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17-10-2009 16:28

Dear Syrnians,

We all know the "OL bug" issue has been a "hot topic" lately. In order to clarify this issue once and for all, the moderation team has decided to make a final announcement regarding this.

Firstly, having reflected on the way we handled the situation we are conscious that some mistakes were made, namely allowing it to be discussed on forum and the time taken to make a decision on the matter. We felt that this should be something discussed by all of the Mod team however by the time a decision was finally made there had already been a variety of problems caused by this delay.

This issue was brought to our attention by a few ticket complaints to the multi/cheat department. The players involved in the alleged bug abuse were contacted and their version of what happened was considered - they replied that they did not know the drops were causing lag and that their intention was to lure players into picking up items, giving them more time to attack.

(Note: The number of players involved was not limited to the few names that popped up in the forum and chat.)

While the mod team investigated the situation (trying out the possible flaw), those players were asked to stop dropping items in the OL until a decision was made. After those tests, a discussion took place among the mod team and it was decided that it was indeed ethically wrong and categorised as a bug. While we have seen no more incidents happening, the flaw is still out there. We would need to change how OL item dropping works, this is open for suggestions(!). Options are for example: Disabling user drops, automatically deleting drops older then 60 seconds, limiting the item drop amount per location etcetera.

A public announcement was made - the situation was explained and it was mentioned that any players taking advantage from this from now on would be punished. Regarding the previous players who were doing this prior to the announcement, we made a decision not to punish them - the reason was that there was no possible way to prove that they knew they were in fact abusing a bug. Too many variables make that impossible, such as connection speed, image cache, etc.

We have learned our lesson on our mistakes, mainly allowing public discussion and we'll do our best to optimize our response times in similar situations.

As you've noticed, this topic has taken a front seat in the Syrnian community, thus our decision to clarify it. We have been extremely tolerant in allowing it to go so long, but there is no more need for it - you know the whole story.

Please feel free to discuss the OL issue however any further accusations against the Mod team/players involved in this historic incident and/or the actions taken against them, will now be subject to punishment.
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Announcements -> OL issues

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