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27-12-2012 03:27

As we are all aware, there has been something of a mix up when Party Island and Jack Frost came to an end.

Please forward details in a Ticket to the Bug Department of where you departed from when you sailed to Party Island, or where you were relocated to. Please refresh and/or move before sending a ticket

We are currently experiencing some difficulties and trying to return people from whence they came, please be patient and we will get you back to your former location as soon as we can.

If you are on Burning Beach and wish to another part of the Mainlands, please use the 'Sail' link.
For New players who have never been off Remer before, your route is Burning Beach>Xanso>Port Dazar>Port Senyn and is completely free.

Please also be aware that any false claims will show up and an entire week of Mute, Jail and Forum Ban will follow. Sifting the chaff from the real issues wastes everyones time, including players with genuine issues.

If you have entered a ticket in the hope of a freebie - close it, or you will lose enjoyment of Syrnia for 1 week.

Moderator edit:
Updated There is an option for players at Kanzo and Burning Beach to travel back to various places only once, so choose your destination carefully. It can be used once by every player but won't be available for long so use it ASAP if you need to move back anywhere

Thank you for your patience

Kind Regards
The Game Staff

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Forum -> Announcements -> Party Glitch

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