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20-11-2010 11:15

The Mod team want to keep the community up to date with some recent developments. There has been been quite a bit of speculation with regards to certain players disappearing from High scores recently and although we will not provide specific details we feel it is important to announce the following:

Due to some speculation about possible cheating The Multi/ Cheat Mod team have been given access to some new tools by M2H, these combined with other enquiries have revealed that some players have been using a number of methods to progress their account illegally. We do not want to go into too much detail but to assure those cheating that we know exactly what is being done the Mod team can now establish patterns in behaviour and there will soon be a big change in the bot-check which will make this "cheat" much less appealing.

The Mod team are concerned that this kind of cheating could have a huge negative influence on the game as a whole, and our main priority is to ensure that we have a group of players who all know they are working on an even footing.

In order that we can gather further intelligence/ information to combat these cheats we are making the following 1 week amnesty:

We have a number of other players on our "hit-list" for investigation but I will be honest and tell you that the enquiries we make to establish the cheating are particularly recourse intensive and lengthy. We can check historic offences, so those stopping now will still be caught, so here's the deal:

If you contact the Multi/ Cheat team and admit your offences, then we will engage in communication about the cheat and we hope that this will end with you keeping your account. After a 1 week amnesty we will being investigating again and any player we identify using the cheats will be permanently banned, and will NOT be allowed to create another account. The choice is yours, take the hit and help the Mod team combat cheating in the game or risk never playing the game again. You have until 00:01 on 28/11/2010.

If any other players have information about possible cheating then we would welcome your co-operation. I am sure that players will discuss this in forum but we would ask that any accusations are not made in public, and that they should always be supported by evidence. Mods will issue normal punishments to players breaking this rule.

It is important we all remember that these individuals are a small part of the game, the vast majority of the Syrnia community are fair and play in the true spirit of the game.

Mod Team.

Moderator edit:
No Scripts of any description are permitted in Syrnia

Public accusations will result in one day Mute, Jail and Forum ban, if you have credible evidence about Cheating, please forward the information in a Ticket to Cheats/Multis Department, Game Staff

Accusations cause disruption to Chat and are not permitted

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