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13-04-2012 14:29

it was so sad he dead in such a young age, he owned a jewelry shop, after his shop closing and back to home the robbery wait in front of his house shot his head
took all his money and jewelery. He was wounded seriously and die at 4am early morning. Rest in peace lastinv.
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13-04-2012 14:46

Hi honey, Im home! :D
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13-04-2012 15:10

R.I.P. Didn't know him but it's sad to read.
You grasp my fate in your fate, turn it into paths of success. Hail Odin. \m/
13-04-2012 15:25

I surrendered My flesh to Satan so God could save my Soul.

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R.I.P murderdoll22

brogs killed Cloud <3

The Couch Yeti
13-04-2012 19:49

May he find all his Jewelery and Riches in the afterlife.

Although many of us didn't know this soul, it is sad to see what this life brought him - Happiness, to end in misery.

May he Rest in Peace.
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ultimate chaos
13-04-2012 19:59

Didn't know him but that's awful news rip I'll drink for him tonight even if he doesn't Approve
In the end there will only be chaos!
ultimate chaos
13-04-2012 20:15

And also I will give the people that did this, death.
In the end there will only be chaos!
13-04-2012 20:35

Nasty way to go!
13-04-2012 20:39

2012-04-01 03:19:03 foxylady killed Lamb
Affliction(114) attacked foxylady, and did 28 damage. foxylady had 1 HP left.
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14-04-2012 01:40

That's awful news. I joined Syrnia about the same time he did, and not long after, we found ourselves together in [SMA], which was both our first clan. I remember racing him to TL 150 in the chase for a Locked toolbox as a reward posted by a clannie. After a year or 2 he joined [Zen] where I believe he spent the rest of his time. He often spoke about the troubles in his country, Myanmar which was very poor and poverty stricken. Glad to hear he was able to make a successful living, but unfortunate that this fight for wealth has led someone to go to the extremes to shamelessly take someones life to get ahead.

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Cruz Nairb
14-04-2012 02:01

Really is awful that people can do such terrible things to each other.

RIP lastinv

- CN
"Though the pain may come over you, never let it overcome you."

- Cruz Nairb of Fangz -
Raving Roller
14-04-2012 03:31

I Want to thank who ever donated 30 euros for me.

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14-04-2012 04:17

[0]10:01 Waiting for Zuvan...

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14-04-2012 09:51

Rest in peace.
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14-04-2012 17:44

This is horrible news to read. Last was a great clan member of SMA for a long time then moved to Zen. He was a good and honest person living in a country full of strife.
14-04-2012 18:02

R.I.P. lad.
14-04-2012 18:16

did not know him, still sad though R,I,P
14-04-2012 19:05

14-04-2012 19:31

14-04-2012 20:57

RIP My thoughts and prayers go to his family
15-04-2012 03:03

Rest In Peace
Thank You to Spartaness for the awesome avatar!!

Like a BulbaSir

-Co Leader Of AFK-
15-04-2012 06:41

15-04-2012 11:24

What a tragic way to go :'(
My condolences
16-04-2012 11:20

he was only 27 years old, his wife give him a son not long ago, i feel so sorry for the child, money can find over time but a person life will never back
our ancestors called it magic but we call it science
Burnt Cod
17-04-2012 02:03

Thank you to SoH and ThornTree for the Donation.

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You have successfully thieved the Burnt Cod!

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