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30-09-2011 00:50

On Wednesday I received a call to say Aries of Zuba (Mark) passed away in his sleep Monday 26th September 2011, he was a great leader of NOVA and a friend ...he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.


I hope where ever you are ... they have a bottle of scotch for ya

*hugs* miss you Mark
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Dark NeroxusTemp
30-09-2011 00:55

I am very sorry to hear this lushes a great player lost to all who called him a friend and to his family i shall share a prayer and my thoughts
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30-09-2011 00:56

Am very sorry to hear this,

Was wondering where this player had went off to as always seemed to chat with me.
Great friend to everyone who knew him, RIP Friend.
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30-09-2011 00:57

:O OMG I am sorry to hear this, spent many an hour with him at Ogre Mines. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

R.I.P Aries mate
Burnt Cod
30-09-2011 02:29

R.I.P Aries of Zuba.

Always sad to see a player pass. Gone but never forgotten.
30-09-2011 02:30

=( Always sad to see something like this
30-09-2011 02:41

30-09-2011 02:50

I add my thoughts to this post, visited NOVA once for a few days and was treated well by Aries and that will stay with me now, it is a shame that anyone is called before their time. Things like this makes me treasure my days all the more. RIP.

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30-09-2011 03:10

Damn, he was a cool guy. I have not talked to him in the last year but have had several great conversations with him. RIP
30-09-2011 03:21

Spent a good while in Nova. What a good guy aries (Mark) was. I will miss you bro.
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30-09-2011 03:24

Didn't know him but him and his family are in my prayers.
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30-09-2011 04:07

NOVA stands for "A new beginning". This was very important to Aries and he spoke of it often. Where ever you are mate, I hope you have a great new beginning! It was a pleasure to know you both in good times and bad.

You will be sorely missed by all your many friends

This is truely a tragedy
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30-09-2011 04:41

Wow, this is truly a big lose. Mark always took the time to talk to me, we'd often just chat about nothing or poke fun at each other. He was always good for a laugh or just to have around as company.

You were always a great friend to me and will be missed, RIP Mark!
R.I.P. Dreamer.

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30-09-2011 05:28

Sad to hear this. My thoughts are with his friends and family as well as those who's lives he touched here.
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30-09-2011 05:42

Thoughts and prayers are with his family.
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30-09-2011 06:51

Mark was a good friend. Always there to make you laugh, or help a friend in need.
My thoughts are with his family.
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30-09-2011 07:30

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R.I.P murderdoll22

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30-09-2011 07:52


Never knew or spoke to you but obv alot of people thought you were a great guy
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30-09-2011 11:21

I didn't personally know Aries, but what i saw of him he was a great person and player, he will be missed
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30-09-2011 11:53

The Couch YetiTemp
30-09-2011 13:06

Although I never had the pleasure of speaking with Mark(Zuba), I can say without a doubt it will leave a hole in Syrnian society.

He seems to have been a well respected man - and a great friend.

I wish the best to his friends, and even more so to his family.

Sorry for the loss of such a loved one. =(
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17-02-2012 10:31

I used to join NOVA and I was a clanmate with him for a short time. I'm proud of that .He was a great player ,a excellent leader of NOVA
18-02-2012 04:49

R.I.P Aries..

i was in NOVA for a good year and a half about, knew him quite well and enjoyed his clan..
09-05-2012 11:02

RIP man you tought me so much in this game and in real life RIP
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