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08-07-2009 22:21

First of all: We hope you're all enjoying, (or about to enjoy!), your holidays!

The initial results of the focusgroup meetings which took place a while ago have finally taken shape. The first result of these meetings will be released in the form of a new high level island near Kanzo. We expect this new island will be discovered in August/September.

We have noticed many fansites are doing their best to provide the players of Syrnia with the best possible guides to assist players in discovering the many secrets Syrnia holds. We certainly appreciate all the effort the players take to make those fansites and therefore we are planning to provide an "API" to a selection of webmasters.
This will provide fan/community websites with easy and lightweight access to Syrnia information like highscores and maybe even player profiles (gear/stats/signature etc.). We will of course keep player privacy in mind by allowing players to have the option to enable or disable player profile visibility. We will release more details about this in August/September.

We would like to apologize for the delays in the answering and solving of bugtickets. We are currently in the process of reorganizing the bug (ticket) department and have started going through all open tickets. We hope to have the bug department running smoothly by August/September and are aiming for as close to no unsolved bug tickets as possible.

Due to popular demand we will now allow players to change their name. Make sure you Choose your new name wisely as you will only be permitted to do this once! Obviously changing your player name will not clear your personal record regarding previously received punishments. All namechange requests can be sent to the multi/cheat department where the names will be reviewed first to see if your newly chosen name is appropriate and not too close to an already existing player. (Send ticket to cheats/exploits/multis)

Last but by no means least, some special news for all those flower collectors amongst you: All the flowers that appeared to go missing lately due to excessive use of horses, have been replanted and can be found again whilst walking on the roads of Syrnia.
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Announcements -> Happy holidays!

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