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24-02-2011 21:54

I wanted to put a memorial here to a very sweet person that we lost in the past. She may be gone but not forgotten.

Please remember Wandering Soul, aka Cherry

She died November 14th, 2009.
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24-02-2011 22:09

I first encountered cherry when i posted a video of Ton Cruise attacking Oprah with lightening from his finger tips as my avatar. Cherry found this extremely funny and we converesed for several weeks in messages. I found out she had gave up running her clan Peace due to ill health but that she was feeling better. We talked about her lovely home Alaska and my dreams of visiting there somewhere in the future. She disapered from my messaged and i had no idea why. I was very sad to find out much later that she had passed on as she always came across as such a warm and charming person.

R.I.P Cherry.
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Bobin Girl
24-02-2011 23:32

I remember when I started playing Syrnia again after months of absence that it was Cherry (Wandering soul at the time) that invited me to join Nexus. From then til the time she left Nexus she was like my Syrnian mother to me, not only guiding me in to be a better player but to also value people more. I really hope there is a place on the other side where she can be at peace because she really deserves it.

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25-02-2011 00:52

Cherry was a very kind person and a great friend.

R.I.P Cherry, May you never be forgotten.
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26-02-2011 00:55

I remember talking to Wandering soul a fair amount in the past but was unaware she was seriously ill. Sometimes when people don't appear in world chat for a long time you think they have given up the game due to boredom rather than real life issues. I found her to be a very nice lady and it's very sad to hear of her passing. Thanks to Celadawn for posting this memorial.
26-02-2011 01:04

i miss ma Nikki i used to talk to her on skype almost everyday, and we would laugh and joke and such, just talk plain nonsense. i even remember the time my flat mates and her all drunk together with skype was an epic night i'll never forget.

RIP my good friend
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26-02-2011 01:04

Great girl Nikki was she is greatly missed
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26-02-2011 16:14

My favorite cook <3...She was always there in chat to talk to if you ever needed to talk about anything. RIP clannie. :'(
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26-02-2011 19:49

Nikki was a great friend and one of the reasons I started playing Syrnia. It's not fair to get cancer at such a young age. You are greatly missed.
06-03-2011 01:37

Cherry was my First Syrnian Love.
07-03-2011 21:30

how did she die
08-08-2011 05:50

One of the first people who helped me on Syrnia. It is sad to see her go after being so sick... :/

R.I.P. Cherry.
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19-08-2011 00:09

Bit of a late post I know, but that shouldn't stop me from paying my respects.
R.I.P Cherry

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[Choob] = >:(
19-08-2011 21:17

i know this is late but its took till now for me not to start crying every time i went to write something on here for all that was in the clans with me and cherry would know how close we was and i miss her every day that goes by with out her being here

forever in my heart
RIP Cherry
19-10-2011 18:33

RIP i never got to thank you for my introduction to syrnia - Thank you
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21-01-2012 01:32

Thank you for all that you opened my eyes to, I still think of you from time to time and your loss saddens my heart.

Until I see you again.
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Dark NeroxusTemp
28-01-2012 19:10

wow i have been reluctant to post here because there was nothing i could say that others have not already but here goes.

i joined love for a bit on my first account and cherry was very kind i left and she was angry but i returned the stuff and continued to talk to her she popped on now and then and we had a talk and a laugh she was always nice and seemed to put others first.

after a while i tried contacting her but i never got a reply i assumed she just left i went inactive and rejoined in 2010 to find out she passed the year before and something inside broke i felt saddened that I could never say goodbye to the one i made smile and made me smile when ever we conversed.

so cherry here is my goodbye may you always smile down on those whose life you changed and made that much better you will be missed and never forgotten


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16-04-2012 04:19

My regrets is that i did not go visit her in alaska. I could have kept her alive if I had made every breath she took a little easier.
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