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27-03-2011 03:57

(Am re posting for Yankee)

27-03-2011 03:05

RIP to a great Clannie and friend to many here in the Syrnia Community.

I am sad to say he is no Longer with us...I went to go check his facebook since I have not seen or heard from him in a while and found this posting from his sister.

Rebecca: For those who know my brother, Joey, I regrettably have to say that he has passed away this morning unexpectedly at RlH. Thank you to all for being of Joey's life. He will be missed....
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27-03-2011 03:58

Still in a stage of shock from this....

Joe you was a great friend that stood by me and got me thru many hard times in my life. Thank you for being my friend and clannie. You was like my little puppy that followed me to clan to clan (I remember you said once you would followed me to the end of the world) But rest now my friend, you deserve it. Just dont let my mom tell to many childhood stories of me. hehe
Love ya always... goodbye my friend...........

Have added his name to the Legendaries Come and Gone post also

Player: joebags
Skill Level Exp
Totalskills 589 28278654
Combat level 71 7393966
Smithing 23 69135
Mining 120 19715978
Fishing 36 304444
Strength 51 1008324
Defence 59 1687943
Attack 72 3272694
Health 56 1425005
Speed 25 84548
Trading 11 4521
Thieving 25 89646
Constructing 11 4917
Woodcutting 38 350996
Cooking 24 69658
Magic 7 1186
Farming 31 189659

Edited on 27-03-2011 05:38
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27-03-2011 03:58

Very sad news... been waiting for him to come back for months (could finally give him some stick for being a lower CL than me)...Always one of the best miners in the game, not just for his superb mining level but for his CL as well, and was the miner that I always looked to and trained my skills to follow. OL mining was frustrating with him (in a good way).. he just dwarfed me and he loved to rub it in! He's not played for a long time now due to comp problems and you'll still see that his skills shatter most players.. he definitely played hard.. but was also a damm nice guy to chat with. A straight talker is one way of putting him and that's why I liked him.

Still remember him joining SaS, seeing a pic of him in his chef's uniform which was great and him rushing down to arch 4 the day syriet was released as a spawn to make sure he got the first one and then being shocked at the 1k exp a piece he was getting lol! The first person to sign my movo wiki page, with a blinged up bugs bunny

For me he goes down as a legend, certainly in the mining arena I entered and one of the great characters of the game. You will be missed mate ;)

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27-03-2011 03:59

Rest in Peace Joe

Sad News
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27-03-2011 04:02

Joebags is going to be so missed by everyone who knew him. He was one of be best players I've had the privilege to get to know and play with. Truly one of the Good Guys in every sense. This is such a shock and surprise. Words fail me.
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27-03-2011 04:03

RIP Hun.
You were always the big Joe I looked up too. A great friend and teamplayer, always there for others. I remember looking up to you all those times in the ols when I was just the little weak miner. (He would look down to me now and say : you didn't reach your target of cl 80 yet, you still are small!)

I can remember the day Joebags joined ~SaS~ and CoM in Movoda, we already had joe2, which was causing confusion in chat. So I decided to call Joebags 'joe' and joe2 'joejoe'. Joebags was the big Joe after all.

The surprise you gave me after all those months of trying to couple clannies and suddenly finding out you secretly married avalanche. You always managed to make us smile.

Our joe will be missed a lot.
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27-03-2011 04:07

Didn't know him as well as others.

But Rest in peace, you will be missed.
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27-03-2011 04:08

I never knew/interacted with him, but I'm sorry those of you that lost a friend.
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27-03-2011 04:12

It's been awhile since you and I talked. I know you said you had some things happening your life that would keep you occupied for awhile but I never thought we'd lose you.

I enjoyed our conversations, your sharing some wonderful slow cooker recipes with me and our late night adventures with the television shows we'd watch together when I couldn't sleep. We had our differences of course but we worked past them through communication and I couldn't have imagined that it would come down to this.

I will miss you, friend. We all will miss you and I hope you are resting well.
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27-03-2011 04:26

Probably i shouldn't be writting this, so sorry anyone that can get offended.

This is not happening. This is one of those things that only happen with others. Not in your circle of friends.

I'm sad and thinking "Why did i return? Would prefer not to know this".

RIP mate.
27-03-2011 08:47

In the near 4 years ive played this game there was one player who's stats ive most looked up too. That was Joebags. I remember pre armour update how impressed i was at Joebags in Zen at the time with his Full gold
Armour, Platina Axe and lvl 105 mining. I also remember when syriet was launched the race between Joebags and Fritzs to get down to arch 4 to mine the first ore. I talked alot to Fritzs at the time and although bummed he never got the first ore he was glad it was a great player that bet him too it.

I can't say i chatted much with Joebags apart from a little conversation when region chat was introduced when he teased me about my low levels.

Legend is thrown around alot these days and for Joebags it barely begins to describe the player he was. R.I.P.
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27-03-2011 09:41

Omg :o May you rest in peace hun
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27-03-2011 11:06

Never really interacted much with trades, but had a few good times with joey in world chat and whispers.

Really good guy and when he chatted he always brought the best out in players.

May you rest in peace, friend.
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27-03-2011 11:34

Rest in peace, Joe.. You will be missed
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27-03-2011 11:38

Unbelieveable... i almost didn't believe it when agla told me :| he will be missed by many.

R.I.P Joebags
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27-03-2011 12:33

RIP, you will be missed!
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27-03-2011 12:56

27-03-2011 13:40

One of the nicest players to race for Ore in AC4, a demon Miner, and all-round good guy. He will be missed.

27-03-2011 13:53

wow ... I first started to talk to Joe when I started mining gold, he was an awesome guy to talk to RIP hun ...
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27-03-2011 14:05

Rest in Peace, brother
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27-03-2011 16:32

RIP dude
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27-03-2011 17:09

*wipes* away the tears. I was shocked to read this. Joey (as I called him) and I spent hours on msn. He sent me pics of his new puppy. He was so proud. We swapped recipes.

I'm really going to miss him.

R.I.P Joebags.
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27-03-2011 17:48

(No am not back but came back for visit and saw post)

A great shame and am saddened this was post I saw when looking at forum. A great guy even if we did have one or two moments of arguing. You will be missed joebags and this is hard to take.

Rest in peace may you find serenity at last my friend.

This is hard to believe. Damn.
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So long syrnia thanks for all the fish!
27-03-2011 18:26

RIP Joe :/
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27-03-2011 18:37

RIP Joebags

You will be enermously missed. And i for one either, never gave up hope having you actively back. Till now.
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