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14-08-2011 22:04

- Pirates have their own forum category
- The Battle Mage thread in the forums now updates automatically when people visit the arena. Check last reply time to see when it was last updated. Forum -> General -> Battle Mage Schedule
- Pirate stockhouse works in a similar way, so pirates can check what is required without having to go to Skull
- Added silver mine at Rose mines because pirates require it for one of the new recruits
- Added 3 new pirates to be recruited, currently they have no drops but will be added soon
--- Pegleg (34)
--- Buccaneer (47)
--- Hooked pirate (60)
- Added chance of Captain Keelhail joining the pirates in the invasion. Still need to add fame/drop(s) to him
- Pirates no longer over throw the captain when 1 invasion fails. It now requires 4 to fail to cause mutiny

Moderator edit:
Drops were added to the pirates
Mr. Addy
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03-11-2011 13:05

- Now displays hp and raw hp counts below your inventory. This does not refresh as you cook or eat, only when your inventory refreshes
- Below your armour/aim/power it now shows your total travel time enhancements
- Group fights are now available to be sent everywhere, previously it was just at ports and arch 4 that they worked
- Group fights show the combat level and the total hp of the creature.
- Deep sea monster has been capped at level 60 to fight it. It is weak so high level players just kill it off to quickly before the low players have a chance
- Group fights no longer let you join after 50% hp is gone. Exception to this is wara and honu, which is 25%
- Lockpicks, spades and tinderboxes now break
- Clan chat is now default instead of region
- Links are no longer filtered due to being too long
- Messages header now has the send message and contact the game staff as it wasn't displayed on all pages of messaging
- You can no longer get 0 exp for walking. Lowest is 10 exp now
- Several spelling/grammar fixes

- Trick or treat is now available around halloween at Castle Rose and Kanzo
- The events donation option has been upgraded to display like messages rather than having to log out and in to check it
- Witch set was completed with 7 new items; Cauldron, cloak, broomstick, skirt, gloves, boots and a black cat. These were given as random rewards for random people chasing the witch, who moved to random locations of random islands every 15 minutes. Randomly. Witch hat also has a new image.
- New halloween flower; witches foxglove. You can make a bouquette out of these as well. Poinsettias can also be made into bouquettes.
- New halloween tool set of bone items; Cauldron, fishing rod, hammer, hatchet, lockpick, pickaxe, spade and tinderbox. These are only available at halloween, so to make them worth using they are more than 3 times as durable as obsidian tools.
- Added the ability to give random drops of the new tools over halloween to the gathering skills fishing, mining and woodcutting. This means you don't have to be a fighter to get all the new items
- 5 new creatures added
--- Skeletal hound (20), Possessed skeleton (45) and Skeletal warrior (70) are the normal invasion creatures
--- Canlo giant skeleton (183) with a level cap of 80 to fight it and Skeleton king (529) are both group fight creatures

Let me know if I missed anything and I'll add it on!
02-02-2012 16:02

Clans can now build stockhouses
-- Clan leader can buy land for 50k gp, this is done in the clan options page
-- To see the stockhouse, clan members must have the "Add stock" permission
--- If they are logged in when you give them the permission they will have to open to clan popup to load it
-- When land is bought and permission is given, players can visit the stockhouse and begin construction
---- The timer is 180 seconds regardless of level, exp and quantity of items added per action changes with level

-- Anyone with the add permission can see the stockhouse, add items to it and request items from it
-- People with remove permission take the items instead of creating a request
-- People with manage permission can approve/decline the requests in the clan options
---- Once a request has been approved, the requesting player must go to the stockhouse to pick it up
-- All these transactions are logged automatically, logs can be viewed by anyone with manage stock permission in the clan option page

-- Each clan can have 1 stockhouse per island

Clan leaders can now give other people the ability to kick members. A clan leader can't kick themselves, and a member with the kick permission can't kick themselves or the leader

Should now be able to use £€ characters in the forum

Fixed the latest lot of spelling/grammar mistakes

Spawns in arch cave 4 now list how many ores are remaining and also stops work after the last one is mined instead of doing 1 more timer

Eully and Hook markets will now buy gold smithed items
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 73 damage to the White bat.
12-03-2012 13:25

- gp can now be added to stockhouses
- If you disable chat there is now a link to popup the chat in a new window
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 73 damage to the White bat.

03/02/2012 - [3]03:44 Our stockhouse at Burning beach has been upgraded to 50000 slots!

[3]03:07 Shinobi requested 714.2 Cooked Cod from Burning beach
15-08-2012 18:26

Thabis timer and exp have been changed so fishing and cooking progress more sensibly.
Crabs now unlock at 160 and grouper at 180.
The HP of the Thabis fish has been dropped.

Mining platina and above has been altered as well. Syriet and obsidian will no longer reach min timer at level 200, it will be much later the same as Thabis.

Unfortunately these changes were only able to be made recently and a few fishers and cooks had their exp adjusted in line with the new timer functions. The OL mining spots haven't been used by the only miner it would have been insane experience for, hence no exp correction was needed in this case.

These changes pave the way for progression in the fishing and cooking skills. New fish means new island at some point.
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 73 damage to the White bat.

03/02/2012 - [3]03:44 Our stockhouse at Burning beach has been upgraded to 50000 slots!

[3]03:07 Shinobi requested 714.2 Cooked Cod from Burning beach
30-10-2012 00:56

New items for halloween

New maps
-- Lost caves
---- 6 stage event at each location to progress past each location
---- Contribution to the group event counted towards the new quest "Accessing Arch. caves 5" at 1.2* rate (e.g. 1,000 actions counted 1,200 to the quest).
---- New quest "Accessing Arch. caves 5" to mine or construct. 6,000 if you took part in the group events, 8,000 for no contribution.

-- Arch cave 5
---- New ore
---- Has ore spawns (Platina-Puranium) blocked by gamans
---- New high level group fight creatures
---- Strange chests (combination chests) with LMC-sarc
---- New quest "Protect the camp"
---- New quest "Slay the dragons"

New Puranium ore items




Dragon items

New gems
-------- - Drops ONLY from fishing - Drops ONLY from mining - Drops ONLY from woodcutting - Drops ONLY from fighting dragons - Drops ONLY from fighting new gamans
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 73 damage to the White bat.

03/02/2012 - [3]03:44 Our stockhouse at Burning beach has been upgraded to 50000 slots!

[3]03:07 Shinobi requested 714.2 Cooked Cod from Burning beach
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