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02-08-2009 05:57


I formatted my computer and after reinstallation of firefox(last version availible) and Greasemonkey, Greasemonkey do not work. I tried on my old comp and the scrypt still work.

Do we need a specific version of firefox in order to make it work?

Moderator edit:
Simply put, M2H has not granted permission for these Scripts to be used in his Game. Some of them are innocent enough and they are fine, but others are totally unknown quantities and as such have not been given the clearance.

This is what M2H has to say about 'user scripts':-

#We are disallowing ALL greasemonkey scripts. Most of them are currently still very nice and harmless, but too hard to draw a line. Also, if we allow *some* scripts, this will invite and encourage players to use and create more harmful scripts.#

#We will not be punishing all old script users just yet. But from now on we will not allow people to link to the scripts and tell them it's not allowed.#

02.8.2009 19:52
Mr. Addy
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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Help -> Greasemonkey

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