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The Couch YetiTemp
20-02-2012 21:06

The clan storage requires land to be bought, which can only be bought by the Leader.
Land can be bought from anywhere, construction can begin ASAP. There is no Player Limit on those that can help to the completion of this task.
The Leader can give permission(s), and take them away.

Land costs 50,000 gold.
You can buy land at all but the following islands: Ogre/Heerchey/Outlands/Webbers
You can only buy One plot of Land per Island.

After buying land, you then can(As the clan leader) give permission to those who can Add/remove items, and all can begin to construct it requiring permission. The Leader(Or whoever has the right permission) can grant permission(Approve) to items requested in the clan storage by the members.

The Requests are also shown in Clan Chat -

"[3] 09:49 ____ requested 250 Cooked Mackerel from Burning beach"
"[3] 09:50 ____ removed 500 Onion from Burning beach (Approved)"

The Storage requires 20,000 wood and 500 rocks.
The Storage requires from 50-200 man-hours to complete.(With Clan helpers, this can be reduced by however many are working there and by the given construction level of each participant.)

The Set Timer is 180 seconds. There is No Crowding.

Once Complete, the Storage can contain 50,000 items.

The experience given is determined on your level. The higher your level, the better the experience outcome will be.

Once the 50,000 slot Storage is complete you can then Upgrade it to 100,000 slots.

This requires 100,000 gold, 20,000 wood, 1,000 Rocks, and 500 Iron Bars.
Time Elapsed for this completion?

The Experience Chart (Un-Verified)
Level 1-9: 40 xp, add 5 wood/rock
Level 10-24: 60 xp, add 5 Wood/rock
Level 25-39: 80 xp, add 10 Wood/rock
Level 40-54: 100 xp, add 15 Wood/rock
Level 55-69: 120 xp, add 20 Wood/rock
Level 70-84: 140 xp, add 25 Wood/rock
Level 85-99: 160 xp. add 30 wood/rock

Clan Leader Permission List:
[ ]Add stock
[ ]Take stock
[ ]Manage stock
These the permissions we leaders can bestow

Note: If you are recruiting members to help build your clan storage, remember to remind them to open up their "Clan" section so that it refreshes that clans server roster. If they do not, they cannot see nor add to the Stockhouse.

-- Anyone with the add permission can see the stockhouse, add items to it and request items from it

Experience per Wood/Rock per Level Information:
Con 1-9: Actions needed 4100 (205 hours); 164,000 exp gained; exp per wood/rock = 8
Con 10-24: Actions needed 4100 (205 hours); 246,000 exp gained; exp per wood/rock = 12
Con 25-40: Actions needed 2050 (102.5 hours); 164,000 exp gained; Exp per wood/rock = 8
Con 41-54: Actions needed 1368 (68.4 hours); 136,800 exp gained; exp per wood/rock = 6.67
Con 55-69: Actions needed 1025 (51.25 hours); 123,000 exp gained; exp per wood/rock = 6

As you can see total exp gained for same resources starts at one number, goes up, then drops down to the same level, then goes lower until at 55+ it's half the previous peak.

As gp/exp increases with Con level the following things occur:

At Con 38-39 study cost is nearly the same as stockhouse cost (90,200 for study; 90,500 for stockhouse) however at level 40 the drop in exp from stockhouse makes studying cheaper.

At Con 50 study cost is 95,760, so 5,260 more than a stockhouse.

At Con 66 study cost is 110,700 so 20,200 more than a stockhouse.

So at Con 50+ not only is a stockhouse cheaper to make, it's faster and doesn't leave you vulnerable to thieves stealing what you need to level and at the end you have a stockhouse.

Interestingly pre-level 10 it's faster to study (if crowding is less than 6).

Hope you find this useful.


If there is anything I missed out, or got wrong - please correct it.

Would like to thank -DRS-, -TL-, Hazgod, That_Guy, Raimche and other very helpful contributors!

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Mr. Addy
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15-06-2012 02:14

What about the upgraded versions?
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[2] 21:35 (Mod)Moderator: Rudolph - De-nosed
15-06-2012 14:59

Info is on TLGrounds at the bottom of the construction guide. If anyone has gone above 500k send me the upgrade details please
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03/02/2012 - [3]03:44 Our stockhouse at Burning beach has been upgraded to 50000 slots!

[3]03:07 Shinobi requested 714.2 Cooked Cod from Burning beach
12-05-2015 02:16

[2] 02:00 Scarycereal[CLEAN]: A million slot stockhouse takes Wood (0/100,000) Rocks (0/5,000) Bat hide (0/2,000) Gold bars (0/1,000)

Copied and pasted!
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#foreign policy, inter[clan] relations
12-05-2015 03:08

^Scary also said it requires 1 million gp and a 750k stockhouse.

...without TLGrounds, I'm not sure what the requirements are for building other stockhouses...
21-05-2015 00:19

It seems that 1 million slots is the limit to a clan stockhouse, at least for now
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20-03-2018 18:27

Key Notes:

  • The current maximum stockhouse size is 1 million slots.
  • The expansions must be constructed in sequence (i.e. 50k -> 100k -> 150k etc.).

  • Resources Required:

    SizeGPWoodRocksBat HidesIron BarsSteel BarsSilver BarsGold Bars

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    24-03-2018 08:42

    Level 100-120: 180 xp. add 35 wood/rock
    Level 120-???: 200 xp. add 40 wood/rock
    Lvl 121 constructor at your service !!
    I'll build anything available in game, free of charge.

    No wood, no problem. I can provide the needed wood in construction at the going market rate
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