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29-11-2010 01:19

It has come to the the staffs attention players have been giving out false information to entice players to enter actions that are far beyond their skill level.
Thus we have brought in a new rules effective immediately.

Any player found to be giving out false information to mislead players will be severely punished.

This rule will be added to the Official Syrnia Rules as soon as possible. A more clear and thorough post will be made very soon. Should anyone see this taking place they should use the report system to report this.

Any questions about this rule should be directed to the staff using the ticket system. This rule has been drafted to preserve fair play in Syrnia.

Moderator edit:
An example of this could be a Cl 20 Player being advised to fight a Gold Scaled Gaman, (66hp) this would be beyond their capabilities to survive.

Another example is luring New Players to the Outlands to Trade

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Only users can reply.

Forum -> General -> Important: New Rule Addition!

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