neroxus
05-06-2014 19:14

hey thought I would bring this up seeing as old posts have died out.

Hey all I lost the last post so thought I would repost this and see if players want to play a few games form teams have contests so on and so forth

NOTE* The following list was fromt he old document and is sibject to change if players have a name change or server swapped

but same rules as before post your name and server and if you feel like it a bit about how you play.

North America

Light - McPancakes

Ankit - Ps3freakerzz

Veredek - taheel

ShapeShifter - Tetrosin

Dragoon227 - Solidssnak3

Burntcod - BurntCod

Pantera - shadowemokitty

Burton - Masonant

Muto - drmuto

0Giovanni0 - BoboSama

Serendibite - SyrniaNoob

Booyaka - Sphinx101

TroubledB0Y - TroubledB0Y
XangerBlue - iHackOnLeague, CostcoEmployer, Halibut Sandwich

EU West

Serendibite - Neroxys

Jack the Reaper - JackGrimm

Ankit - Bhootz

Venom - Mr Venom

Booyaka - Lord Booya

Makarov - SachaXD2

EU Nordic & East




Latin America North

Latin America South


Ankit - ps3freakerzz

Booyaka - Boombastic

South East Asia

barun511 arvindr - barun511.

Edited on 13-08-2015 02:54

Edited on 13-08-2015 02:55

Moderator edit:
Please message Serendibite if you wish to be added to this list

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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Off-Topic -> League of Legends User Sheet 2.0

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