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24-02-2011 20:05

As this is being written we are nearing Syrnia's sixth birthday. Over the course of six years we have seen players come and go, we have made friends and enemies, and we have seen tragedy rear its head several times.

As much as we would wish it otherwise, sometimes a player leaves us not only in the game, but in life as well, and when that happens a question has appeared time and time again, ridiculously small compared to the fact that someone's life ended:

Where is the proper place to post the news about the death?

To some it seems obvious that the Off-Topic (For everything else) forum is the place to go since technically it has nothing to do with the game, but to others the General forum is the place to go since Off-Topic seems too demeaning to the beloved friend they've just lost.

And sadly this has resulted in some very ugly flames where even I have shook my head in disbelief at how cruel and uncaring people can be.

So here you are, a forum section dedicated specifically to the rare but still far too common post about a player's RL death. However, given the sensitive subject matter a few additional rules to the rest of the forum will apply here:

1) Absolutely no trolling

I don't care if you think you're being funny, if you are making light of someone's death in the presence of their friends and family IRL you can expect to get a fist to your jaw. Expect the same here. Trolls will be dealt with harshly. Stating that you did not know the person and similar comments are NOT trolling in and of themselves, but use common sense - if you wouldn't say it at their funeral, don't say it here.

2) Not for in-game deaths

This is not about your recent accidental AFK at Valera, Thick Jungle etc. Find somewhere else to post about that.

3) Do not lie about deaths

This should really go without saying, and yet we've seen it happen before. If you use this forum to lie about another player's death, maybe to show said player how the community would react or something, expect to have your forum privileges taken away for a long time.

4) Not for leaving posts

If you are able to post that you are leaving the game, this is not the forum for you. While someone leaving (and meaning it) probably couldn't care less about a forum ban, the post will be removed immediately.

5) Report new posts to the mods

We all know this forum auto-deletes threads that have been inactive for 14 days. To avoid this happening to posts here they will all be stickied, but you need to tell us that the thread is here before we can do so - we are only human, it's easy to miss a single thread or think that another mod already stickied it.

6) Only RL deaths

I can't believe this actually had to be spelled out in intricate detail, but as some people get their kicks from playing rules lawyers and trying to find loopholes in the rules you get a sixth rule: Any posted thread that is not about a player dying in real life will face harsh punishment.
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> In Memoriam -> What is this forum for?

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