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The Couch YetiTemp
25-02-2011 09:08

She was a great friend, loving person, and amazing in so many ways.
She will be remembered, and loved for the memories she left behind.

Many who knew her knew her to be a life within life.
Those that never met her, truly missed out on something special.

She was always there for whoever needed her...
Never did I read or hear her in pain or suffering.

May her passing be a blessing,
May her memory be forever,
May she truly Rest in Peace.

We will miss you.

I'll see you on the other side, hopefully. <3

Rest in Peace, Sticky <3
Lived, Loved, Laughed, Croaked.
Mr. Addy
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25-02-2011 16:45

loved and missed. raises a bloody mary to the parrot lady
sleep well hun

stickvilla 6th January 2010.R.I.P

gone but not forgotten
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses

stickvilla 6/1/11 R.I.P gone but not forgotten
25-02-2011 21:39

Rest in Peace Sticky.

Was a pleasure knowing you.
25-02-2011 23:16

i have no words that can even be warranted here..but i know if god got a garden ,
stick will put her touch on it ..and the birds will be well fed

until we meet again
' You're not afraid of the dark, are you? '
Sasha Mkai
26-02-2011 06:03

She was my best friend in RL. Funny and outrageous at times she was a warm and caring person. The only things she loved more than her friends were her parrots. I learned a lot I never knew from her about them. Her husband is still taking care of most of her birds.

In Real Life and In Game she taught me a lot about life. We used to laugh about how opposite we were. But the most important thing she did was believe in me and trust me. The biggest fight we ever had was over her protecting me from how bad she really was. I didn't win though...even at the end she didn't fully tell me how bad it was. She went how she wanted to though..she saw the New Year in with her hubby and then went peacefully to sleep and never woke up.

Rest in peace Stix....ah hell we both know what you'll do over there...before long you'll start telling them what to plant and where and asking are they organic? And what about the birds? Feel no pain dear friend and teach them all a thing or 2. See you in the next life sweetie...but much earlier OK?

Love Ya Stix....Always Sasha for you :hugs:

Edited on 26-02-2011 06:05
Burnt Cod
26-02-2011 15:43

I never had the honor of meeting stick, but from what I've heard she was very kind.

Rest in eternal peace, Stickvilla.

16-03-2011 21:32

Omg im such a terrible friend. I knew all what was to happen in her life but i was so stuck btw homeworks-study-work i never guessed then it went wrong

My mom in game passed away on the more beautiful day of my life and i never knew. Maybe can explain why for last 2 months i have been trying to find the perfect orchid for my new home...I feel so terrible to find it by mistake 2 months after...

I love you Stick

Sasha Mkai
07-01-2013 14:23

It's been a year...I still miss you tons...I still hurt...I still love you.
Sasha Mkai
07-01-2013 14:23

It's been a year...I still miss you tons...I still hurt...I still love you.
30-12-2014 02:35

stickvilla i could always talk to you no matter what i will always remember you as an old friend
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