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04-05-2010 01:11

1. Use your eyes, it's free

Look at the player list at the trading location and possibly locations around it (or ask a clanmember). Are there any known thieves around? Does it look suspicious? If so, cancel or postpone the trade.

2. Check the forums & chats

Players warn each other. By keeping an eye on the forums and chats you will know who the notorious thieves and scammers are.

3. Do not discuss trade details in trade chat

Thieves keep an eye on this chat for potential targets. Discuss details like final price and location via whispers or messages. In addition, you can post false information in trade chat to send thieves the wrong way.

4. Communicate

If you do not know the person you are trading, talk to him! Is he polite? does he respond quickly? Does he agree to perform the trade quickly? Ask him some questions and test him out. If he acts suspicious or changes behaviour later on, think twice before trading him. For big trades, it may also be a good idea to run a background check on him, asking people you trust about their experiences with the player.

5. Build a house at the Trade post

When you have a house at your trading post, you can quickly put away the money you just received. You will only have the money on you for a short time.

6. Avoid trade posts without houses

Some locations/islands have constructing restrictions. These are more attractive to thieves because the are more likely to get a shot at your money.

7. Wait before taking money out of your house

You can access your house during a trade without cancelling the trade. Wait until the other player has added the items before getting the money from your house. This decreases the time you have money on you, and you can see if the player actually has the item.

8. The fake trade

If you trust the person you are trading, agree to do a fake trade first (no gold involded, keep it in your house). Any players that attempt to thieve you will be sent to jail and/or think you already put the money away. You can then safely trade when the thieves are in jail, or a few minutes later when they are gone.

9. Shop-trading

Secure, alternative way of trading. Build a shop (anywhere), and add just the one the item you are selling to it. The player you would trade simply buys it from your shop. Once the player buys the item, the shop goes empty (and therefore not shown in the shoplist anymore) and can thus not be thieved.

10. Trade in alternative currency

Rocks are worth 1gp at the NPC Markets. If you have rocks, trade with those instead of gold pieces. Needless to say rocks cannot be thieved and you can just sell them later on.

*Note: feel free to add more below.

DISCLAIMER: none of the scammer lists posted below are officially recognized by the creator of this thread or the game staff.

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Mr. Addy
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04-05-2010 01:15

If you are dealing with a bigger (Gold Wise) purchase, try and use Trading Posts like Pensaxs for example as it is in a rural area and is hard for thieves to thieve you because of the time consuming auto attacks.

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04-05-2010 01:20

or you could get a small 250 slot house at every tp like i have then go retreive the gold at a later date lol
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04-05-2010 01:27

be careful if youre asked to trade at kinam, franer mines, web haven, pensax or rose castle (and to a lesser extent kanzo and maadi) as these trading posts require you to travel/sail near to or passed cities with a jail (xanso mainly). unless you have the gold needed for the trade already stored at the trading post itself, youll need to carry your gold passed the jails

the time it takes for you to move to the trading posts is more than enough for the thieves to steal from you multiple times when they are bailed out of jail by their friends, only to thieve you again

edit - thanks piscium, its late ;)

Edited on 04-05-2010 01:45
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04-05-2010 01:44

"be careful if youre asked to trade at unera..."
Orange unera doesnt have a tp (i thought you were a guide ) the tp is at kinam, which is very close to unera though, but no jail at kinam

Edited on 04-05-2010 01:44
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04-05-2010 01:46

I would like to point out that Rose Castle is the most convenient place for Pirates to trade Mainlanders.
04-05-2010 01:52

its also worth pointing out that not all pirates are actually pirates ;)
You are now planting 400 Orange seeds.

You have married Redhood !
Redhood killed you at The Outlands 92.

<-- This week i have been mostly... training Strength!
Warrior on Wheels
04-05-2010 13:56

This may work for only a few tp's but not all of them, forthe majority of the tradeposts this tip is useless

Edited on 04-05-2010 15:41
04-05-2010 14:20

good tips there Wyks
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04-05-2010 14:40

Excellent tips and well laid out. Congrats.
FaNgZ RoCkZ!
01-06-2010 14:09

i suggest u guys make a list of all know scammers so people can check before they trade.
01-06-2010 14:18

That list exists already...
Cruz Nairb
01-06-2010 14:22

JLock - I doubt he'll consider anything on that list trustworthy as he has already report a ~DoS~ member as a scammer.

- Cruz
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01-06-2010 14:30

Another decent tip (in combination with storing gold in a house) is that you can leave the trade after it's started, and when you re-start all the items the other person has added are still there.

So basically, store your gold while the other person adds all of his/her items they wish to trade to you, then when it's all ready you withdraw your gold, then you finish the trade. This also minimizes the time you carry that gold on you. It helps to ensure the other person doesn't brb or afk during this time.
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