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25-02-2011 23:48

Attila was taken from us tragically at a very young age in an accident.

He was one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was always helpful to others, and was loved by anyone who got to know him. He was a very talented soccer player, and I still miss him every day.

Rest well my friend.
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26-02-2011 07:08

Rest in peace,Attila.

26-02-2011 12:00

Back when chat didn't really ever stop (except for lag XDXD) upon hearing upon his untimely death, all of syrnia held a moment of silence for Attila. Whilst I had no interaction with him, I did see his presence in chat, and he was a very nice player.
Rest in Peace Attila.

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26-02-2011 15:44

I never had the peasure of meeting Atilla. But from the earlier posts, he seemed very kind.

Rest in peace, Atilla.

28-02-2011 01:31

Attila was a great player, he was in our clan DOVE for a long time, We still miss him!....his mom would come online once inawhile, not move his character , just sit and look at the screen, say hi to us, then leave, after awhile she quit doing this, she said he loved the game so much and it made her feel close to him to sit in his chair and look at his game....He had dreams of being a great soccer player, I spent many an hour talking to him, he was so mature for his age,and yes Syrnia did show a lot of respect for him and his game on learning of his passing!..redwing

One day someone told him in world chat he had no style because of his honesty! after that it was always Attila has style" he still does, RIP our friend

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Forum -> In Memoriam -> RIP Attila

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