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09-11-2010 21:09

Good evening Syrnians and welcome to the most recent Syrnia competition. This one is a bit different and will remain open for a week. Now that we have all skill invasions the Mod team would like to make use of them whilst creating imaginative stories utilizing the Syrnia landscape/ monsters/ items etc. These short stories will be posted on a continuous thread leaving a Syrnian history book for all to read.

How will it work?
We will task the author with creating a short story based upon some basic information. As an example Something about the Elves invading the Ogre cave and casting a forest spell at the Lava Lake. The author will then be given some freedom to use their creative imagination to tell the story. The Mod team will sort out the Forest invasion at Lava lake and post the story in the forum. We will make some brief notes about how the forest was destroyed (those involved in that and maybe some other invasions linked to it) and again give the author the opportunity to tell the story of how Syrnia helped the Ogres, which we will post. We hope this will add a new interesting dimension to the game for those into that kind of thing.

What will be expected?
You will be expected to complete at least 10 short stories (initially) for the Mod team to use. Generally you will be given a little notice to do this and it may be that we ask for some minor alterations before it is posted. You may remain nameless or we will post details of the author, the choice is yours. As you will be privy to information not available to other users (eg locations of some invasions etc) you must be able to respect privacy rules and any breach of this will result in your position being terminated. The content of the story will belong to although we may enter into discussions to allow further use dependant on the circumstances.

Why aren't the Mod team doing this?
Because we have other responsibilities, and we have been really impressed with the imagination of our players in the forums over previous months. Much better than SYRAID's imagination!

So what do I need to do?
In order that we can choose suitable candidates (we will probably choose one or two) we ask that you post a short story clipping here (no more than 250 words) regarding the following Syrnian incident: Something about the Elves invading the Ogre cave and casting a forest spell at the Lava Lake.

  • Only one post per player

  • You may edit posts but the competition will end at 23:59 on 16/11/2010

  • Only the short stories may be posted on this thread (All other posts will be removed by the Mod team)

  • Use your imagination

  • The winner will be chosen by the Mod team

  • The winner gets to write the Syrnian history books

  • Thanks and in anticipation of reading some good stuff

    Mod Team.
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    09-11-2010 21:19

    Once upon a midnight dreary,
    The Elves got the Ogres all teary,
    Because they Invaded Lava Lake,
    And a Forest Spell they did make
    09-11-2010 21:30

    5th November -
    Dear Journal,

    Its dark, cold and quiet. Too quiet. On the defence from the elves we struggle on the remaining supplies. The elves have magic, dark magic, and we.. well we have only our axe and shield. We as Syrnians must defend the only lake streaming through our caves with all our might. If only we knew what the elves were planning, where they would strike, how many would die before they gave in. We found some orb on our way through the routine supply check. No one has found a use though but we hope it will save us, we can only hope for something to save us.

    6th November -
    Dear Journal,

    We felt the magic in the air and we did not react, why oh why did we not think. Syrnia will soon be ruled by the elves if they pass our defences. We will not let this happen, I will not let this happen. If only we had more time. There is still no reasoning to the power of this orb but we now believe that this may be what the elves want and we must not let them get this! If it weren't the only thing keeping our morale alive I would destroy it, but the elves, they would simply destroy us. Strange happenings are growing frequent, leaves in the cave; vines on our dead; the taste of pollen in the air. This is elven magic and I grow more scared every day.

    7th November -
    Dear Journal,

    This will be my last writing as I have lost much blood from battle today. We were awaken to be surrounded by elven forests. Trees larger than you can imagine. Our axes could not cut through the tough bark, we knew the end was near. If someone reads this after all that has happened I would like you to know that the orb was only destroyed for our men were too few to fight them off. We could not see through the elven forests, we were sitting ducks. I had to rid the elves of what they wanted - The orb. For the sake of M2H I hope I did the right thing and stopped the elves. I hope.. I can only.. hope.

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    09-11-2010 21:34

    The elven warrior took cover behind the onyx colored basalt boulder just as a rock the side of his head smashed into the ground where he had been standing just moments before. The group of vuruth grunted in their primitive language and continued their barrage of projectiles on the elf's makeshift shelter.
    The warrior peaked out at his adversaries just as a large stone crashed into the boulder shattering shrapnel into his face, nearly taking his eye and leaving a large bloody gash across his forehead and eyebrow. His eye almost immediately started to swell shut. Wiping the blood away, he got his allies' attention who were ducking behind another outcrop of long cooled magma. With a few quick hand gestures, the dark elf and two exiled warriors went into motion, circling behind the group of vuruths.
    The dark elf leaped, sailing through the air in between three of the massive ogres, while the two exiled elves each faced up to a foe of their own. With the boulders thrown by the ogres not crashing at him any longer, he quickly checked his precious cargo in the pack at his hip, a glowing red orb, and ran as fast as his legs could take him to the edge of Lava Lake.
    His mission and life would end here, as there was no escape once the orb touched the fiery waters of lava lake. He took the orb out holding it over his head and chanted softly just as the elder elf had taught him. He did not hear the Bonebreaker coming at him from behind, and as the last word of his magic summons left his lips, a long spear burst through his chest from behind.
    The orb fell from his grasp landing and rolling toward the lake. Slowly it rolled, and as the young elven warriors life blood left him, the last thing he saw was the orb rolling and sinking into the thick waters of the lake.

    The bonebreaker looked on in confusion as the lake sizzled, bubbled and churned. Before it could turn to warn it's comrades, a geyser of fire slammed into it, melting the great ogre where it stood. The Forest Spell of the Elves had taken root somewhere far below the roiling waters that was the life blood of the ogres. The ogres could not know what was to come next...

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    09-11-2010 21:42

    "Move 'ere yer lot! Don't let 'em in!"

    Roghark's deep voice, dominating the cries of the rest inhabitants, echoes on every sector of the Cave. The gates
    are kept close with rocks, logs and ogrish bodies, but the Treant hammering it, restless from the elfish sorcery,
    is wining the day. Wood against wood, Magic against brute strength, the door eventually is reduced to smitherins.

    And the real bloodshed begins. The towering Treant pulverizes the first defenders, and alongside him the elves are
    rushing into the darkness. Everyone is caught in a bloody melee, all but a small elvish band. "Rus'h Vact'ard" and
    this small group sneaks to the Lava lake unoticed. Almost, unoticed.

    Roghark's keen eye caught them, after having
    smashed the gate-breaking Treant into the ground and with a mighty roar, an ogrish group is going after them.
    The group haults, to meet their pursuers, only an individual keep striding forth. The momentum of the pursuing ogres
    is more than enough to make a short work of the few elves, and the enigmatic individual, desicevelly, makes a good
    use of the time bought for him.

    By reaching the lake, his chantings are causing the earth to tremble, and the stone
    walls to meet the molten core of the earth, as trees starting to sprout where they shouldn't be. "Now... The Outlands!"
    , he said, and vanished, as the ogres losing ground...

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    Reynn Dogg
    09-11-2010 21:54

    The Elven Commander lowers his sword and shouts "Charge!"

    Streams of Elven Warriors flood through the Elven gate and descend upon Ogre outpost. There is a terrible clamor as the cold steel of many finely-crafted Elven blades clashes with the crude armour of the unsuspecting Ogres positioned there. The handful of Syrnian fighters are also overwhelmed and forced to flee to Ogre town for the moment.

    Mercifully for the Barghrags and Vorghs, the battle is over quickly. Dark elves and Exiled elves arrive on the scene and move quickly to Ogre lake, leaving the warriors to loot and pillage at the outpost.

    The startled fishermen run for the hills as the elves continue on their path to Lava Lake.

    Here is the focus of their attack: to cut off the source of silver bars which are used to supply the stronger Ogres in town. An exiled elf lifts a glowing Orb into the air above his head and speaks in an ancient tongue.

    A flash of white-hot light blinds the lone smith working at his craft, as a Dark elf deftly slits his throat.

    The lake of lava instantly freezes and the ground begins to rumble and break apart as magical roots and branches burst forth, quickly filling the entire vast expanse with a forest of tall trees.

    The Elven Commander arrives to survey the area. "Very good, yes, yes. Our plan is proceeding without a flaw," he says, grinning malevolently.
    09-11-2010 22:01

    The mist obscured the sight of the trees. It seemed to be rolling and lapping out of the cave entrance.
    Two tall figures stood at the treeline, peering at the gaping hole into the mountain, the ancestral home of their enemy.

    "Commander Vilya, are you sure this is.. wise? The vile beasts have left us in peace for years now. If anything goes wrong.. The humans.."

    'The humans are on our side!', snapped Vilya. 'It is because of them, battling our enemy at their very homes that we enjoy this peace. You know as well as I that our island is safer now, because of them. They wont interfere.'

    He looked at the sky.

    'It is too late now anyway, our operative will have broken the green orb. We will taste victory today.'

    His aid nodded, but said nothing. He knew, as Vilya must too, how dangerous this was. He wondered if his commander fully appreciated the fickleness of humans.
    If the magical forest was destroyed, the enemy would survive. Worse, they would have revenge in their heart, and the knowledge that the elves had broken the ancient and sacred pact.
    He looked at the majestic trees behind him and shuddered.
    If all went as planned the enemy would soon be dead. Dead, and unable to use destructive magic on his beloved grove.

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    09-11-2010 22:13

    The Exiled Elves swarmed through the Ogre Entrance. After many months of border inactivity the Ogres had grown careless in their vigilance and turned their attentions to other matters. Only half-aware, the Ogre sentries were overrun by the exiles that had been promised a welcome back into Elven society if their mission was a success. Many still died during the attack, even unprepared Ogres were a terrible foe.
    They raced to engage the Outpost, followed into the attack by a massive reinforcement of Half Elves bringing with them an advantage of numbers and using many scaling ropes and ladders they flung themselves at the walls. The Ogres were better prepared at the Outpost and held the attackers off fiercely but the damage was done.
    A team of elite Elven Warriors guarding a small group of Dark Elves slipped past and raced towards Ogre Lake. They stormed through the Ogre fisher-folk giving no mercy and turned towards Lava Lake. Here the smiths & their meager Ogre guards were no match for the Warriors and were shortly routed leaving the way open for the Dark Elves to begin their work. These Warrior Clerics had been well trained in their arcane arts by Adarkmag himself and using their skills they began to weave a spell ...
    Outpost was being reinforced by the warriors from Ogre Town and the fighting was going badly for the Elves until they were joined in the attack by a mixed force of mercenary Giants who began battering the walls & towers of the Outpost with crude siege engines, throwing themselves into battle, howling & screaming for blood.
    The extra ferocity of the Giant attack gave the Dark Elves the time they needed to complete their work and the magic was done. As they raced back the way they had come the ground around Lava Lake erupted as a Forest climbed towards the sky, time rushing as decades then a century of growth, more, completed itself in moments forming an impenetrable ring around the lake of magma.
    Those dazed and still shocked survivors at Ogre Lake were further assaulted as the Warriors & Dark Elves forced their way to Outpost rejoining their comrades in a final assault on the walls trying to create as much damage as they could before retreating back through the Entrance to their own lands.

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    09-11-2010 22:15

    Exactly 250...just.

    A conflict almost as old as time itself and one which still rages on, neither side ever taking the upper hand; it is of course, the Ogre/Elf war. How it began is unknown and how it will end, none can be sure. Perhaps an important event in this war was the tale of cunning and power at Ogre Lake.

    It began with a subtle assault by a powerful elf warlock. Their agility allowed them to slip pask ogre patrols, approaching the lake at the heart of their caves. Ogres proved superior fighters on the field, their endurance more than enough for the quick footed elves. A direct battle would be suicide, so the elves had to be creative, undermine and cripple their foe. A single Elf Warlock took position upon the shores, a selection of the finest gems assembled in his hands, their inner magic providing a faint glow against the dark walls. While his brothers in arms watched, the warlock uttered a few words before casting them into the murky depths of the lake. The ground began to shake, the water glowing brighter, its dark grey colours replaced by bright green patches, spreading through it. The glow had alerted the locals, an attack was underway. As the ogres charged to defend, the waters seemed to erupt with life, branches twisted and covered the surface, covering it completely in a thick layer of timber, the shores had become closed by walls of wood. The ogres were trapped, it had begun...

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    09-11-2010 22:29


    Log 1.
    Our training is finally over and today is the day we invade! Though even our best fighters will have trouble with the Rorghark Bonebreaker I fear nothing after all we have been through. My heart pounds out of anticipation of the attack. Our camp will be at lava lake for its high ground.
    Log 2.
    The high elf has made us protection with a vast forest at our base. 3-2-1 attack! Arrows streaming out of the forest as the elven warriors storm the battle field. I'm the last out but still get a rush as I killed my first barghrag.
    Log 3.
    At last we took ogre lake. Many of us are dead I fear our quest may be halted soon. We then split up half going to ogre camp and half to ogre outpost. I was in the group to ogre camp. We snuck up from the side when suddenly 5 Rorghark Bonebreakers jumped out from behind us. There were two on each except for me it was one on one. His club swiped me across the head and there was a large thud as the ground met my back. I got up and with a flying leap smited the mighty bonebreaker.
    Log 4.
    This was our last stand we were going for ogre town. We were outnumbered 10-1 but we went anyway. We went valiantly but alas as I heard the words Fall back! I knew we had failed.

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    09-11-2010 22:29

    Something felt wrong. It was in the air, it smelled of foul play. The ogres were all on their guard, waiting and watching. The chief Rorghark Bonebreaker, Krellna, had ordered all of the residents of Ogre to be watchful, weapon in hand. They waited days, and nothing. The air felt more ominous every waking second, but there had yet to be any physical representation of danger perverting their lands.

    Suddenly, one day, they came. The Elves, numbered in the thousands, stormed Ogre Cave in all their glory. Armed with bows and magic, the Ogre side casualties were many. The elves overtook Ogre Cave, and most ogres, who were not martyrs to their cause, fled back to Ogre Camp, lying in wait for their impending doom. The Ogre Chief was among them. Suddenly, the air crackled with magic and the ogres fell back with awe. Giant trees sprouted from the ground near Lava Lake and towered over all! Then, the air was silent. Ogre Chief Krellna ordered all to gather around.

    "I do not know what we did to bring this upon us. The elves have always been a peaceful people. No matter how dire the circumstances seem, we have not lost this battle. There is always hope. The Elves have overtaken Lava Lake and cast a forest spell so that they would be 'invincible.' It will be a short lived victory though, for we WILL reign superior in the end! Now, go forth and rid us of these vermin!"

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    "Each time the gate opens, there enters this horrendous stench into the air of our lovely island", Vraagje said, and glanced at her nephew, "I think too many passes are handed out, too many Syrnians want to be on our island. Why do you think they do, Jasje?"
    Jasje blushed and stuttered, "Maybe because of all we offer to them?".
    "Hmm, yes, I guess you are right", smiling playfully Vraagje continued, "It would be lovely if we could lure them to stay with those awful creatures, wouldn't it?"
    "Yes, but how?"
    "Well, they come here to cook. Never should have allowed Naampie to enchant Penteza. He meant well, but never saw the consequences. Of course cooks from all over Syrnia will want to cook here as soon as they can", slightly irritated she stared for a few seconds out of her window to the East". "Trees clean the air, don't they?"
    Jasje nodded.
    "And our forest attracts woodcutters in hordes... I think I might have a solution".
    Vraagje looked at Jasje expectantly.
    "I could inform how Naampie is getting on with his magical training...".
    Vraagje looked very pleased. She knew he was bright despite is his shyness. "I've heard very good things about the university he is attending. They recently started to investigate new ways to conjure up anything they want".

    The elfs are known to be peaceful people. But their powers are limitless.
    It didn't take long for Vraagje to open her window and smell the fresh air she had longed for. In her hands she had the letter from her nephew telling her that trees now grow at Lava Lake.
    09-11-2010 23:18

    Once upon a time in a land not for from here, there was an elf called Frank. Frank was small for his age and other elves picked on him for this, and this made Frank sad. Then one day, as Frank was walking through the forest, he heard whispers from all directions, and out popped a Gnome, who was tall for his age.
    "Rawr" Said Trev, the evil gnome, and he used mind control to take over Frank. He sent Frank to a remote location where he used all his brain power to make Frank set off a Tree Invasion Orb, where mayhem broke loose.

    Moral of the story: Don't blame the Elves, It was the Gnomes!
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    09-11-2010 23:19

    The Lord of Castle Rose on Serpenthelm had grown frustrated, he needed Gold ore for his war chest and to provide his troops with the weapons and armour they need to protect him. He needs the seeds from Penteza to keep his Larders full and his people fed, but the peace between the Elves and Ogres had lasted far longer than anyone could have expected, their border guards were forever watching and this was slowing the transport of desperately needed resources. The Ogres and Elves are so evenly matched that one of them will call for aid and it will cost them dearly.

    The pact between these two fueding races MUST be broken but how? And then he remembered a powerfull ally whom few remember, a messenger was despatched immediately.

    Bluebell sat in her cave and read the message carefully, not once but twice. She too had her reasons for wanting the peace shattered. Cast aside by the Dark Mage in his tower in Penteza she wanted revenge. It was a simple spell to cast and as the Trees sprung forth all around the Lava Lakes she cackled in amusement, only one race would be blamed for this she chuckled.

    The Ogres were infuriated, Trees are the weapons of Elves, they must be stopped, they must be punished, they must be fought. First the skirmishes were minor, the Ogres were lashing out at the Elven Guards and the travellers to their lands, but soon the battles were larger, more intense and it was only a matter of time before the Elves had to act. The peace was over, the Elves were coming . . .

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    09-11-2010 23:50

    The Gnomes stormed the entrance to the Ogre caves like a SWAT team surrounding a building. Killing off the few Ogres that came to fight, they laughed, noone knew what they had planned, noone knew about their secret weapon, and noone could predict what havok they would force upon the unsuspecting Ogrelands.

    As soon as they realised, all the creatures of Ogre united to fight the evil force that threatened to destroy the life they knew and loved. Unfortunatly, they were too late, as they approached the massive Gnome army that outnumbered them 10:1, a Gnome stepped forward from the rest, it produced a Bluebell's staff; as he chanted, a sound could be heard from Lava Lake as the trees crashed down towards the earth, killing everyone and everything in their path. The Elven Casino crumbled, the hearts of every living thing was ripped from its body, they all stood there, stood and watched as the Gnomes left the cave, motionless, lifeless, dead inside, all they could do was watch.
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    10-11-2010 03:01

    The Ogres had just finished a battle with the sorer spider queens, and having won, gloated in greatness. The Spiders, angry at this, hired elven mercanaries to attack the ogres (knowing that elves and ogres are sworn enemies). The elves began an attack on ogre entrance two and got to ogre town by nightfall. The spiders, knowing this, sent out there minions through the dangerous outlands and into ogre entrance one. The entrance was ungaurded because of the elven battles and the spiders took refuge around Ogre lake, so they could have a steady source of water and fish. The elvens then made their way through ogre town, down to ogre mines, where they found the gem the spiders asked them to find, the gem of the earth. The spiders quickly had the elvens enchant an orb for them, and they ran off to Lava lake, knowing that what they would do next would help ruin the ogres forever. The Highest and most queenly of the sorer queens took the newly made orb and threw it into lava lake, from which an array of trees sprouted. The remaining ogres ran there while the spiders looked for more ways to seek revenge.
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    Exhaustion; I now know what it feels like. We were in trouble, that I knew. Our assault two days ago had gone badly. Ill prepared for a lengthy battle, we were surprised by how quickly they regrouped; leading to our own numbers being decimated after the initial shock of the attack had worn off. How could they have known? Trying to rally after the tide turned against us, we fled into the ravine that fed into Lava Lake. We were desperate, cut off from our escape, few provisions with continual forays from them to keep us from rest.

    I studied the scene below me. They had started to form into ranks, dozens of them, preparing for that final push that would lead them to us high in this ravine. There would be no stopping them this time. Our magic spent, our bodies pushed well beyond their limits, there was nothing left, unless...

    It was agreed, we would attempt the summoning. In order to achieve this we would all have to join our minds and focus completely on the summoning, leaving us open and vulnerable. We found the best hiding places we could and started to summon the magic in the air around us, hearing the ever increasing shouts from those below. Magic filled my mind, flowing slowly, ever increasing. They were upon us. Bursts of power hit me from those of my kindred that were slain as they were found, until I knew I was the only one left. Hard to focus, this amount of power was not meant for one to wield. It should have been a subtle thing, but there was no time and I knew that at any moment it would be me next.

    Focus, release, the massive forces left my body and entered the earth, sending a shockwave around me for several metres. The trees began to erupt from the earth, far faster than should have been the case causing confusion in the enemy ranks. With the residual energy from the summoning coursing through my body; I stood. I was determined to live and find the traitor in our camp. I drew my long sword and ran...

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    10-11-2010 18:43

    Bodies were lying around the broken gate, the ogres just had one of their assaults on the Elven Island and it had been a partly successful one. They had breached the Elven gate and managed to get into the city Penteza, where the elven warriors, together with half elves and dark elves were able to kill the intruders.
    The elven commander glared at the gate, as if it was it's fault for breaking down. Truth is that the ogres were a strong opponent and this assault came at the worst possible time. The elven troops were needed in Exella plain, to fight of the giants from the mountains. And now with the gate down, they were an easy target for the ogres. He gazed towards Penteza forest in the distance and a plan started to form.

    A small group of dark elves entered the ogre cave and sneaked into the outpost. Vorghs and Barghrags that noticed them grabbed their weapons, but they weren't fast enough and were killed by the elves. Instead of going to the ogre town they went past the lake to the lava lake, where the ogres made their weapons. There a mage cast a spell and trees started rising from the rocky floor.
    The ogres were strong fighters and not to bad smiths, but they were terrible woodcutters. If they needed more supplies, they had to cut away the forest first. That would hold them of for some time, enough time to fix the gate.

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    10-11-2010 19:32

    One morning a group of Barghrags decided to attack the Elven Gate. So they strapped on their armor and hefted their clubs and marched out to the gate. Upon reaching the gate they were confronted by the gate sentries who barely had time to raise the alarm before being slaughtered. The alarm roused a nearby squad of elves who came upon the Barghrags attempting to break down the gate. Crying in anger as they spied the mangled corpses of their comrades the elves sprang at the Barghrags and killed all but two who ran back to the caves as fast as they could. The elves then left a few to guard the gate while the rest went to tell the Council what had happened. When the council found out they debated for a bit before deciding to unleash the Forest spell at the location known as Lava Lake.

    Meanwhile in the Ogre caves the two Barghrags who had escaped were telling the others about their failed attack. While they were trying to figure out what the elves would do for retribution, a few smiths came from the direction of Lava Lake stammering about a magically appearing forest. The ogres being a warlike people and having few woodcutters didn't know what to do. Suddenly there was a commotion in the distance. A group of humans came marching up to the ogres. Instead of weapons these humans bore hatchets. "Let us chop down that forest for you" stated one of the humans.

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    11-11-2010 09:47

    A magical chant can be heard in the ogre caves. The Elves are stationed at Lava Lake in hopes to cast a forest spell passed down for countless centuries. The Elves' chanting is ringing the walls of ogre cave. Too, the battle between Ogres and Elves is heard in the background. Elves, armed with their swift swords and overwhelming magic, hold the Ogres back so that their forest spell can successfully be cast. Sounds from clashing swords and ogre clubs is challenged only by the sacred chants of the Elves.

    As the battle continues, both Ogres and Elves fall to the unforgiving earth lifelessly. Gifts of red dew litter the ground slowly being soaked up by the soil. For the Skull roses, nourishment is given. Continuing in the battle, the Elves fight valiantly with groups of Rorghark bonebreakers.

    Now, dark clouds begin to encircle overtop of where the Elves are chanting. Crackles of lightning strike and the ground begins to shake at Lava Lake. The fighting stops momentarily as an aura of light briefly glistens in the eyes of all. A group of Vorghs quickly rushes to where the Elves are chanting, but are only knocked back by the ancient magical barrier. Groups of Vorghs continue to attack the barrier in desperation; however, it is too late. A last flash of light is seen. Divinely, the light engulfs the cave of the Ogres. Finally, the forest spell is complete. The Elves, far from home, teleport safely back with Penteza orbs.

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    Success doesn't come to you; you go to it.
    - Marva Collins
    11-11-2010 20:21

    The elves had fallen upon hard times, their forests long since demolished by the humans that trespassed through the gates, claiming the seeds and wood for their own. There was no longer any wood for the cooking fires, the expanding of their growing community and because of this the elves grew desperate. The humans dared not stomp through the ogre caves in the manner they did through the lush, green mountain side of the elven mountains, destroying all that came into their path because the ogres were rough, bone breakers; the variety that nightmares are made of, making ogre caves an ideal location.

    The alliance between the ogres and elves was strained enough, close to a breaking point but the elven goddess knew she had no choice but to try to cast a spell to build a forest deep in Ogre territory where it might grow, thrive and hopefully bring them the supplies necessary to continue their survival. She had heard from Tom Friddick that Lava Lake had some of the richest soil in the region surrounding it, and it was far enough in the caves to make only the most daring of humans try to chop it down, giving it potential to last long enough to supply her people with what they needed. What it would require however was an invasion, one long enough to distract the ogres from the elves true intentions, so that they might be able to cast uninterrupted.

    While the ogre guards slept, the elves slipped by..
    [2]20:25 (Mod)ruboxjr[O.G.]: =/ You are right, again.

    Jeffreyj[Pond]: Look who is there. My own personal miss universe <3

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    11-11-2010 23:05

    Centuries ago, the war between ogres and elves was ended by the construction of an indestructible gate. Morghrezz, the only ogre mage ever seen in the known world, started to ploy the ultimate revenge.
    To keep the elves busy, many suicidal ogre attempts were made on the gate, allowing Morghrezz to go down from island to island looking for magic training, finally finding a witch called Bluebell.
    He learned basic magic that could make him stronger than ever, but that wasn't enough. He wanted more power so that he could bring fearlful summonings and bloody invasions on thier elven enemies. After a decade of magic training, his power was so potent that he knew he could create a spell to entrap the witch's soul in a magical gemstone. He knew that after performing this "unique" ritual he could use the soul enhanced gem to magnify his magic power, magnify it enough to crush down the cursed city of Penteza in a burst of unholy fire that would lay waste to the city for eternity!
    Of course, this entrapment would require days and days of incantations. First to prepare the gem and then the final step that would have to be done in Lava Lake where part of the cave water would be consumed as the most important spell component.
    First, he sent an invitation to Bluebell the witch for an "ogre celebration", inviting her to Lava Lake as a "reward" for helping him train.
    Night after night, Eully's villagers saw irregular lights and deep voices coming from Morghrezz's house. So scared, they decided to inform Eully council in an attempt to restore peaceful nights and end the mess stop once and for all.
    Bluebell's also found out and, While invisible, paid him a few visits. Realizing what her student meant to do by using the skill in the worst imaginable way, she knew she couldn't reverse or counter the spell without help. To better understand the spell outcome she went to the city well and consulted the oracle. Horrors, blood, hatred and dark visions were revealed all she saw in the murky waters.
    Knowing Morghrezz's plans, she flew to the mage tower in Penteza and informed the autorities. Adarkmag was stunned by the ogre's plans and decided to help the witch to create a powerful curse. Together they put their powers towards resolving the issue. Night and day before the Lava Lake meeting arrive, they spent their time to build the ultimate curse : "the revenge of the nature".
    What's obvious now, it that when Morghrezz will try to perform the soul entrapment, something strange might occur!

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    Where I stand, high between heaven and hell, I guide all my fellows to an unreached place called Knowledge!

    A.K.A @---- The Wise Elder [email protected]
    12-11-2010 01:20

    It had been a busy month for the elves. Captured Ogres were busy mining precious gems and they were almost enough for the raiding party to be properly prepared for their foray into Ogre territory.

    There were two groups of mages. Those who were going to create a diversion with summoning orbs and those who would Quickly sneak to Ogre Lake and reclaim that land for Mother Nature.

    As the clock struck midnight muffled chanting from the first group started. Soon everyone was moving at nearly six times their normal speed, their weapons glowed an eerie green from the increased power and aim and the armour was a pale blue from being enhanced.

    Sneaking through the back ways of the caverns they were soon near Ogre Lake. The fleetest elf returned back to Elven Gate and the second group of mages let loose their orbs. The quiet ogre camp was suddenly full of Rats, Griffins and Gold Scale Gamans. Alarms went off everywhere and Ogres rushed to deal with the summoned foes.

    Meanwhile back at Lava Lake the first party commenced their reclamation magic. The air crackled with the arcane power being summoned, the lava began to boil and the ground cracked. Slowly tendrils of green pushed through the cracks, strengthening in power as mighty trees replaced the stalagmites. The natural balance of the cave system was being restored.

    Suddenly almighty roar came from Ogre Lake as the Ogre hordes came to defend their territory. The speed and enchantments of Elven daggers where no match for the power of Obsidian Axes and slowly the elves were pushed back, but not before the forest had been summoned.
    Dark NeroxusTemp
    13-11-2010 17:03

    darkness has fallen over syrnia pentenza lay in ruins as the ogres head back successful the last elven unit remains wounded a few weeks have passed and the elves have increased there numbers the lord elf has ordered the destruction of the ogre caves and in its place a new forest for the elves the soldiers stand ready at the gates the loud roars from the ogres can be heard from inside the caves a silence befalls the elven island the gates creek as they slowly open it starts to rain as lightning lights the sky and thunder booms across the land the elf lord raises his hand high in the air "CHARGE" he orders as the elves storm into the caves in there thousands the ogres caught unaware start to fall the bonebreakers defend lava lake as the vorghs are the pawns sent to fight the elven warriors the half elfs charge threw the destruction carrying the seal that would summon the forest but as the half elves reach ogre lake panic ensues as the bonebreakers have moved and formed a blockade all looks lost as the vururth move to the half elves location completly surrounded and the elven warriors busy with the vorghs a rumbling starts to echo threw the cave a hole is blown threw the roof of the cave as evil elves pour threw and dispose of the vururths the vorghs are defeated and the warriors take on the bonebreakers the half elves slip threw and place the seal at lava lake as the lava meets the seal it glows and forestry starts to pour from the seal the elves have won the ogres with no where to retreat meet there end ogre cave is renamed new penteza and the elves continue there rule over the elven island.
    14-11-2010 19:07

    From the pages of the History of Syrnia:

    It was one of the darkest years in the history of the elves. Elven had literally been overrun, the Giants from Exella Mountain were charging down the mountains in the North and in a last ditch attempt the plain elves had sided with them to try to save themselves, only they were tricked and so became the Dark Elves. In the West the Ogres were battering at the Elven Gates and while the humans assisted the elves in their fight, when it was over they stayed and claimed Elven for their own.

    It came down to one option the elves had left: A spell that would transform Lava Lake into a forest and they would once again have a home of their own.

    They decided to strike at night, the elves could see in the dark whereas the Ogres could not and that gave them the element of surprise. They were after all outnumbered thousands to one.

    When they reached Lava Lake, their lead druid began weaving the spell and whether by their scent or a traitorous word the Ogres had come with their heavy clubs and crude armor and battle began. The stakes were high and both sides fought viciously and valiantly, it was the simple numbers and brute strength of the Ogres that won the battle but when the last elf had been felled, the ogres realized to their horror that they had lost; Lava Lake had become a forest.

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