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14-05-2010 18:12

It has been requested quite a lot by users who want to donate to Syrnia but could not do so via any of the currently available donation options: We've finally added a mobile (and landline) phone donation option via DAOpay. You can donate to Syrnia by SMS or by calling a special number via your phone. You can see the details of this new donation option at the "How to support Syrnia" page in-game under "Donation options". Other donation options remain more attractive due to the fee of phone donations.

Furthermore, as a little experiment, We'd like to ask users to leave their feedback on this temporary website:

This website can be used to leave feedback, request certain features, report bugfixes etc. Express your feelings about Syrnia, but keep it nice.

At the moment we plan to use this feedback site just this one time to estimate how everyone feels about Syrnia right now. We do not yet have any plans to keep using this feedback site in the future, so do not (yet) put too much effort in it. If this experiment turns out well, we might seriously look at keep using a feedback site, possible a different one then UserEcho though.
We're looking forward to constructive feedback!
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Announcements -> Mobile/Landline phone donation option added + User feedback

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