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18-12-2009 15:12

On the 24th of December 2009 at 18:00 Syrnia time Christmas celebrations will commence with the opening of Party Island.

You can reach Port Party from Port Senyn, Crab Nest, Burning Beach or Eylsian docks. Just like last year you will be able to return to your originating port via Port Party. However, do make sure you leave Party Island before 23:59 (26th) as otherwise you will be returned to Port senyn or Crabs nest.

In hope to avoid any big expectations (as the expectations seem to raise with every event); Party island celebrations are quite modest this year. As the Holiday lake is frozen by now, we will be icefishing this year. Don't forget to bring your rod and you will be all set to catch some Striped *blue* fish. As usual at Festival Forrest there are plenty of trees to cut and many different kinds of seeds to find. However due to excessive chopping last year Christmas trees will be much harder to find. Furthermore you can create Snowwoman and of course you can sit on Santa's lap and receive a personal present. You might also enjoy just walking around on Party island, as it's been a while.

We wish you and your family & friends a fun packed Christmas period!
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Announcements -> Christmas 2009

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