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21-05-2006 04:20

Pirates & Skull Island

An in depth tour by the former Pirate Captain, Ladyraven143.

Arrgg me maties. Here's what you should know about Skull Island and the life of a pirate.

First things first, how to join up:

1) Buy/borrow or trade for a keg of rum, you can't join with out one. Can usually be found in player shops in most of the major ports.

2) Wait for the next pirate attack.

3) You need to be at Xanso, on Mezno Island to be able to join the pirates. If your not there go to Port Senyn, Remer Island and sail to Port Dazar, Dearn Island (20gp if you don't have your own boat,) and from there you can sail to Xanso, Mezno Island (150 gp)

5) Click sail in Xanso, and there will be a new option "Join the Pirates" if you have a keg of rum in your inventory you will be on your way to skull. You'll loose the Keg of Rum as thats your boat fare to Skull.

4) Welcome to Skull Island. Should you have any positive fame you will be locked up temporarily for having killed pirates in previous invasions. *see below for jail time


Things you will need to have Before coming to Skull:
A must is level 10 Mining and level 10 Smithing skills. There is "NO" tin or copper mine on Skull, and having tin/copper smuggled to Skull is difficult and time consuming. (through the trading post at Castle Rose or the trading post in ogre caves.) If you can even find someone willing to make the trip for you.
I would recommend level 10 fishing and cooking as well, as Herring is one of the key resources required for making pirates.

A CL of minimum 10 is important to if you plan on training your fighting skills at all while on Skull. The only location to train at is Greenbeard Saloon at Skull's Nose, where you randomly fight pirates (6) and dread pirates (12). Any training beyond that you will need to go to the Jungles edge or Thick Jungle on Serpenthelm or the Ogre Outpost and Ogre town in Ogre Caves or the random battles on Exrolia.

The only way to leave Skull and return to Remer is to have your own Small Fishing Boat. To make one you need 2k wood and level 20 construction skill. There are usually other pirates with the required level to create one for you, just ask in Pirate chat (#6) and you'll likely be able to find someone that will trade 2k wood or 4k gp from you for one.


Things to see and do on Skull:
You will arrive at Crab Nest a wonderful but kinda boring spot on the map. From here you can travel to the Outlands (50gp), Port Calviny (50gp,) Burning Beach (250gp,) or Heerchey Island (500gp). (with teleport orbs you can also reach Kanzo and Penteza/Elven)

Should you wish to leave Skull (to repeat) to return to the other islands, you Must have your own boat (small fishing boat works fine) so you can return to Port Senyn on Remer Island. Should you have any negative fame though you will be locked up upon your arrival in Sanfew, more negative fame more jail time. *To Calculate how much jail time you get it is 5 seconds for every point of fame you have. If you have zero fame you will still be locked up for less than 2 minutes. Leaving Skull by any other method (OL/Elven, Heerchey, Kanso, or Serpenthelm) will return you to Crabs Nest when you go to come back)

Remember: should you leave skull and go back to Remer Island you will need to wait for the next invasion to return to Skull Island. Also Any pirates having donated to the invasion and looking to get their rewards need to be on the island at the time the town is captured in order to get their rewards.

To the west of Crabs Nest you can find Bonewood. Source of all wood on Skull plus radish, beet and carrot seeds (and the odd small chest). Beyond Bonewood is Hooks Edge home of the Pirate school (trading and construction are taught there,) and our version of the Eully market where you can buy the basic equipment, as well this is the location of the trading post.

To the south-east of Crabs Nest is Hawk Mountain where you can only find iron ore. (If you go to Serpenthelm you can visit Rose Mine for a second source of Iron and the only source of Coal on Skull)

To the North east you will find Barnacle Bay the best Fishing spot in the world as you can both rod fish and deep sea fish here. I've been able to catch everything from shrimp to salmon, but not Frog, Piranha, Catfish or Giant Catfish as those are only found on Serpent helm. Beyond Barnacle Bay is Toothen a wonderful place where you can sit, cook your fish and enjoy the sun. Toothen is also home to The Battlemage where on scheduled occasions you can enter into the Arena with other players for no risk PvP combat. You just can not take chests or food of any kind so make sure if you plan to fight you have a house to store your food in or a friend you can trust that can hold it for you.

After Toothen if you continue west you reach Ten Cliff where you can smelt bronze and iron. You can smith Bronze, Iron and Steel. You just CAN NOT smelt the Steel bars on skull, nor can you smelt or smith anything over steel so you will need to import everything else.

Moving south from Toothen you reach the best place on the Island, Skull's Nose. Home of Greenbeards Saloon, where you can recruit pirates or start a bar fight with some, or visit the jail and the Pirate Stockpile.

The Pirate stockpile is the most important location on the island, here is where you can donate wood, cooked herring/ cod, and iron bars. You can donate raw herring and cod but it must be cooked to be of any use in making pirates. To cook it the stockpile needs to have wood as cooking in the stockpile uses none of your own resources, but any wood that's already been donated. Most pirate captains prefer you cook it before donating as it uses up the much needed wood for the Brigantines. Iron ores can be donated as well but will need to be smithed before making pirates is possible. One large negative point to donating raw fish or ores to the stockpile is that if anyone else comes along and sees the resources sitting in the stockpile, they can help cook/smelt them meaning. You won't get all the experience for it where you would if you did it yourself before donating to the stockpile.

The largest need in the stockpile is wood used for making the brigantines (boats) the pirates use to attack the other islands. Brigantines can only be made with the wood inside the stockpile. One brigantine holds 100 pirates but takes 3000 wood and a construction level of 15 to make. An average invasion currently takes 18- 20 brigantines meaning the pirates on skull need to donate 54,000- 60,000 wood to make each invasion possible.


Just an idea of an average invasion :
300 pirates
700 dread pirates
500 Keelhail pirates
500 Roughnecks


Training costs of pirate units

Unit Costs (Minimum CL required to be able to train/recruit pirates)
Pirate 3 iron bars, 1 cooked herring (Combat level 8+ required)
Dread pirate 5 iron bars, 1 cooked cod (Combat level 11+ required)
Keelhails pirate 10 iron bars, 4 cooked herring (Combat level 21+ required)
Roughneck pirate 15 iron bars, 4 cooked cod (Combat level 24+ required)
Peglegs 6 cooked mackerel and 10 steel bars (Combat level 34+ required)
Buccaneer Pirate 6 cooked pike and 10 silver bars (Combat level 47+ required)
Hooked Pirate 7 cooked salmon and 1 gold bars (Combat level 60+ required)

*Note if you have a CL of 11, the only way you can make a Pirate is if the Stockpile has zero cooked cod. If you have CL 21 only way for you to make Dread Pirates is if the stockpile has less than 4 cooked herring. Same goes for making Keelhails if you have CL 25 of higher, the stockpile would need less than 4 cooked cod for you to be able to make one. It is possible to do this IF you are the only person working at the stockpile, but it is far easier to recruit a helper in the Pirate chat who has the correct CL for the type of Pirate you want created.

300 cooked herring + 2000 cooked herring
700 cooked cod + 2000 cooked cod
900 iron bars + 3500 iron bars + 5000 iron bars + 7500 iron bars
and 60000 wood

That makes a grand total for an average invasion:
2,300 cooked herring
2,700 cooked cod
16,900 iron bars
and 60,000 wood


Returns on donations to the stockpile, with only 2 of 4 towns being captured.

1k cooked herring
1k iron bars
3k wood
1 brig made
500 cooked cod donated
No pirates recruited

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Topic: Pirate attack
Arrrgg matey...
Here is your share of our loot at Deep Lemo woods:
+2288 gold.

For helping the pirates you got -152 fame.

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Topic: Pirate attack
Arrrgg matey...
Here is your share of our loot at Nabb mines:
+1525 gold.

For helping the pirates you got -139 fame.

As you can see the gp returns do NOT equal the actual worth of the resources put into the stockpile but the faster experience gains are well worth a visit to skull for any one between total levels 50 to 200. Faster only because the average number of players working in each area is 5-10 or less, compared to the main islands this means between 4-10 seconds faster per action. Some times better, only time it comes close to being the same is normally during or the day after an invasion as many more players come to skull than actually remain beyond the first day or two.

Pirates live on the Skull Island, they can sail to all islands except for Remer Island, Mezno Island, Dearn Island and Webber Island.

Moderator edit:
Edit: changed # for pirate chat.

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Mr. Addy
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21-05-2006 04:30

Parrot - when do we sail? when do we sail?

cool guide lady, ask a Mod to sticky it.

Edited to place Link

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21-05-2006 05:43

21-05-2006 05:58

Outstanding bit of information ladyraven, great job.
"Success is getting everything you want. Happiness is wanting everything you get."
21-05-2006 16:20

Thanks everyone. I just hope it helps anyone interested in coming to Skull.
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21-05-2006 16:58

Thou hast evil recruitment plans ! curses upon thee Pirate Captain

no offence, but i pick the side of the Ninja's !!

Edit : ^ thats spam, the guide is nice yeah

Edited on 21-05-2006 16:58
21-05-2006 20:26

Hmm thanks this is really helpful. It WAS pretty hard to find info on pirates.
21-05-2006 23:09

Jecko7 because there are WAY less people there.
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22-05-2006 01:20

Very nice job ladyraven, thanks for putting it together.
24-05-2006 14:30

One question about death and being a pirate:

When you die, you get back to Sanfew - or so I concluded from threads and chat.

Now if you die as a pirate, are you immediately locked up in Sanfew or do you get back to Skull island - or what happens?
24-05-2006 15:02

If you die when you are a pirate be it in OL or fighting dread pirates you end up on Skull Island.
24-05-2006 16:07

Thanks for the info!
24-05-2006 17:57

nice job
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(fun links)
31-05-2006 04:56

do u keep your houses and shops if u become a pirate
31-05-2006 04:58

Yes, but there is no way to access them from Skull if they are on Remer Dearn or Xanso. (likewise if a pirate should build a house on Skull and become a non-pirate they can't access it either.)
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31-05-2006 05:00

but if i get put in jail after quitting becoming a pirate will my house besides on skull be able to me to acess
31-05-2006 05:01

yes munchkin
31-05-2006 05:12

also if u want to be a pirate do u have to quit the clan your in and join some special pirate clan
31-05-2006 05:16

Take what ya can.
Give Nothin back!
~Jack Sparrow, Mr. Gibbs
31-05-2006 05:33

lol.. yah munchkin.. you have to quit and become a 'cute' .. rofl


Lol.. no you stay in your clan... you just can't go to remer, dearn or menzo islands. You can still meet your clanmates in/on ogre caves, elven island, and heerchey
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01-06-2006 15:51

"but the rapid experience gains are well worth a visit to skull for any one between total levels 50 to 200"

That's something that I don't understand. Do you actually get exp faster as a pirate? Shouldn't it be the same rate as if you weren't?
03-06-2006 03:51

The scenery here is of many pirate ships lined up along the harbor. The name of the town got its roots from when pirates used to bring prisoners back from successful raids. They would chain the prisoners near crab nests, as the crabs would feast upon the tied up prisoners.

Edited on 09-06-2006 14:08
Clan Underworld.

***Avator by the talented KnightOfDoom***
03-06-2006 12:38

Blade , you get exp faster because there are working fewer people(ex. you get iron ore in 66-72 sec instead 90-100 or over in Rynir).
26-06-2006 04:28

What Stolo said. And the figures run something around the same with Bonewood's lvl 1 forest where you can make the fastest WC exp avaialable (due to lack of crowding) unless you were to go to Penteza with a lvl 40 requirement and a saunter through the OL needed.
Take what ya can.
Give Nothin back!
~Jack Sparrow, Mr. Gibbs
26-06-2006 16:04

Blade, compare hawk mountain to rynir. (both iron mines)

Rynir mines average 15-20 people mining at +2-3sec per additional person.

Hawk mountain average 3-5 people working there.

You can soon see a big difference in how fast you would get iron ore.
"Mr. Cotton. Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?"
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