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02-02-2010 20:17

Syrnian Code of Honour

Many times do we see people complaining about some players and their behaviour. Many times we just see little details that make the difference between a peaceful game-play and a stressful one.
Little 'rules' can be laid down to represent what some people call 'proper manners'.
Most of them are simple, uncostly habits, that make playing this game so much easier.

- Keep your promises. When people are promised something, they are very disappointed when the promise isn't kept.

- Be grateful. When you have been helped by someone, try to help him/her as well.

- When trading, don't change the deal after an accord, or if you have to, make sure that the person you are trading with is ok with it. People can get touchy if a profitable deal has changed into something they don't need/want.

- When trading, always let someone know how long it is going to take you to get to the trading post. There is nothing more irritating than having to sit in one place when the person you are waiting for is miles away.

- When trading, and someone is waiting for you, equip your horse!! It is wrong for you to take your time and gain speed experience while whoever is waiting for you isn't gaining any. You should have a horse in your inventory, to use to reach trading posts, at all times (1k gp isn't too much for anyone). If you don't have a horse or your horse died, let your trade partner know, if he/she wants, they might train their speed level too, or do something else in the meantime.

- When trading, never thieve your trade partner before/after the trade!! This is plain and simple manners. Not only would it be backstabbing, but you gain a very bad reputation and people will stop trading with you.

- In Arch. Caves, sometimes people allow players to join fights against dinos towards the end. Never forget that you have to ask permission!! It is very irritating when you've been sweating to take down a monster with 200hp and when it has 10 hp someone joins and enjoys the spoils, and without asking too!!

- In Arch. Caves, if you have permission to join a fight at the last moment, and you do, return any drops you might get!!

- When applying to a clan, be serious about it. Only try to join clans you really want to be a part of. People don't like it when a new clannie disappears without a word.

- Always let your clannies/trade partners/friends know about your decisions. When you leave a clan, let all your clannies know why, or message the clan leader so he/she can post the reasons in clan forum news. If you are a clan leader and you kick someone, it is only polite to send them a message explaining your gesture. If you cancel a trade, for any reason, let your trade partner know so that he/she doesn't waste time and sit at a trading post with a large amount of money. This includes needing to leave the PC because of RL. A whisper is all it takes, and it saves people a big hassle.

- Confidential means confidential. When people share personal information about themselves or others, it is very rude to tell other people without the permission of the person in question.

- In Forum, serious topics are to be taken seriously. Making a joke during an auction, for example, can and sometimes will disrupt the auction and the item(s) will not be sold.

Just because you are staring at pixels doesn't mean you're not dealing with human beings. Syrnia is a MMORPG and real people play it. This is why education and good manners are always important. Kindness isn't tangible, but it does make a difference when people come here to have fun, and not to argue or get angry with people.
That being said, I hope this post will be useful to players old and new, and that somehow somewhere it might help people get along better

Thank you for reading,

Thunder of The Legion
Mr. Addy
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02-02-2010 20:24

Common sense mostly! Ive been anoyed several times by the "no horse thing"
02-02-2010 20:43

if only members of large clans would follow this.
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02-02-2010 20:48

If only everyone would follow this.
02-02-2010 20:53

What a great post! Thank you Thunder!
02-02-2010 20:56

Valid points Thunder
02-02-2010 20:59

Good post Thunder, i hope it gets stickied

Edit: Thanks for stickying Mods

Edited on 02-02-2010 21:45
02-02-2010 21:31

I agree . Stick this as is!

Edited on 02-02-2010 21:31
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02-02-2010 21:36

nice post indeed.
02-02-2010 23:20

very nice post, and thank you for taking the time to type out a set of very well mannered guidelines.
03-02-2010 06:43

Great post. Vote Sticky!
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03-02-2010 06:52

stick it
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03-02-2010 13:40

when arriving at a arch 2 location and you see me there opening a combo chest.

be polite and leave so i can open it in peace
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03-02-2010 17:33

I just recently got my combat level high enough to go to Arch Caves 4 and I had no idea fighters feel like they own the dinos once the fight starts. Do most fighters really feel that way? I realize everyone there tells others when they find a dino and where it's at... and wait for others to arrive before starting a fight, but when I arrive at that location or log in I tend to jump into the dino fight when I see one going on. So that was rude to do that?
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03-02-2010 17:41

Okay, thank you. Now I know. ;)
My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.
~ Dalai Lama
03-02-2010 17:42

Its always best to ask the progress. Unless you know it just spawned, that person could have been fighting for a while. If they put in the work, they deserve the spoils.

I usually give 'permission' for people to jump in if more than 50% of the Hps are left. Its not really permission since they could still jump in if they wanted to, but I wouldn't care for it (and probably wouldn't cooperate with them in the future). I figure at that point, I'll probably be putting in 75% of the total work and have taken 75% of the damage, its pretty reasonable that I deserve the xp and drop.

I've had someone (who wasn't new to AC4) not ask and jump in when the dino was 2/168, got half the xp and the drop. Offered the drop back which I declined, but was still incredibly rude. Asking avoids those situations tho.
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03-02-2010 23:15

when arriving at a arch 2 location and you see me there opening a combo chest.be polite and leave so i can open it in peace

Yes pedro

Edited on 03-02-2010 23:17
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04-02-2010 12:23

Bravo, Thunder!
04-02-2010 13:33

Quite sad state of the syrnian community when common sense needs to be put in forums and stickied.
Offering lessons in how to grow a backbone. Message Me.

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04-02-2010 13:39

But if it helps a few Newbs (and others) settle into Syrnia in a nice way, then surely that's a good thing Vipers?

Nice Thread Thunder
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04-02-2010 13:52

You think rude players are going to read this and take notice?

*shrugs and leaves thread*
Offering lessons in how to grow a backbone. Message Me.

Rudilyn My wife. Only Woman who will put up with Me

P.S mods if your gonna delete My signature a reason would be nice unless you paid for it?
04-02-2010 14:03

I fail to see why this even needs sticking at all...as mentioned, it's unlikely that the target audience will ever read this and therefore it is pointless. This is as much use as some of my various manuals on how to write a post better. The people who should read them never do.

Besides, these are just how you believe people should act and in a sense, by having it stickied up here its getting other people to act in the same way. You seem to be missing the point of what an "MMORPG" is, the key three letters being RPG. An RPG is a Role Playing Game, and people can play whatever role they want whether it be nice or not, and your code of honour is almost discouraging them from following their own choice of role which might be to play that of a completely dishonest person.

If that is how someone wishes to play the game then thats their choice and I object that this is almost being adopted as a code of law. Note the use of almost which means that some are adopting it.

Edited on 04-02-2010 14:03
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04-02-2010 14:15

Oddly enough, I agree with Calgor on this.

If the target audience truly is the "newbs", Than history has shown us, and continues to show us, that they have no interest in reading more than is necessary to get by.

[2]13:30 randomNewb: Where do I fish at?
[2]13:30 HelpfulRandom: The Manual will answer your questions
[5]13:31 randomNewb: Where do I fish at?
[5]13:31 (Guide): You can fish at Lisim. The Syrnia Manual will tell you all the locations to work at, Also the level required to work there.
[5]13:32 randomNewb: What level to fish at Lisim?

My point is, You can lead a Newb to Water, But you can't make him drink XD
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04-02-2010 14:26

You can make him taste the water though.
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04-02-2010 14:50

Although the version here is full of Syrnian references, its actually nothing to do with Syrnia, its what a friend of mine used to call " game couth ", which should stem from a sense of decency, good manners and common sense within the game world ( any game world ), translating from the real world.

Whilst there are some mildly clueless people that can be guided by this sort of thing ( or maybe those that have been allowed to get away with bad behaviour in other games and think its the acceptable norm ), I agree that the majority of people that *need* to read this sort of thing never will, or won't be influenced by it. They are usually the kind of folks that would need a decent sized sledgehammer to whomp decency and manners into them with any measure of effectiveness.

I don't agree with the premis that " guides " like this are preventing people from roleplaying bad guys though. You have to be reasonably smart to *be* an effective thief, murderer etc. You do not need to have any brains or roleplaying skills at all to be an idiot, a scammer, a rude pottymouth, careless, clueless, ignorant, irritating, whiny, annoying, unreasonably demanding or a general all round pain in the gluteus maximus.

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