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23-02-2011 21:19


To help celebrate the upcoming Syrnia birthday, the following events will be taking place during March.

Contests every day of the month:

There will be a contest every day of the month in Syrnia. Each will last one day, and be replaced with a new one the next day. Rewards will be 20,000 gold pieces for 1st place, 10,000 gold pieces for 2nd place, and 6,666 gold pieces for 3rd place. Total rewards for the month will approach 1.1 million from these events. There will also be a week long contest ending the last day of the month. The payout for this will be 100,000 gp for 1st, 50,000 gp for 2nd, and 33,333 gp for 3rd. The locations will be splattered throughout Syrnia, giving as many people the chance to compete. Most will comprise of basic items but some may include higher end goods. The week long final contest will be a surprise, but will be an item most people should be able to obtain.

Treasure Chests:

Definitely some treasure to be found throughout the month, possibly more on the actual birthday date.


A sprinkling of creatures will more than likely appear throughout the month

** There may be other events that happen during the month, but these are the planned events. I may also post some of the upcoming daily contests as the month approaches, but will keep some of them a surprise as well.

Party Island will not be opening up for the event. I do hope that someday the island can be opened up for future events, but unfortunately that is out of my hands at this time.

As some of the older players had already guessed, I am back doing events for Syrnia. I have been away for a while, but glad to be back helping add excitement and enjoyment to the players that make this game great.
Mr. Addy
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03-03-2011 05:00

Additional events on Syrnia's Birthday:

1500 locked combo chests every 30 minutes, some of the possible prizes included below:

elder eagle summoning orbs
gnome summoning orbs
birthday cake
and a few others

These will be spread throughout Syrnia so everyone should have a chance at some rare Syrnia items.

Some invasion creatures might be roaming about as well.
04-03-2011 19:39

Sorry, it seems I should clarify for some when Syrnia's birthday is.

March 5th, is the officially recognized birthday of Syrnia.

Hope everyone enjoys the event and good luck to everyone in hopes of opening up some rare Syrnia items.
08-03-2011 05:45

Today's contest was deleted due to a bug discovered with enchanted items. If someone tried to submit an enchanted item in the contest, it would give an error, but still count the item in the list.

In order to prevent any issues related to this, the contest was deleted. I apologize to anyone who legitimately submitted an item, but there is no real way to refund or reimburse anyone who may have submitted an item for the contest.

Until this issue can be fixed, no more contests will occur that involve any item that can be enchanted.

Thanks for everyone's understanding, and another contest is scheduled to start tomorrow at 00:01 game time.

Thanks again for the people who sent in the reports. Remember, if during the game you come across anything that you feel might be a bug or something that would give you or anyone an unfair advantage, you are required to report it to the Bug Department for further investigation.
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Forum -> Announcements -> March Events

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