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06-07-2009 13:12

This is for those who have never seen nor read this and those
who may have, long ago. This story contains some legendary
players, some still around, some lost to the mists of time.

Thanks to TIW for allowing me to repost this story.

Topic: Chapters 1 & 2
Chapter 1: Abu, the Scourge of Syrnia

In its essence, Syrnia was a peaceful land. For, the gods of old saw fit to create a land of opportunity and prosperity for the downtrodden people of the world. They forged together the great magics of love and prosperity, and created the majestic isles of Syrnia. Trees sprouted from the barren plain, fish swam freely through the seas, and the creatures of the realm seemed to be at peace. Syrnia was a paradise. Yet, it seems that even paradise cannot escape the corruption of evil. For, in Outlands, a great sanctuary of peace and prosperity, there stirred a great evil. At OL 92, the very point where the old gods left the realm, there stood a swirling column of mystical energies. The great vortex was a sight to behold as it towered fifty feet above the region, and was surrounded by endless gardens of wildflowers and shrubs; however, this was about to change. For, on the other side of the massive vortex, lingered a great demon lord who longed to be free from his prison. Not much is known of the Darklord Abu, but one thing is for certain, he shook the very foundations of Syrnia with his arrival.

It was a crisp, cool night in Outlands. "Perfect weather as always," Jaques murmured to himself as he stood guard of the swirling light of magic. Jaques and his comrades were the last of their kind. They were sentinels, warriors ordained by the old gods to keep watch over the vortex, and protect all of Syrnia in the absence of the almighties. They were only a band of four; however this same group of four had defeated armies of hundreds, for they were skilled in the fine art of slaying. "Jaques," Artemis called,"come now its almost ten o'clock and you need your sleep. Let Raines or Greives take over your post." The old warrior's words were true. Jaques needed rest, but that would mean that he would have to return to his dreams. "No, I'm fine, really." Jaques never had a skill for lying. "Been having those dreams again?" Raines asked as he moved into Jaques' position.

Jaques looked troubled, he just knew that this time when he turned his back on the vortex, that something bad would happen. "Don't worry boy." Raines comforted, "Everything is fine; go now, you need your rest." Reluctantly, Jaques started to walk away from his post and towards the camp. "I swear, every single night its the same ordeal." Raines threw his hands up in frustration, "Quit your worrying boy! Have we ever had a problem with this thing so far?" Raines inquired; pointing at the vortex. Jaques began to walk faster now, trying to escape Raines' constant baggering.

Jaques stared at his armor as he walked; he loved to gaze at the green hue upon his armor created by the vortex's mystical energies. "Wait a sec," Jaques whispered to himself, "it was green right?" Jaques quickly turned and hoped he had made a mistake due to lack of sleep. As he cast his gaze at the vortex, he saw that it wasn't green, but a dark red. "The color of blood," Jaques thought as he yelled for Grieves and Artemis to come to the vortex. "Don't worry boy," Raines replied, "probably just a shift in the mana." "Dont worry," Jaques thought, " dont worry? Dont worry?!" That was Raines' explanation for everything. "What the....." Artemis was speachless at the sight of the color shifting vortex. "Raines! Get away from the vortex now!" Jaques was almost trembling as he shouted. He feared to know what could do this to the holy exit point. "Quiet boy!" Raines shouted back, "Don't worry, its nothi-" Raines' scolding was prematurely interrupted by a sinister laugh coming from deep inside the vortex. "Heh heh heh," the dark voice groaned, "You fools!" The head of a great demon began to emerge from the column of dark red energies; like a bird is hatched from an egg. "I will claim you all." The dark lord emerged from the vortex, stepping foot on solid ground for the first time in ages. Jaques quivered in fear as he saw the great beast come forth from his dark prison. He had seen this demon before; this demon was the reason he didn't like to sleep. There was no stopping the scourge now, for, Abu had arrived.

Raines was his first victim. He didn't even lay a hit on the mighty demon, for one swift blow to the temple was enough to slay the veteran sentinel. Angered by the loss of their brother in arms, Artemis and Greives charged Abu in a valiant effort to slay the mighty beast. It was child's play for Abu, for his coming had left them stunned and shocked. Their battle senses were degraded, and the might of Abu was known to Syrnia as he slew its mightiest champions. Greives fell first from a slash at his throat. Artemis, however struck a blow to Abu in an effort to avenge his fallen comrades, but this only earned him a swift lancing to the stomach. Only Jaques remained. He looked at his fallen comrades and heard their screams as their painful deaths came upon them. "Damn you vile creature!" Jaques raged as he fought back tears, "you have slain my brothers, and now you will pay the price of their blood!" "Bah! You fools could not even pose a challenge to me, for I am Darklord Abu, the scourge of all that lives! Your friends will fall before my might, and all will be purged by my hands!" Upon hearing this Jaques could no longer contain his rage. He gripped his iron axe tightly and rushed towards Abu, focusing all his efforts into slaying the mighty demon. Abu was prepared for the attack, however, and quickly moved his shield into position to block Jaques' axe. However, the strength of the young sentinel was greatly underestimated as Jaques knocked Abu back with his blow. Again and again, Jaques continued to knock Abu back towards his firery prison. Abu was puzzled as to the power of this mere human, "You have potential," Abu hissed as Jaques continued his attacks, "you could prove to be useful to me." Abu quickly threw Jaques back to break the momentum of his attacks. "Now, fool, focus all of your hatred and rage towards me, and succeed where your pathetic friends have failed!"

New power surged through Jaques' body as he heard these words. He was now a vessel of rage, nothing mattered except the death of Abu. His face cringed as he summoned all of his strength into one final battle charge at the great demon. Abu saw this coming, however, and quickly ducked out of the way. Jaques missed Abu, leaving his side wide open to attack. Abu seized this oppurtunity and thrust his axe into the young sentinels side. "No...," Jaques thought as he fell to the ground, "it cant end like this......not yet." Abu pointed his bloodstained axe at Jaques, "You are dying, fool," Abu chuckled, "However, drink of my blood and become my servant and the power to live will be yours." Jaques' mind began racing; he was losing blood and didnt wish to die. His whole life he wanted to be the best warrior so that he could protect those he loved, and now it seemed that Abu's offer was the only way to continue that dream. The young man still radiated with hate. Hate, he could feel it move throughout his body like a storm. Yes, hate. If only he would have been strong enough in the first place, it would not have come to this. Power, he needed power. If he drank the demon's blood he would lose his soul, but if it gave him enough power, perhaps he could avenge his fallen comrades.

Jaques' mind was becoming cluttered with thoughts as Abu cut his wrist and offered Jaques the wound. Almost without hesitation, Jaques drank of the dark elixir. Instantly, he could feel the demon power surge throughout his veins. Abu quickly withdrew his arm so that Jaques would not taste too much of the power. "Now, fool, prove your loyalty to me," Abu took Artemis' blood stained helm, "and drink from your former allies. For, their blood will serve you well." Abu's face formed an evil grin as Jaques unquestionably began to carefully fill the bronzed medium helm. "Now, who is your master, noob?" Abu hissed as Jaques held the helm; now filled with blood. "Darklord Abu commands me. It is by his will alone that I will purge those from this world who are unworthy." Jaques stood there a moment as if to contemplate what it was that he was about to do; then, he tipped the helm up to his mouth and drank away the last of his humanity. "Good," the dark lord was satisfied. "Now you just need a proper name. From now on you will be known as, Belial. For, you, my dark warrior, will be the vessel of death through that which all fear is felt." "Yes, my master," there was no trace of humanity left in Belial's voice; only obedience. Abu was pleased with his young apprentice, ready to die for what he fought so bravely against. However, he knew that other dark servants would be needed to make all of Syrnia bow before his mighty power. And so, Abu set off, throughout the isles of Syrnia, searching for those that would beseech his great power, and serve his vision of domination.

It did not take long for Abu to find others to join his cause. He found KeNn, the legendary miner, deep within the mines of Rynir. Muaat, the great fisherman of ages, was found by the lake in Lisim. Azzie and Slygo, the smithing brothers from Endarx, proved to be worthy additions as well. Manda, the great barterer, was given dominance over all trades. Not all, though, needed to be wooed to the dark side of the mana. For, the great warriors Ozymandias and Beefian, gave their souls up freely to ensure Abu's long lasting reign of terror. Gathered at the foot of Abu's great altar at OL 92, the dark warriors hailed the mighty beast, and vowed to serve his insatiable lust for power. History was about to be writen, for the Dark Warriors clan was founded, and all of Syrnia would tremble before their might.


A Tale of Syrnia

Ch. 2: A Union is formed.

Over the years, Syrnia saw an influx in people. The streets of Remer soon bustled with the activity of the newer arrivals. Rynir's vast supply of raw ore made it a suitable place to erect the first mine of Syrnia. Rile, with its peaceful shore and serene meadows, hosted the first school of learning for the aspiring builders and traders. Lisim's lake proved abundant in lesser fish, and served as the home to many of the aspiring fishers. The pests in Valera were gathered and contained in the massive ancient courtyard, which would later become known as the training grounds. Merchants erected shops in an effort to make a profit off of the meek. Builders soon became in great demand as well, as the people sought refuge from their weary lives and wished to store those things most dear to them. Syrnia had become an industry it seemed. However, in the midst of the developing economy there were those that remained constant. The Dark Warriors ruled the realm with power dominating over all the lessers. Manda sold his supreme battle equipment at Valera to those who could afford the higher quality. KeNn found another who shared his mining passion in Xghostx. The young one had become a formidable miner of the Dark One's will. SaucyWhopper cooked the fish that the great Muaat, fisherman of ages, so steadily supplied. Lawan took up arms against those that would reject their order, along with Ozymandias and Beefian. Belial had become a master of death, as this was his weapon of fear against those that would not submit to the Dark Lord's rule. The young apprentice had become a vessel of his will, and lived solely to ensure Abu's lasting reign of terror. The Dark Lord gathered his warriors at OL 92, the centrepiece of his massive throne, and they hailed in the coming of The Age of the Dark. Now was their time. For, The Dark Warriors commanded much power, and most had felt it, but the final sweep to ensure domination was about to begin. The wheels of fate were turning as the Dark Lord's plan was put into motion, and yet betrayal was in the air. For, there was one, only one of The Dark Warriors who was not satisfied with Abu's plans. He would have to bide his time, and take his chance when it appeared. For, he was to only get one chance. One chance for victory over that which he had helped to so steadily build. One chance to gather those stalwart enough to combat this great evil. One chance to thwart this great plan of mischief. One chance for betrayal. One chance to kill, Abu.

'This was a bad idea! This was a bad idea!! This was a bad idea!!! This was a bad idea!!!' Arenlor's mind was racing, as he was trying to make it to the destination point. "I can't believe I signed up for this," he muttered as he looked back to see if he was still being chased. No sign of anyone. Arenlor was at the iron mine at OL87 when he was accosted by a dark enigmatic figure. 'Surely that was The Dark Lord himself,' he thought as he tried to keep his feet moving. He was happy to see the two stones just a few feet in front of him. "Not too much longer now," Arenlor, now gasping for breath was relieved. He looked back and still saw nobody. Arenlor slowed his pace, "Well, I think...I think I lost him." He let out a sigh of relief and relented to a brisk walk, "Hah! He couldn't even keep up with me, some 'All Powerful Monster' he is." Arenlor chuckled to himself as he closed in on the stones. He looked back once more, and still saw no one. "Pffft 'Great all powerful Lord Abu' couldn't even keep up with a poor pathetICCCKKK-" Pain ran through Arenlor's body as a sharp blade was thrust into his back. The Dark Lord was known for his ability to hunt those foolhardy enough to venture from the relative safety of Senyn. Abu's axe dug into Arenlor's back, as the Dark Lord leaned in close to Arenlor's ear. "-fool." Arenlor squealed an agonizing scream only making the demon's lust for blood more unquenchable. "Arenlor!!" Two warriors who had been waiting in ambush behind the rocks, emerged only to find that their friend was soon to die. "Bah, Liljoe and Blessit! You fools thought that you could ambush me?! I am The Great Dark Lord of Destruction and you pathetic mortals will be my prize," Abu exclaimed as he thrust his axe deeper into Arenlor's back producing another horrific scream of torment. "No!! Abu you will die today I swear it!!" Liljoe was enraged at this horrific scene, and the two warriors readied their weapons and charged the Dark Lord, in an effort to save their beloved comrade. It was too late, for by the time they joined the battle, Arenlor was dead. Abu threw his body at Blessit, the weaker of the warriors, and fought the axe wielding veteran, Liljoe. Liljoe attempted to take the Dark Lord down with a single full sweeping blow, however Abu's shield stopped the assault easily. "Bah, you fools are not worth my time." Abu swung his axe towards Liljoe's shield and knocked the veteran warrior back. At that moment, Blessit saw her opputunity to do punitive damage to Abu and thrust her two-handed sword at the demon's stomache. Abu caught sight of this attempt and turned slightly avoiding the tip of Blessit's sword. Blessit's eyes grew wide as she saw the Dark Lord facing her side, effectively countering her attack.

Fear began to rush through her veins as she immeadiately pulled her sword into a defensive position. Abu raised his blood-soaked axe above the woman's head and swiftly swung down on her. Blessit pushed her two-handed sword against Abu's mighty axe in an effort to stall the inevitable. Blessit was powerful, but Abu's might could not be denied. Liljoe, regained his senses and quickly rushed over to help his beloved. Seeing this, Abu thrust his shield into Blessit's chin effectively knocking her unconscious. "No!!!" Liljoe screamed as he swung his axe at Abu's shield. He wished to punish that shield, the shield that protected the demon, and the shield that had dealt his precious wife a blow. Repeadetly he tried to drive his axe through the demon's shield, and repeadetly the Dark Lord countered Liljoe's attacks. In the midst of Liljoe's last assault however, the Great Demon saw an opening. Abu quickly swung his axe on Liljoe before he could deal another blow. The axe struck hard, and buried deep into Liljoe's shoulder. The veteran warrior fell to the ground, uncapable of moving from the intense pain. "How the..." Liljoe began to ask. It wasnt supposed to be this way. Arenlor was supposed to run between the rocks, then he and Blessit were to destroy the beast as he passed. 'It was a perfect plan,' he thought as he laid motionless on the ground, 'but now we are a good as dead. First Arenlor, then Blessit, and now me.' Tears began to swell in the warrior's eyes as his thoughts began to overwhelm him. Abu stood and stared at the familiar situation. He looked at Arenlor, the unbeliever who thought he could out run the mighty Abu. Blessit, who was foolish enough to try to trap him. Finally, Liljoe, the one who planned it all. Abu was satisfied at his victory, and walked over towards the newly defeated warrior. Abu raised his steel sabaton and pressed it deep into the wound that his axe had made. "Argh!!! Vile beast, what is it that you want? If you wish to kill me then do not delay, make it qui-Argh!!!" Abu pressed deeper into the wound now. "Silence, fool! This will not be your grave today. You will find your way back to Sanfrew," Abu grinned as he looked down on the confused Liljoe, "however, you wife will pay for your trespasses here today. Her blood will be spilt as a warning to all of those who wish to oppose me. Let it be known that The Great Lord Abu will show no mercy on the unbelievers!" After saying this he pressed again on the now gaping wound in Liljoe's shoulder. Liljoe tried to resist the pain, but was too weak to fight. The world around him was turning black, and he had not the will nor the strength to fight it. For, he had lost all that he held dear today, and vowed to somehow kill Abu. He had to find a way, or the weight of Blessit's death would stay on his shoulder's forever. Seeing Liljoe broken, Abu pressed down one final time and let Liljoe fall unconscious from the pain.

AWH was thriving. TIW looked upon his clan with great pride. His vision of honor and justice throughout the world would soon be realised it seemed. "My, lord," Bakur bowed as he spoke to the iron-clad warrior, "this came for you while you were away." TIW took the parchment from Bakur, "Please, Bakur how many times must I tell you? There is no need to bow. We conduct ourselves with honor, and bow to no one. There are no exceptions. Do I make myself clear?" Bakur quickly straightened upon hearing this, "Yes sire, perfectly clear." "Good, now go and perform your duties." Bakur quickly left the room, as TIW read the scrawled piece of paper. It read:

"Greetings TIW, Clanlord of the honourable Ancient Warriors of Honor faction.

I present to you a chance to change Syrnia like none other has before. If you are interested in guiding Syrnia to a destiny beyond that which no mortal could comprehend, and cast down the tyrants which have plagued our lands for so long, then meet my associate, Kenny666 in Eully two nights from today at midnight."

TIW looked at the letter for a moment, trying to fathom what this great honourable service could be. His eyes glanced for a moment at the signature at the bottom, "With much humility and respect, Liljoe" TIW was dumbstruck, what could a veteran warrior such as Liljoe need with him? "I guess we will see in two nights." TIW shrugged as he made the preparations to head to Eully.

It was a peaceful night at Eully market. The moonlight reflected dimly on TIW's armor as he made his way behind the grand bazaar. Bakur and Zeth had accompanied him as an official counsel on the matter that was to be discussed. "Hmmm, Where is this contact of Liljoe's?" Zeth inquired as the group closed on the last building. "I don't know, Zeth. Apparently, he will find us." Bakur suggested to Zeth. As if hearing this, a figure emerged from the shadows of the last building. "Arm yourselves, a thief approaches." Zeth was ready to defend his sizeable amount of gold pieces from anyone, or die trying. "Zeth," TIW scolded. "There is no need for that." The figure approached the group. He was clad in iron, and wore a crush velvet blue cloak as to hide most of his features. "TIW, I am Kenny666. My master requests your presence. Please follow me." The figure began to walk along the side of one of the smaller buildings that seemed to have been abandoned for quite some time. TIW, Bakur, and Zeth followed the enigmatic figure in the abandoned building into a small lightly lit room. "Greetings, TIW." Liljoe stood as he spoke as to offer the warrior a proper greeting. "Please have a seat, we have much to discuss." TIW followed through with the request, as Bakur and Zeth stood behind him. "You must be wondering why I have asked for your presence here tonight," Liljoe paused a moment as to read TIW's reaction to the statement. The ancient warrior leaned in a bit as Liljoe continued. "We have a golden oppurtunity here. We can change the course of Syrnia and cast down those who oppress us. All that has to be done is tear apart what has already been built, and we can build a new Syrnia. One free of pain and torment. One where everyone can work to shape the destiny of this fair world. One where-" "Sorry, Liljoe." TIW spoke with authority to the veteran warrior, "no disrespect, but get to the matter at hand. What is it that you are planning to do, and why is it that you have summoned the AWH council to this meeting?" Liljoe paused for a moment, puzzled at what the ancient warrior was requesting. "Very well then, I'll get right to the point. It is no secret that we are oppressed by The Dark Warriors clan. They use their power to force their beliefs onto others, and slay those who would speak against their evil doctrine. They must be stopped." TIW's eyes grew wide as he put the pieces together, "You dont mean-" "Yes," the veteran warrior cut TIW's statement short, "War." "War with DW? How do you plan to conquer them? Its not possible." Liljoe looked disapointed to hear this news, "Oh, but it is. You see, we have convinced other clans to join us in our battle against DW. LOD and Bloodmasters have already agreed with many more clans to follow. A big number of clanless people have joined our ranks as well. We have all joined forces to become Union, the mightiest of the mighty, and now we ask that AWH join our ranks as well to finish the preparations for war." TIW was shaken. There was no possible way that one clan could combat against the Dark Warriors and be victorious. He had fought against the Dark Warriors many times before in honorable duels. He had seen how they were ruthless, emotionless beings living soley for the purpose of serving their vision of total domination.

"Tell me Liljoe," the ancient warrior was still confused on the subject, "What is the benefit of helping you in this war?" "We become free from the oppressive tyranny that DW has instilled, of course," The veteran was confused at TIW's question as if the answer was too obvious to miss. "But wouldnt you do the same to ensure that everyone did their part to benefit all of Syrnia?" TIW's real question was clear. He wanted to know Liljoe's ultimate plans for Syrnia. Liljoe did not hesitate with his answer, "No, I would not." "And what assurance do we have of that? Assuming that we could defeat DW in their sanctuary with this clan that you have built." TIW's face remained emotionless, like he was trying to call a bluff. "You have my word and that will suffice," the veteran warrior was becoming annoyed at TIW's line of questioning. "Your word? Come Liljoe, we all know of what happend to Blessit those months ago. I grieve for her as well, but I am not ready to start a war over it. I see no honor in this, just a petty man's quest for vengance!"

"This has nothing to do with Blessit," a voice from the shadows exclaimed, "This has to do with The Dark Lord Abu and his blood thirsty tyrannical rule. Do not make the assumption that this is about something as petty as revenge!" The figure emerged from the shadows as he spoke. He was clad in black steel armour from head to toe. A dark aura seemed to enshroud the monster of a man. He walked over towards TIW with confidence, this was a man who had killed many before and would not hesitate to take the ancient warrior's life as well. "This is about what one man can do to stem the dark tide that approaches." TIW's eyes squinted a bit as he tried to figure out who the dark warrior was. Then the answer came to him in a rush full of emotions, "Belial!" "Yes, I am known by that name to many," Belial stood in front of TIW looking down on him, "We will conquer all of The Dark Warriors. I have taken a vow to never rest until they are hunted down and exterminated." "Now you see TIW?" Liljoe spoke with a renewed confidence, "We cant lose this war, for we have the one that no sane person wishes to fight. We have the very power of Abu himself at our beck and call, and we will use it to smite him!" TIW could not deny such an advantage. He looked back at Bakur and Zeth to see their thoughts on the matter. Bakur was shocked, however made it perfectly clear that he would follow the ancient warrior to the ends of the earth and back. Zeth was just stunned at this turn of events. His face was that of one who had just witnessed a miracle and who is waiting to fully grasp the effect. TIW turned and faced Belial this time, "Very well dark one. AWH will join with your group and help you fight this war. My axe is yours to command, may her swift blows and sharp edge be enough to strike down those that would oppose us." A sinister grin came across Belial's face. He was satisfied with this turn of events. Soon it would be time for him to strike down the Dark Lord and pronounce himself Lord of Syrnia. Soon it would be time for his war. Soon the evil ones would pay.

Weeks had passed after AWH joined Union. The new clan was barely holding together. It was obvious that this clan was formed for war and nothing else. Without battles they grew restless and often sought means of entertainment outside of their training. They were a sloppy bunch, even with the devotion and discipline of the former Ancient Warriors of Honor, they were not much more than a broken rabble of adventurers seeking their chance to battle DW. Abu knew this and was pleased. "These unbelievers should prove good entertainment for us," he addressed the Dark Warriors, "Let them come, for we will force our power unto them! There is none that can withstand our might! For we are evil incarnate and they are fools who would dare reject our vision of dominance! Let them come to us, and try to match our might. For, the Outlands are our sanctuary. It is here that we will show them that we will not be denied our vision. Syrnia is ours and it will forever stay that way. Go now, my Dark Warriors, and let the world know of our magnificent plan for them all." At these words, the Dark Warriors spread throughout Syrnia to press their power onto the meek. The righteous plan of subjugation had begun, and The Age of the Dark had come about. None would be able to withstand the insurmountable power of The Dark Warriors, and those that did dare to revolt would be executed quickly. So decreed The Dark Lord Abu, and his will would not be denied.

"Come men! The hour of revolution is upon us. Ready your arms and go forth to strike down the evil ones!" Liljoe's words roused the men's spirits. They had been stuck in Senyn for quite some time, and hadn't tasted battle in ages. Piranhattack was especially ready to return to battle. He lived for the taste of combat, the taste of blood. It was said that he never washed his axe in an effort to ensure that his opponent's blood would never leave his sight. He longed to kill, and a chance to kill the best warriors of all of Syrnia he immediately took. Liljoe confronted the rag-tag bunch once more, "Today is the day that we have our revenge against those that have oppressed us for so long! We will throw down evil and fight to ensure that Syrnia's fate is decided by us, not by those who would abuse this great power! We will set out and claim victory in the Dark One's sanctuary, and finally the ancient wrongs of the past will be righted!" The group of warriors cheered for Liljoe and his exclamations. They were ready to fight for any cause and this one seemed as good as any. TIW paused a moment before heading onto the boat to talk with Liljoe before the great battle, "So that is your decision then?" The veteran warrior looked puzzled at TIW's question. "To fight for vengeance and not for honour." "Dont start with this lecture again TIW," Liljoe was annoyed at the warrior's steadfastness on the subject, " the victory will come either way. What is the difference in how or why it is fought?" TIW was greatly saddened by Liljoe's response, "The difference is found in the victory, Liljoe. If you will not lead these men into battle honourably, then I can no longer fight for you." "What are you saying TIW? That you wish to be left out of the future of Syrnia? Then fair thee well warrior, and be on your way," Liljoe's apathy for TIW's code of honour was more than obvious to the ancient warrior. "Very well then, I give my battle group to Piranha, may he serve your ideals better than any other." On that note, the ancient warrior watched as Liljoe loaded his boat and departed for Outlands so that the great battle may take place.

"Mighty Abu," SaucyWhopper knelt as he approached the Dark Lord, "A ship from Senyn has docked at OL 1. We believe this to be an attack group from Union. What would you have us do?" Abu looked at the Dark Warrior for just a moment, then turned away, "Stay here. Gather the warriors at the base of the citadel, and prepare for assault." "Yes, Dark Lord, but wouldn't Belial be able to-" "No," Abu commanded, "you can handle this. You have your orders." "Yes, Dark Lord," SaucyWhopper promptly left the room, so as to not agitate the demon that he swore his life to serve. Abu looked out from the top of his citadel towards OL 1, "So, this is how it is to be? Then may this be an example for all of those who do not share our vision." The Dark Lord laughed as he gazed into the distance, ready for the group to assault his fortress.

"Come this way," Belial's voice was emotionless despite the coming slaughter, "We will not split into two groups, we will stay in one group and over power their forces to make our way into the citadel." The group acknowledged the command from the evil one and proceeded towards their destination. Eager to fight they marched behind the mighty warrior who would otherwise be their opponent, until they came to a hill right next to OL 92. "Stay vigilant, for the dark citadel resides on the other side of this knoll. They will likely be awaiting our arrival, so make yourselves ready now. For, there will be no time for thinking when the battle starts. If someone falls in combat, then let them. Stay focused on your opponent, and fight your best. Do not fail me my warriors, for the future of Syrnia rests on your shoulders." Belials words inspired the men. Even Raveholtxp couldn't wait to get into the action. With these words of inspiration, the group charged forth from behind the barren hill. The great citadel stood proudly overlooking the sanctuary of The Dark Warriors, and remained the war group's main objective. The group moved against it as lion darts after its prey. The battle for destiny had begun, and inside the massive citadel, Abu the Lord of Darkness was lying in wait. Ready to do battle with the one who's betrayal had come full circle.

"Look, there they are," Beefian was almost ecstatic at the chance to kill more people, "Come let's charge this group and show them the might of The Dark Warriors!" The group led by Beefian, began to move swiftly towards Union's attack party. Ozymandias, Lawan, SaucyWhopper, and Muaat stood ready to slaughter this pathetic group of warriors which had come to thwart their evil designs. Ozymandias moved against Piranhattack, who led the assault. SaucyWhopper and Muaat teamed up against the veteran warrior Liljoe, while Lawan moved to intercept Mida_Veel. Beefian chose Raveholtxp for his first victim. It was easy prey he thought as he moved towards the inexperienced warrior. Raveholtxp was nearly shaking at the sight of Beefian as he tried to deal a blow directly to the dark warrior. Beefian easily countered the attack and began to swing his vicious axe towards Rave's throat. As Beefian swung his axe, he caught sight of an attack out of the corner of his eye. It was too late however, as Belial's axe struck the dark warrior's armor knocking him to the ground. Belial then moved against Lawan, easily casting him to the side as he did Beefian. He passed the stunned warriors, and made his move on the citadel. SaucyWhopper and Muaat both guarded the entrance against Liljoe, and saw Belial coming. A look of confusion washed over the dark warriors' faces as they realised who now led the assault. Muaat left SaucyWhopper for just a moment in an effort to drive Liljoe back, but that was just enough time for Belial to crash his shield against SaucyWhopper. Belial took this oppurtunity to invade the citadel, and quickly made his way to The Dark Lord's chamber. His vengeance was at hand and finally, after all these years, he would be able to strike down the great beast. He would be victorious and all of Syrnia would be his to control as well as the power of The Dark Warriors.

Abu turned as Belial entered the great hall of torment. "So, you have come to kill me," The Dark Lord hissed as he gazed upon Belial, "What have you to say for yourself, betrayer?" "Betrayer?" Belial answered, "You forget my oath, Abu. I swore that you would regret ever fighting the sentinels that guarded these lands. I swore that I would avenge my fallen brothers, and I will hold true to that oath, no matter what the costs. Your vision of Syrnia is out of balance with that which was already instilled. You will die here today, and you will regret the day that you ever fought the sentinels!" With these words, Belial readied his axe and moved against The Dark Lord. His first blow was met by Abu's shield and thrust to the side. Abu took this opportunity to knock the stalwart warrior off balance with a swift kick to the stomach. "You pathetic fool! You think that an unbeliever such as yourself could match the power of The Dark Lord of Destruction? You coming here was a mistake as you will soon see. For none may resist my might, I force my will unto all, and slaughter the unbelievers who would infect the world with their heresy!" Abu's axe came crashing down in a thunderous blow met by Belial's shield. Belial took a step back to prepare for his next assault. He remembered his hate for the Dark Lord. He remembered how Abu slaughtered his brethren with ease, and then laughed at their pain as they died their slow torturous deaths. Belial shook with hate as he lunged towards the Dark Lord axe in front of him. As if remembering the same mistake Belial had made before, Abu swiftly moved to the side, and readied his axe to pierce the unbeliever's midsection. This time he would not offer life to the dying. He would torment the fool to the end and laugh at his screams as he suffered at his feet.

Belial was ready for Abu's move however, and in mid-lunge thrust his axe into the side of the great beast, wounding him significantly. The Dark Lord let out a roar of pain as he stumbled back from Belial's attack. Belial quickly seized the opportunity, and swung his axe again at the Dark Lord, striking his chest in the process. Abu's steel plate was now damaged and covered in the dark one's blood. Belial gripped his axe tightly as he raised his arm and made ready to deal the final blow. Finally, his vision had been realised. Finally his dream of vengeance would be known. For he would be the new Dark Lord, and all would bow before his will. Finally, the great beast had been defeated. Belial swung his axe down onto Abu's face, however it was met by the dark one's shield. Abu was enraged, with his carelessness. It would be the last time he left such an opening. Abu swung his axe as he blocked Belial's blow. This time the edge of the dark one's weapon struck its target. Abu had buried his axe into Belial's side, nearly crippling the stalwart warrior. Abu then thrust his shield into Belial's chin knocking the betrayer back in the process. Moving with the momentum of his attacks, he quickly thrust his axe into Belial's neck. Belial fell to the ground, as the life began to seep away from him. Belial gazed up at Abu and tried to muster the strength to curse the Dark Lord for all eternity, but could not utter the words. The life was fading from him, The Dark Warriors would surely win the battle outside, and his vision would not be realised. The Dark Lord moved to the now defeated Belial, "None may refuse my will. For those that do will die a most horrible death, and in your last moments of life you will learn the price unbelievers pay." With these words, Abu thrust his axe into Belials chest to match the wound that the warrior had given the Dark Lord. Belial's face twisted in agony as he tried to let out a scream of pain, however his strength had left him and he could do nothing but watch as the Dark Lord hacked away at his now useless body.

The Dark Lord grinned as he saw Belial's face of misery and confusion. He always enjoyed it when the fools he killed couldnt believe that death was upon them. The might of The Dark Lord of Destruction was put to the test today. He laughed with this victory, as none would dare oppose him now. Finally, it had come full circle, and the betrayer was silenced. Abu turned away from the suffering heap of flesh, and gazed down at the battle below. His Dark Warriors had swiftly dealt with Union's attack group and were now in pursuit of those that had lived. The might of The Dark Warriors couldnt be denied. They would dominate all, and slaughter the unbelievers who would infect the realm with their heresy. Abu gazed on the vast barren plains that had become Outlands. An evil grin appeared on The Dark Lord's face as he uttered the words that would be remembered throughout Syrnia for all ages, "Hail DW"

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A Tale of Syrnia: Ch. 3
Child of the Light

Syrnia's economy was thriving. Steel equipment made its way into even the most common of denizens' hands. Though the Dark Warriors' monopoly on many resources were being challenged, they still held firm. For, with Union's defeat and the betrayer silenced, an unprecedented age of darkness enveloped the land. Many of Union's own stalwart fighters succumbed to the temptations of The Dark Lord, and pledged themselves to his will. As if almost sensing the true Age of the Dark was nearly upon them; the ogres, lost an eternity ago in the barren Outlands, made their presence known once more. Hordes of monsters began to attack the cities of Syrnia in force and even the elves seemed to become more volatile. There were even rumors that pirates were massing somewhere at sea waiting to attack Syrnia's not so peaceful shores. The Age of the Dark was nearly upon the land and the Dark Lord's vision of total domination was within his grasp. The ancient god M2H, who had been lying in wait after the demon's reemergence from his prison, did not plan to let this come about. He planned to find the one chosen to stem The Dark Lord's slaughter once and for all and aid him in anyway possible. He would have to bide his time, but if he could be quick and keep him hidden from The Dark Lord's sight until the time was right, M2H would have a chance for victory. This would be an apocalyptic battle for all the realm; for every prayer for freedom would soon rest on the Chosen One's weary shoulders.

A loud, painful roar emanated from the depths of the cave. The small chains hanging from the great beast scraped against the floor as he swung his club hard onto his opponent. The mighty swing was brought to a stop by a steel two handed sword. The great beast dwarfed the red-cloaked figure; and yet the mysterious fighter effortlessly blocked the coming onslaught. Without a moment's hesitation the fighter gave a quick, forceful push to the towering bonebreaker and pivoted on his heels; sword in tow. Before the ogre could react, a mortal wound was inflicted on the great beast and his rage subsided. Since the ogre cave had become known to Syrnians, many fighters had plunged their depths in an effort to steal what valuables the ogres treasured. This bonebreaker was but one of hundreds who had died defending his home.

The warrior stood above the lifeless corpse and removed the club the ogre had fought so bravely with; foolish, but brave. 'Another good day,' the warrior thought as he began to search for another to fight. This he was infact not a he at all. For this warrior's title was The Black Widow. Koolkitty, as she was known in Union years before, was the first female to ever be admitted into The Great Dark Lord's service. Her brutal lethality both on and off the battlefield earned her that right. Some whisper that she could even be more sadistic than The Dark Lord himself, but that was just in speculation. She wore a dark red-hooded cape, the color of blood, over her body. From the front, one could see her custom-made black steel armor and of course her weapon of choice; the steel two handed sword. However, such a sight would often come at the price of one's own death as she was as deadly as she was beautiful. Rarely seen unless she was on the hunt, she lived for fighting, she lived for killing, she lived for death. No normal fighter could best her skill with a blade; that much is true. Some had even wondered if The Great Dark Lord himself could stave off his own death if she were to act against him. However, thoughts such as these would forever remain speculation as darkness flowed throughout her veins and death stayed upon her mind; in all its aspects she walked the path of darkness.

Leopaulus, Sesshomaru, and Chad of the Lords of Syrnia clan stood by the entrance to the ogre caves; awaiting the arrival of a fourth. Before long, a dark green cloaked figure made his way around the bend at the ogre lake. "Finally, here he comes," Sesshomaru exhaled, "I do not like just standing around looking like a target." Leopaulous spoke to the cloaked shadow as he drew near, "Any word Kenny? Are we safe?" "She is at the ogre town as is the majority of the rest," Kenny666 said without slowing his hurried pace, "Come let us go before they wish to hunt." After Union's failing, Kenny had created the LOS clan and strove to recruit the best fighters Syrnia had to offer. He had asked for three of his guards to come with him on this mission; and for something as precious as this he had a right to be cautious. For, in Kenny's hidden pocket inside his cloak, he held a key to his most valuable treasures. Long ago, in a vision of great wisdom, he decided to hide the key to his vault on the lightly travelled Elven Island in an effort to keep it out of the hands of thieves and bandits. The only problem with this line of thought was that he had to travel through Outlands whenever the need arose to plumb the depths of his inner sanctum.

"Do you think we'll run into any DW on the way back?" Chad spoke nervously as the group neared Outland soil. Kenny stopped at the very edge of the caves upon hearing the worried voice of his comrade. Without looking back he spoke, "Outlands is the realm of death. This is the only place DW can lay claim to. Their presence is greatest here, but there is no need to fear them. Plans have already been set in motion..." Kenny's words soothed the troubled warrior as the group moved onto the desolate plain. Quickly after seeing Outlands 35 was clear, Leo began to move the well prepared group to Outlands 34; keeping his eyes open for an ambush. Once they came to Outlands 34, Leopaulus began to worry. There was something about the shoreline next to them; it was too quiet. He had expected an ambush by now, surely the DWs in the ogre caves had seen kenny make his way to the entrance; something was not right.

They were beginning to make their way into Outlands 33 when Sess, who was guarding the rear, recieved a blugeoning jolt to the head. The group turned as they saw their comrade fall to the ground, nearly unconsious. "Piranha!" Leo exclaimed as he swiftly moved to help his brother-at-arms, "Kenny, run! There's no telling how many more will come now! Chad, you stay with him!" As if hearing these words gave them unprecedented speed, Kenny and Chad ran towards the designated exit point, Outlands 13. If they could just make it to Outlands 13 they would be safe, for Kenny's boat would take two warriors to Senyn and there they could lose their pursuers in the crowds.

Leopaulus approached Piranha cautiously brandishing his axe. Piranha, now a servant of The Dark Lord after witnessing true power during 'The Cleansing' all those years ago, began to speak to Leopaulus as a madman were to speak to a dog, "Two I shall have today. Yes, you are a fool for not fleeing with your master." Eyeing Leopaulus for a moment, he spoke again, "Yes, you are fit to die here, that you are. Ah, it is my club that speaks to you; for your blood shall serve my master well." Upon uttering these crazed words, Piranha produced an ogre club from one of his many weapon sheaths. Piranha carried every weapon known to Syrnia, yet he only used the ones that seemed to call out to his victims. The club he drew had been stained with the blood of both ogre and man; it was one of Piranha's most favored weapons and he relished the idea of slaughtering more with its brutish ways. Piranha cautiously circled around to Sess's head; keeping Leo in his sights. With supreme swiftness he raised the mightly club above his head and began to swing upon the helpless knight.

"Dont!" Leo shouted as he thrust his axe directly in the line of the forceful swing. A loud crash could be heard as the club vibrated the axe. Piranha, seeing that his baiting had worked flawlessly, slid the club down the handle of Leo's axe and made contact with his opponent's face. Sesshomaru had began to stir now, but Piranha knew his real prize was Leopaulus. Piranha ran towards his downed foe and stood over him preparing another mighty swing. Grabbing his axe handle with both hands and pushing with all his might, Leo battled with his foe in an attempt to avoid his demise. Piranha only smiled as Leo struggled for existance; he knew it was only a matter of time before the warrior's strength left him and began to swing again and again upon the fallen warrior.

Suddenly, a long sword made its way to Piranha's side in a full sweeping arc. Sess had fully awoken and seeing his partner in such a dire postion made an attempt to end the attacker's life. The attack did not meet its mark however, as Piranha caught sight of the swing just in time before it was too late and moved his club into a defensive postion; but it was successful in freeing Leopaulus. Leo hurriedly came to a standing position as Sess repeadately tried to impale his foe on the tip of his longsword. Piranha seemed to be able to read Sesshomaru's every move as he side stepped each jab that was meant to end his life. Now standing, Leopaulus quickly swung upon the sinister Piranha with his mighty axe. Piranha, seeing two blows now coming his way rolled to Sesshomaru's right side, opposite of Leopaulus. During his roll, Piranha grabbed his steel dagger from his waist and, using his own momentum, thrust it through Sesshomaru's plate. The dagger ripped through Sesshomaru's armor as if it were paper, and as he fell to the ground in agony he could feel it tear at his internal organs. "No!" Leo screamed with fear in his eyes, seeing how effortlessly his comrade was taken. Sess screamed in violent pain as he knew his life was about to end. As if hearing the chorus of angels, Piranha emitted a joyful smile as he knelt on the warriors chestplate; letting his own armor dig the dagger in deeper. Leopaulus, shaking with the fear that his own life would meet such a bloody end, began to run away from the horrible slaying. In truth, Piranha had all but forgotten his original prize, but thought it best to let the warrior flee to spread even more fear of the Dark Warriors clan. Afterall, Piranha liked to take his time when dealing death, and Sess still had some strength left in him.

Sesshomaru's screams echoed throughout Outlands, seeming to follow the man who left him to die. Leopaulus could not run fast enough from the bone-chilling sounds as he frantically made his way through Outlands. When he was finally able to flee the horror that would not leave him, he realised that he was lost in this godforsaken place. Leo had fought in many battles before, but Sess was one of the best fighters he had known. If someone so powerful could be slain so effortlessly, then surely DW could not be stopped. Tears began to form in his eyes as he thought upon the terrible torture his comrade was now surely having to bear. He was sure Kenny would know what to do to retaliate. As Leopaulus walked the long 'scenic' route around the realm of death, he put all his wishes and prayers that he live to make it out of Outlands alive.

Kenny and Chad were frantically racing upon the black soil. They had to make it to Senyn alive so that DW would not lay their hands on the precious cargo they carried. Kenny only hoped Leo and Sess would be able to hold Piranha at bay long enough for them to make their escape. '28, 27, 26,' Kenny's mind kept count as they ran. Every breath was bringing them closer to their goal. '25, 24, 2-,' Kenny's mind suddenly stopped counting as he saw who stood before them lying in wait. Muaat, the former fisher turned warrior, and J, The Dark Mage, had been waiting for their arrival. DW had planned well it seemed as they had run right into a trap. Under different circumstances, Kenny would secretly applaud DW's superior tactics and ability for foresight, but this was his life; not some run of the mill fool who thought he could brave Outlands with but a pair of greaves.

Chad, obviously frightened, made his iron mace ready for combat upon seeing the charging marauders. J was decked in full elven and in the like, had his elven two handed sword ready to end Kenny's life. 'Enchanted no doubt,' Kenny thought as he unsheathed his own steel two handed sword, 'we will see who's magic works better today.' As Muaat closed in on the almost cowering Chad, he swung his iron axe at the fresh recruit's shield. Chad had never once been in a battle outside gentle sparring at the training grounds. He had foolishly hoped his duty to the clan would never lead him to an actual skirmish, especially not one with the likes of DW. He remembered his training though well as he squared his shield expecting the blow. It was much harder than he had anticipated and was knocked back a few steps, but kept his ground. Before Chad had time for a retaliation, another made contact with his shield. Another, another, and still one more after that sounded on the warrior's shield as Muaat relentlessly drove the weakening warrior back. 'This is not like the training grounds,' Chad thought as he stumbled trying to block Muaat's powerful blows, 'there they give you time to react. There they tell you all about the honor of fighting. THERE it isnt fighting like an animal!'

J's sword banged against Kenny's as their own fight had begun. Hearing the beating Muaat was giving to Chad, Kenny pushed against J's elven two hand and swiped at his midsection; creating some distance between the two. "So Dark Mage, it has finally come to this," Kenny spoke exhuding a noticably forced confidence, "I have been waiting for this." "As have I, White Wizard," J responded swinging his sword diagonally, aiming for Kenny's shoulder, "For after today Syrnia will have only one true mage!" Kenny dodged the oncoming attack by stepping to the side and chanced a speedy counterattack on J's side as the mage finished his sentence. J caught sight of the incoming blow too late as the steel two handed sword made firm contact with his ribcage. Thanks to his enchantments, the weapon did not pierce his armor. However, the thundering crash was enough to knock the mage off balance and caused J to take a knee before his foe. Kenny seeing his golden oppurtunity for victory, raised his two hand above his head and swiftly began to bring the enchanted steel speedily to J's collarbone. J, seeing the overconfident move before it was in motion, swung his sword with all his might against Kenny's ankles. Neither warrior was in a position to dodge the blows coming at them; this would be a matter of who's weapon could fly the fastest.

Kenny's face contorted into a twisted mass of antagonizing pain before his sword could make full contact with its target; J's elven two hand had hit first. The pain at Kenny's ankles had caused him to let go of his weapon as the mage faced the sky and banged against the barren earth. The steel sword, having lost almost all of its momentum, clumsily bounced against J's enchanted armor. This was it; J had won. The one true mage of Syrnia had finally been revealed; for today was not just a test of physical prowess, but a test of magic. It was subtle, but the effects of a proper enchantment could make all the difference in a fight, and today it surely did. J knelt beside his wounded prize and placed his sabaton on Kenny's chestplate. As he placed the point of his sword against Kenny's adam's apple, J released a small chuckle through his heavy breathing, " has been only one mage shall rule Syrnia."

The banging was relentless. Every blow from Muaat's iron axe felt like it was dealt from a giant. Chad began to panic as he knew his death drew closer and closer. From one of the small glimpses he could take in between Muaat's ruthless beating, he could see Kenny battling with J. Kenny was obviously a better fighter than he; why he had to come on this mission in the first place was unknown to him. Chad witnessed Kenny dealing a blow to J's ribcage. Thinking it was a mortal wound, his panic quickly turned to hope. Perhaps these Dark Warriors could be defeated afterall. Muaat had to be tired after dealing such constant punishment. Chad was fatigued as well, but he felt that since he had been blocking this whole time he had the advantage. Chad made ready his mace as he built up the courage for his retaliation. One hit, two hits, and on the third he made his move. Chad moved his shield to the side in an effort to guide his mace into anything he could hit. His inexperience had shown with this move as Muaat's beatings did not pause. Chad saw the axe veering straight for him and tried to move his shield back into position, but it was too late. Muaat's axe dug deeply into Chad's neck and followed the inexperienced warrior to the ground.

When Chad's body moved its last, Muaat turned to see how J was doing. He saw J hunched over Kenny, muttering some words that he could not hear. As Muaat made his way towards J, he saw the mage suffer the deathblow. Kenny tried to scream, but choked on his own blood as J's sword pierced Kenny's throat. A gurgled moan and the scraping of metal on rock was all that could be heard as the White Wizard slowly died. J searched his pockets and found what he was after, his precious gems. Gems were valued more than gold to any mage due to their extreme rarity. J thought it to be an excellent payoff from his old rival and seeing Muaat through with his opponent, started to head back to The Black Citadel so he could recoup. Muaat stood over Kenny as J began to walk off, and then caught sight of a slight bulge within the dead mage's cloak. The bulge was very slight, but still noticable by Muaat's scavenger eyes. He fumbled beneath the lush green velvet and withdrew a rather large key. Instantly he knew what it unlocked as his eyes grew wide. DW had just received a sizable donation from the man who so steadfastly plotted against them. They would throw a parade through the streets of Syrnia in the name of the deceased so that it would serve as a testament of those that would stand against the darkness.

Leopaulus sighed a heavy sigh of relief as he found his way to Outlands 3. He could smell the salt of the sea air and could hear the waves crash against the rocks. 'Such a beautiful sound,' he thought, 'the sound of peace.' "No, there can be no peace yet, my child," a mysterious figure spoke from behind the warrior, "not until thy role is complete." Leo quickly turned to face this new threat, whipping his axe from its sheath. "There is no need to be alarmed, Leopaulus," the figure enshrouded in light spoke, "I am not thine enemy. Thou art safe here for the moment." Leo did not let down his guard upon hearing these words; DW had used the same tactic before. "Who are you?" Leo forcefully asked. The forcefield of light slowly began to dim as the enigmatic figure made his features seen, "I am M2H, elder god of Syrnia."

"Pfft, M2H is a myth. The gods forsook this realm years ago." Leo scoffed. M2H was dishearted upon hearing these words, but did not let Leo's cynicism set pause to his mission. "Thy heart is special to me Leopaulus. For, thine own heart is enough to eradicate The Dark Lord and all the troubles he has caused. In thine ownself lies much hidden power. Hidden so the enemies of the light would stay blind to your existance. With my touch thou shalt fall, but be made anew and awaken The Child of the Light." A rush of confusion came over Leo as he heard the elder god speak, "You talk of madness! I could not even stand against Abu's lackey, Piranha!" He exclaimed in an effort to explain away the god's claims. "Fear is what stayed thy blade, Leopaulus. Unbridled passion for the meek shall replace thine fear soon." Leo knew this to be true as for the entire fight with Piranha he was scared for his life. Still, he refused to accept that he was the one to dethrone The Dark Lord. "Tell me, M2H," Leo said with an overwhelming presence of sarcasm, "what sort of god is able to grant others power to do what he refuses? Surely, if you are all powerful as you say you could easily lay waste to Abu and all of his dark warriors."

"What place does thee hold to judge the actions of a god?!" M2H immediately asked as if he knew the question beforehand, "I bring thee a chance to save thy people and claim peace everylasting for all of Syrnia and still thine hand refuses out of fear of failure?" A shock of realisation came over Leo as he knew this to be true; just the thought of leading the masses in open rebellion against the DW rule did not sit well with him. If he did accept, and he were to die then there would surely be no hope left. It was a great responsibility and he wanted no part of it. Out of anger this time he spoke, "What sort of a god abandons his own people?" Leo did not wait on a response as he charged the enlightened being. He knew he did not stand a chance, but saw no wrong in joining his deceased brothers in the afterlife. As Leopaulus swung his mighty axe M2H spoke softly, "A choice thou does not have, shed this mortal plane and The Child of the Light be reborn." After uttering these words, M2H softly touched Leo's forehead; his body dropped lifelessly to the ground. "Now the wheel is turning," M2H softly spoke as if he were whispering to a sleeping babe, "Spread knowledge of thy true self to only thine's most trusted counsel, for The Dark Lord has many agents at his disposal." After these words were uttered, a flock of seagulls that had been resting on the shore behind one of the many boulders, took to the skies. It was a magnificent display for the light. For, finally the champion of peace would soon arise.

A great celebration was held throughout the isles of Syrnia to commemorate the Dark Mage's triumph over his long time rival. Remer, Dearn, and even Menzo island were bustling with activity as the late Kenny666's body was paraded throughout all the land. DaveClarke and Edam, two of the demon's most prestigious royal guard, were charged with the care of the carcass; allowing onlookers to view the body, but not get too close to their precious cargo. Lilzar, The Master of All Skills Known, guided the wagon that pulled the corpse through each of the cities of Syrnia. Gelgarin, The Prince of Nature, with all his wisdom stood atop the dark chariot preaching of The Darklord's unholy righteousness and the failure of the foolish one who stood against him. J himself did not follow the parade, however. Though he continually spoke of his might for having slain the only threat against his dominance in the skill of magic, the study of his chosen field called to him. He had returned to Penteza, home of the elves; and under the tutelage of the elvish archmage, he hastily trained his skills in an effort to unlock the hidden secrets of elvish magic.

Many of Syrnia's citizens had made an effort to witness the horrific display. Some were left in amazement that the Dark Warriors would be so bold as to openly flaunt their ruthelessness. Most were angered with the display and wished to see the Darklord's end even more. Yet, for all it served as a warning to what happens to those that stand against the force of the Dark Warriors. Fear spread throughout the realm as word reached the far corners of the land and the might of Darklord Abu could be felt. His dark warriors were mighty, even when challenged they seemed to prevail; and though with the anger it bred, it seemed this display of victory served to instill fear in many of the enemies of darkness.

However, the great display of dominance was not to end here. For, in the hidden alleyways of Harith, one of the dark warriors strayed from the rest of the group. Muaat combed the shadowy pathways turning over the key he had discovered within Kenny's cloak. He knew what it had unlocked. For it was well known throughout the underworld that Kenny had become somewhat of a miser as of late; saving most of his riches in a secret place. Now, after searching many towns within the land, Muaat found himself searching the alleys of his most unlikely of guesses. The poorly constructed housing of Harith would not make for a likely place to hide such valuables, but then again it would not be the first place anyone would look. Muaat had seen nothing special and was about to abandon his search of Harith and head to Lisim when he saw it. A white mark, no longer than a man's finger, had been made on the doorstop of one of the buildings. No doubt made by the deceased White Wizard, Muaat had reasoned upon stepping closer. Slowly, he inserted the key into the iron lock and began to turn.

At first, the key did not budge, but after readjusting the old key, he found a more pleasurable outcome. The door unlocked and almost instantly Muaat turned the handle. With the force of a returning champion, he swung the mighty oak door open and gazed at the riches within. Kenny had expected to return soon apparently as no attempt to hide his goods had been made. Not that the attempt would have succeeded, for in front of Muaat's eyes laid enough jewels and items to rival that of the collective riches of the Dark Warriors themselves! Almost as high as the ceiling steel armor had been piled. Crates upon crates of cooked fish, enough to feed an army, were found within the housing's many rooms. The collection of precious gems for enchanting seemed to be limitless as Muaat searched the house. Anything, everything that was known to Syrnia could be found here in massive quantity. Muaat's eyes grew wide as he gazed at the amount of riches that were shortly to be taken to the black citadel. It was well known that Kenny was not a poor man, but it was never suspected that he would have been so rich. It was clear to Muaat that Kenny had planned on something to happen. For, not many people collect enough supplies to support an army and not wish to use it.

With the discovery of Kenny's hiding place days after his defeat in battle, the Dark Warriors rejoiced and happily spread the dark word of Abu throughout the land. All of the dark ones, even Abu himself, made appearances to the three isles and spoke of their glorious riches at their enemy's expense. Even Maditude, the dark miner who had become a worthy apprentice of KeNn, displayed his limitless supply of mining equipment. None of the dark warriors remained silent as they took the chance to force their dominance into all of the people's minds.

Fear and anger grew more rapidly within the hearts of Syrnia's denizens. For, rebellion against DW was foolhardy before, but now, seeing as their supplies were more than doubled, it was idiocy. Not one syrnian who valued his life dared speak of open rebellion against The Darklord's rule. Nobody it seemed, save one. He had not been there long, but upon the streets of Sanfew a mighty warrior strode. For days the one known as Leopaulus had wondered if what he had seen was a dream; and then the news of Kenny666's death had reached him. Knowing this, he knew it was no dream and upon hearing of DW's newfound riches, Leo could clearly see what it is he must do. DW had grown far too powerful to be allowed to continue unchallenged. He knew what M2H spoke of now, he knew it was time for a force of righteousness to come to power, and he knew without a doubt that The Darklord's reign had come at an end! He would need a band of great warriors to aid him in his endeavor. Like a pack of wolves they would descend upon those that would oppress them and liberate the downtrodden people of Syrnia. 'Yes,' Leo thought as he began the walk towards Lisim, 'a pack of wolves.'

"Come at me you vile beasts of putricity," Keck yelled, "this infestation has gone on quite long enough!." Keck was the leader of The Gods of Syrnia outfit and had placed it upon his group to cleanse Endarx of the horde of rats that had invaded. For, several months after The White Mage had fallen, rats broke free from their holding pins in Valera and stampeded towards the nearby city of Endarx with malicious intent. Keck swung upon the horde of diseased beasts and slew three in a single swipe. 'Three out of thousands,' he thought as he looked upon the fallen city. "Astaroth, how're things holding on your end? Your group having any problems?" He yelled to the warrior not far behind him. "Not in the least, good Keck," Astaroth said as he gutted the vile creatures with his longsword. "We're making some headway on this front. Hopefully soon we can free the city of this threat." The rats, bred for combat, were easily three feet in length and weighed nearly as much as a full suit of armor. Their teeth could tear through most armor that some of the more common smiths could produce. Though they died quickly, in vast numbers they could easily overrun the mediocre defenses of any town. Almost the entire TGOS clan had shown to save Endarx from its devious invaders. Even Zeek, one of the two co-leaders and by far the quickest of the clan, had shown up to put her shortsword to use; Astaroth was the other co-leader. TGOS was known as the biggest group of people in all the isles of Syrnia. Close to a hundred people called the clan their own, and nearly all of them were fighting at the invaded city.

The thousands of rats that had invaded Endarx were soon reduced to hundreds and not long after vanquished. After the battle, the people of the town were thankful and sung their praise to the valiant warriors that had freed them from the putrid monsters. "Today was a good day for the glory of TGOS," Astaroth said to Keck as the group of people began to disperse. "Yes," Keck agreed in a slightly troubled manner, "it was a good day and now the people of Endarx are free." Keck began to move throughout the city, allowing his gaze to take in the many blacksmith shops that had gathered here over the years. He relished the victory and the praise his clan had recieved, but still something troubled him. TGOS had grown bigger than any clan in Syrnian history and some even said that no clan would ever be a match for his throughout the ages. He had never required much from people who wished to join. People of all types and kinds had been allowed to enter his service and as such, they were difficult at times to control. Keck knew that the organization and discipline shown today was not a common thing, and to reproduce such an act again would be near impossible. It was infact this disorganization that was the reason why the clan had been allowed to continue. For, The Dark Warriors kept a close watch on all the dealings within Syrnia and would have seen a large force such as TGOS as a threat had they been capable of launching attacks with surgical precision.

Keck smiled at Astaroth who had a look of concern for Keck's tone. Keck turned away from him before he could ask and glanced towards Zeek as the trio began to walk towards Eully. He knew the agents of The Dark Lord were around him. He knew there was no hiding from the evil one's eyes and had even grown suspicious there were spies of DW in his clan to monitor its development. Keck knew that Abu would know of the rare organization shown today and was troubled as to whether The Dark Lord would see this as a fluke or as the clan developing into a formidable fighting force. TGOS could not defend themselves against the might of DW if The Dark Lord chose to label them as an enemy. They would be quickly slaughtered if they were not given protection from the evil ones. Keck thought much on this as the group travelled towards Eully. Astaroth and Zeek could tell he was troubled, but had also learned that he was best left alone during the times he was deep in thought. Keck's mind was quickly brought out of its trance-like state, however. For, when the party reached Eully they were greeted by someone Keck had not ever again planned on seeing. Leopaulus, clothed in magnificent steel armor with a dark green cape hanging from the back of his plate, greeted the entourage with open arms. Keck eyed his old friend over with a look of astonishment and spoke, "Last I heard, you were attacked by four Dark Warriors on a trip through Outlands. I had feared that you shared The White Wizard's fate. It does me good to see you alive my friend." After saying this, Keck moved closer to embrace his friend, and noticed the small white letters on the corner of Leo's breastplate; "WP". "Tell me," he said, "how have you fared during your absence?" "It was three," Leo mentioned with a loving smile, "and I have fared well these several months. Ive come to speak with the three of you. Come, we need to find some place hidden so that we may discuss important matters in private."

"So Elzar, hows the waters at your end?" Spindoc yelled over the waves crashing on the side of his small fishing boat. "Just fine where I'm at, I wouldnt trade places for all the world," Elzar bellowed his reply while steadying his boat against the rocking waves. "Well, my spot is horrible!" Spindoc exclaimed to his rival. A loud chuckle could be heard coming from Elzar's small fishing boat. He of course knew Spin was lying as the pair had been scanning relatively the same spots the entire day and well into the evening. It was common for the two rival fisherman to exchange playful words as they continued to reap the harvest of the sea. AverageJoe had led the fishing industry for quite some time and the two fishers had long ago set out upon the Syrnian seas in an effort to change this. Over time, it developed into a race of who would topple AverageJoe's hold over the industry first. Elzar was actually the younger of the two friends and Spin, at one time, had happily shared the secrets of the ocean with his partner.

The two rivals had worked together in LOS before and had supplied Kenny with many of the fish that he had secretly stored away. Upon the mage's death, and the disbanding of the once proud clan, the two soon-to-be-great fishermen found themselves without a leader to follow. Elzar followed Leopaulus, and became a servant of the greater good of which he so strongly spoke. Spin, however did not follow his old friend. He feared that the greed of Leopaulus would one day rival that of Kenny, especially with all the warrior's talk of this grand scheme to liberate the isles of Syrnia. Spin had been a slave long enough and, unlike his old friend Elzar, chose to serve no one but himself. Still the bonds that were formed in LOS remained, and the two rivals' friendship was not allowed to suffer during this transition. Their friendship made the rivalry between each other that much more intense and at times they seemed to be more interested with surpassing each other in fishing prowess instead of AverageJoe. They knew each other's habits and could predict one another's move almost flawlessly. It was an even match and to all who watched such things, it was obvious that both were gifted in the art of attaining fish. In the end, however they never forgot their main objective. AverageJoe knew the waters around Port Senyn very well. Almost every spot around the port was known to him as well as many of the schools of fish.

His expertise in the fishing industry was legendary. For, what made him a legend was the fact that he was one of the very few Syrnians who could boast of beating out the Dark Warriors in a given field. He exploited key spots that DW did not guard and soon was seen as a savoir of sorts when he surpassed all others including DW with his ability to attain fish. For, the battle of resources is what wins most wars and often serves to lower the morale of others that cannot match what their enemies have gained. The Dark Warriors' supply seemed almost limitless, and though their fishers were among the best of Syrnia, they never could seem to close the gap AverageJoe had made. Spin and Elzar, however, had discovered a secret that everyone else had not. Working together, they helped each other develop their skills and increase their knowledge of the sea surrounding Remer. They worked together to invent a new style of fishing that seemed to acquire fish more speedily, and with their knowledge of the seas continually growing, it was apparent to all who watched that AverageJoe, even with trapping his spots so that his rivals may not use them, could not stave off the two up and coming fishermen.

"Beowulf! Hexon! Stay sharp with these elves," Bull stoutly commanded to both of his clanmates, "let's show them the power of DohW!" With these words of insipiration, the trio marched throughout the fields outside of Penteza. The evening sun shone forth beautifully upon the plains where the rogue elves resided. The three and only members of DohW were hunting the most vicious of elvenkind. If luck held out, they would not return from this journey empty handed. The clan DohW had been founded by Bull. Unlike most clans, DohW's goal did not stop with just attracting members. In truth, Bull did not wish for many members at all. DohW was created in order to give the truly fearless out of all of Syrnia a home. These members were more than just fighters; they were also their own cooks, fishers, and thieves. They took it upon themselves to do what was neccessary in order to become fully self-dependant. If they could not attain what they needed by looting the many corpses they produced, then they would steal what they could from close by shops. Bull, Beowulf, and Hexon were known throughout the land as some of the most rutheless Syrnia had to offer. Some had even accused DohW of being in league with The Dark Lord; however those suspicions were put to rest as time and time again the three members of DohW rejected DW's authority and attacked all who crossed their path. Having no love for The Dark Lord's authority, and yet continually refusing to swear an allegiance to any sort of opposing power, the members of DohW were a wildcard at best. They did not seek to rule Syrnia, but sought to make a name for themselves by attacking The Dark Lord's servants, along with the servants of the almighty god M2H. One thing was certain of their intentions, however. They intended that no man, woman, or child ever rest too easy throughout the isles of Syrnia. No one was safe, whether it be because of Abu's influence or that of their own doing; they intended that not one person in Syrnia, not even themselves, could let down their guard.

The Dark Elf's eyes glowed a sinister red in the twilight of Exella Plains. The DohW trio had surrounded the vile creature. It seemed that it was the only one who hadnt surrended into hiding in wake of the three cruel fighters; upon this bloodshed battlefield, it was difficult to determine exactly which beings were horrible monsters who lived to feast upon the flesh of the fallen. For, the members of DohW knew nothing of the restrictions of honor. The Dark Elf knew the time of its death was at hand; there was simply no dodging it. For, he was surrounded by three of the most rutheless fighters in all the land. Hexon, the young prodigy of Bull, stationed himself at the creature's left side; ready to strike with his steel scimitar. Beowulf, a veteran warrior with quite possibly more battle experience than Bull, remained just behind the Dark Elf's right shoulder. He did not wait to kill the monster, but for the moment when it would cause the creature the most pain. Bull himself stood directly in front of the Dark Elf. His goal was to antagonize the creature of the plains into an enraged and sloppy attack. His plan had of course worked flawlessly, the Dark Elf raised its elven two-handed sword above its head and began to swing with all its might upon Bull's body. Bull merely smiled; there was a plan at work here. Before the two-handed sword could come crashing down upon Bull's shoulder, Hexon's scimitar cut through the Dark Elf's wrists. A roar of pain escaped the Dark Elf as it began to fall backwards; unbalanced. Beowulf decided that he would aid the creature's descent and drove his axe into the small of the monster's back. The Dark Elf now layed at Bull's feet, writhing in pain. Bull's attention never parted from the two-handed sword the elf still weilded. Using the creature's chest as a step to steady himself, he bent over and ripped it from the creature's now deformed hand and began to deal the deathblow; suddenly, however, there was a mighty roar in the distance that commanded the trio's attention.

The ground of the plains shook as the roar grew ever louder. Beowulf and Hexon quickly readied themselves for the coming threat as they gazed towards the mountains; a giant was on the loose. Bull left the dying elf to his fate and began to move towards the raging roar. They could hear the footsteps of the giant now; it was like thunder. Most fighters and even whole clans would have vacated the area surrounding the plains at the smallest sign of a raging giant. However, the three members of DohW highly anticipated a chance to cause yet another creature pain. "Come Beowulf and Hexon," Bull spoke as the trio made their way to the mountains, "We're in for a long night tonight. For, this night, we hunt giants!"

The moonlight gleamed upon the backalleyways of Eully as four leaders found themselves in a familiar shop conspiring about a familiar plan of action. "No!" Keck shouted, "Leo are you mad? Or just plain stupid?" Leopaulus could do nothing but feel compassion for his long time friend. Afterall, he was asking much of his former ally. "My friend," he spoke with a calm, quiet confidence, "the time to focus on overexaggerated foolishness is over; your fear of the Dark Warriors blinds you." Keck again spoke aggressively, "I am not blinded, we both know what Union went through and they were actually aided by a former Dark Warrior! It has been proven many times that any and all attacks made against the dark ones are useless! I will not subject my clan to suicide!" "What is it you truly fear, Keck?" Leo's voice had become firm and commanding, "Do you fear your own death? Or perhaps the death of every TGoS member weighing upon your shoulders?" Leopaulus paused a moment. A gentle tear fell down his cheek as he continued, "Think of all those who have already died because we have done nothing....think of every death that could have been prevented...think of all the suffering that must come to an end. Think...think of the wrongs that must be righted..." Leopaulus could continue no more. He could feel the very core of Syrnia; twisted and mangled by the grasp of the Dark Warriors. He could feel the suffering of the land and could see how polluted it had already become.

Zeek267, who had remained silent up till this point, rose from her seat and entwined her arm in Leopaulus'. Rubbing his shoulders, she softly spoke, "He was a good friend, Leo. It was not your fault.." Leo quickly snapped out of his moment of guilt with Zeek's words. The memory of Sesshomaru's death was like a stabbing wound at his soul; he did miss his comrade greatly. "It was a different time Zeek," Leo responded as he cleared his eyes, "the wheel has already been put into motion. Now is the time we must act to ensure the remaining syrnians' future." Keck, who had been studying Leo's movements, crossed his arms and breathed a heavy sigh. "Astaroth?" He asked in a genuinely troubled voice. "Yessir?" Astaroth anxiously replied; truthfully he did not wish for Keck to ask his opinion of this. "Do we......" Keck paused a moment to let out another burdening sigh; he could not believe what he was about to ask, "Is our army in such a state that it would be prepared to go to war with the Dark Warriors?" Keck was careful with phrasing his words. In truth, he was asking Astaroth for a way out of this; any way. "As they are right now, I would not think so, sir, but with Leopaulus...Honestly, I would say so Keck." Astaroth's words seemed to create an invisible boulder upon Keck's shoulders as the leader of the Lords of Syrnia seemed to bend at hearing them. Keck eyed Leopaulus once again; one thing he could admit was that Leopaulus seemed to exude an aura of calm confidence with his gentle motions. "So be it," Keck spoke as if he was a defeated king, "The Gods of Syrnia will march with you, Leo. What is this plan of yours?"

Vigilante's frantic panting could be heard as she sprinted through Outlands; or tried as best she could. 'She is out there,' Vig thought, 'somewhere, waiting; hunting.' Vig's mind began to race with fear as she drastically tried to evade the huntress of the shadows. 'If only this damn leg would move,' she thought, 'then I would be able to outrun her!' Vig had gotten clipped shortly after entering Outlands. This was The Black Widow's favorite technique. She chose to drive her victims mad; stalking them as their minds raced to a panicking frenzy while trying to outrun the huntress. It was the fear she loved; the fear of death, the fear of her. "Come out!" Vig shouted as she waved her bronze longsword in the air above, "My foot may not be of use to me, but my sword shall find its target!" The Black Widow emitted a cold lifeless smile upon hearing these words. Hatred was often the last resort of a dying person.

It was a cold, dim night in Outlands as Koolkitty glided from boulder to boulder with a certain deadly grace. The hunt had gone on long enough she felt as she made ready her black steel two handed sword; it was time to end it. Vig, still waving her sword in the air frantically, shouted once more, "Why be scared of a poor defenseless woman? Show yourself murderer and I will end your corruption once and for all!"

Upon hearing these words, Koolkitty made her move. She was quite a beauty to behold as fluidly she graced the ground with her deadly footsteps one after another. She went into a full sprint, ever silent so that she may catch her prey off guard. Vig heard but a whisper of a sound from behind her right shoulder and sharply turned her head in the whisper's direction. What she saw was not the so called murderer hunted by many, but death and darkness itself. Koolkitty's red-hooded cape trailed behind her as she swiftly made her way towards the "defensless" girl; sword ready to thrust. Vig's eyes grew wide as she realized death would soon be upon her. She had but two choices now; either drown herself in the beauty of the terror before her, or pray to the elder god M2H for salvation. For, the end of her life was but moments away.

Hastily, Vigilante made an effort to block her opponent's thrust with her shield, but it was too late. She felt the cold, black steel pierce the ribcage below her right arm; death was now unavoidable. Vigilante screamed in antagonizing pain as the sword was driven into her flesh to the hilt. Her body was lifted off of the ground with the might of the forceful thrust; by then though, life had already left her. Koolkitty removed her sword and gazed at her opponent lying lifeless in the dust. "Foolish girl," she said as she striped her body of all its valuables. 'Another fool who thought to brave Outlands alone,' she thought as she slowly turned her back to the body, 'this is my realm.' Her thoughts were true to many as even the most talented of warriors could not deny her skill. Death and destruction were her chosen weapons as pestilence and decay were her closest council. For, this was Outlands; the realm of The Black Widow; the realm of DW.

Koolkitty stood with her back still turned towards her fallen opponent; listening quietly to the soft breeze. She wished to resume her hunt for more prey; however a feeling she had, persuaded her to remain here for a moment. She watched her surroundings intently; something just didnt feel right. After she delivered the deathblow to Vigilante, she could have sworn that she heard an unnatural noise. It was barely audible; just above a whisper, but she knew it was there. Most warriors would have blamed it on the wind and so would she if it weren't for this feeling she had. There have been rumors of a "ghost" in Outlands; a shadowy figure that hunts any who are foolish enough to venture into the barren wasteland. Koolkitty never invested much into rumors, but if someone else was foolish enough to be here, she would be sure to end them. She listened intently as the wind played upon its surroundings; rolling over the rocks in front of her, rustling through the armor of her prey, twisting through the thirsty shrubs growing near the shore, bouncing off of the-'There!' she thought. Koolkitty immediately began sprinting towards her right; she had most assuredly heard an unnatural noise coming from a large boulder. It was the unmistakeable snap of clothing in the wind; whoever was there had just made their last mistake.

Koolkitty rounded the boulder on its farthest side from her. She had figured that if someone would be trying to sneak past her it would have been the best spot to begin an open sprint to freedom. To her disappointment, when Koolkitty arrived on the far side she found no one. Her eyes immediately began to scan the ground in order to track her new prey. A blue iron axe caught her attention. It was obviously old, showing signs of years of wear and tear. Pieces had been chipped away from the blade due to constant use, the bloodstains were covered in dirt, and the handle looked as if it would break with another swing of the weapon. What mainly drew her attention to it, however was how it had been carefully leaned against the boulder she stood by. It was an odd tradition for one to strip a corpse of its valuables and leave the weapon; usually that would just get sold along with the rest of the deceased's possessions. 'Perhaps it will fetch a few gold pieces at Eully,' Koolkitty thought as she bent over and grabbed the weapon. She resumed scanning her surroundings when she noticed something she had never noticed before; there were no tracks. This caused her to pause for a moment longer. She was certain that she had heard a snap coming from this location and the wind was not blowing hard enough to have erased footprints from the sand. She continued to search for any sign of disturbance to her surroundings, but to no avail. "Hmph!" she scoffed, "Run if you wish. You cannot hide forever." Saying this, she began to hunt towards the shore; it was the most likely direction one would take if they were trying to avoid a confrontation. She would make several more trips through before returning to the citadel for the night, if someone was indeed out here, she would find them.

The waves crashed against the hull of the boat as it left Port Senyn. Leopaulus faced the coming winds confidently as it slowly made its way to Outlands 1. It had been months since that secret meeting in Eully. The Gods of Syrnia had merged with Wolf Pack to form Syrnia's Royal Army. Leopaulus had unanimously been voted the leader with Zeek by his side. He had changed noticeably over these past few months as now he was unafraid to carry everyone's hopes upon his shoulders. No one questioned his steadfast dedication to his goal to rid DW from the land. He had successfully rallied together every member of SRA. The masses of Syrnia, however, had thus far been left untamed. No matter how much time he spent campaigning across the lands, he could not convince them to join him. That is why Leopaulus was on this boat. He realized diplomacy has its limits and that no amount of preaching against the tyranny they suffered from would convince them to place all their hopes and dreams upon his shoulders; the people required action. He would give the masses something they had never seen before. Today the tables turned. Today he himself hunted DW!

Leopaulus unsheathed his axe as the boat neared the shore at Outlands 1. As soon as the boat touched shore, he sprinted towards his destination. He knew Dark Warriors would be in the area near the citadel and began looking for any signs of activity as he quickly made his way through the desolate plains. Outlands 7, 8, 9, 10, no signs of activity; still Leopaulus kept moving. Nothing would deter him from his goals today. For, today he made his stand. Either he died in defense of justice, or he made DW pay for their oppression. 'May M2H bless me,' he thought as he quickened his pace.

11, 23, 24; still nothing. Leopaulus could not slow his pace. For the longer he stayed still, the longer he ran the risk of being ambushed. He continued along the path towards the Ogre Caves when suddenly he caught sight of three unmistakeable figures just a few spots ahead of him. Ozymandias, Lawan, and SaucyWhopper were moving together. It was obvious to Leopaulus what they were doing. SaucyWhopper had a need to move to the Ogre Caves; this was an escort party. Leopaulus smiled as he now crept as silently as possible towards the party of Dark Warriors. A sight that would turn away most any group, he openly welcomed. As Leopaulus crept closer he could see Lawan was in the lead with Ozymandias guarding the rear. This was by far a rare sight, he needed to be cautious so as not to alert his opponents too soon; surprise would be his advantage in this fight.

Leopaulus crept ever closer as the group made their way to the caves. He was now in rushing range; he felt the time was right to bring the fight upon the unsuspecting trio. Adrenaline rushing through his veins, he remembered all those who stood against DW and failed; now the time has come to decide if he would join his brethren in the afterlife or succeed in his mission of justice. He paused only a moment as if contemplating the measure of his actions thus far; and then he was off. As if moving with the winds themselves, Leopaulus sprinted towards the closest Dark Warrior, Ozymandias. Lawan and Ozymandias immediately recognized the sound of clanking armor and turned to find Leopaulus almost upon them. It came as a shock that anyone would dare openly confront them in their realm. "Saucy! Make for the caves! Now!" Lawan shouted as Ozymandias began to unsheathe his iron axe in order to be ready for his coming opponent. SaucyWhopper instantly began to rush towards the caves; no sooner than he passed Lawan was Leopaulus upon them. Before Ozymandias could unsheathe his axe, the full weight of Leopaulus came crashing into him; sending him to the ground. Leopaulus' momentum ensured that he stayed afoot as he quickly sidestepped the fallen DW and began to rush the next one. As Ozymandias struggled to his feet, Lawan defended against Leopaulus' relentless attacks. One after another they came, the next one seeming more powerful than the other. Lawan, who had been able to make ready his iron longsword and shield, attempted to block Leopaulus' attempt to end his life. The two Dark Warriors were disoriented; Leopaulus' ambush had worked perfectly.

Lawan's shield held true as he was able to withstand Leopaulus' every blow. He pushed against the attacks as they made contact. Little by little, this tactic was causing Leopaulus to lose the momentum he gained by taking them by surprise. Leopaulus knew this and hearing Ozymandias rise to his feet and begin to move towards the fight, he needed to act quickly. He couldnt lose momentum in this fight, he needed to rid Lawan of his shield. Quickly, Leopaulus dropped to his knees and swung upon Lawan's knees. This move was totally unanticipated by the Dark Warrior; he could not react in time. The force of Leopaulus' attack crippled Lawan's left leg as the Dark Warrior began to fall to the ground. Keeping his axe in full swing, Leopaulus turned on his knees and crashed his axe into Ozymandias'. Leopaulus leaned forward as he swung upon Ozymandias, forcing his opponent into a defensive position. With each swing Leopaulus began to rise to his feet and move forward. Ozymandias had no choice but to step backwards with each attack to lessen the force of the blow. Leopaulus could not be stopped, his quest for justice had now turned to blind rage. Ozymandias, however, was able to block every incoming attack with his axe; it was obvious that he was well trained in combat. Seeing that no amount of attacks upon Ozymandias' body could get through, Leopaulus lowered his target. Ozymandias of course moved his axe to protect against his midsection when Leopaulus began his swing; this of course was a costly mistake. For, Leopaulus' swing came short of Ozymandias' midsection, but found its way to the Dark Warrior's hands. Leopaulus could only smile as he heard Ozymandias scream in pain; it was a sound he had waited so long to hear. As Ozymandias struggled to maintain a grip on his weapon, Leopaulus quickly swung upon him again; this time aiming for Ozymandias' neck.

As Leopaulus swung, there was nothing his opponent could do to stop him; he was still in shock from the pain in his hands. Leopaulus' confidence swelled as his axe made contact with Ozymandias' neck; effectively severing his spinal cord. 'Yes!' Leopaulus thought as his axe followed the Dark Warrior to the ground, 'One down!' He now turned his attention away from his motionless opponent and set his sights on Lawan. Lawan was still struggling to move; his left leg was almost completely severed. The only thing that seemed to hold it in place was his iron leggings. Leopaulus placed his foot on the hilt of Lawan's longsword and allowed his axe to softly touch his opponents adam's apple. "You deserve no less vicious Dark Warrior. Let it be known that the Child of the Light has come to end your tyranny," Leopaulus spoke in a calm, commanding voice. Lawan attempted to respond to such a declaration, but Leopaulus would not have it; his kind had poisoned enough of Syrnia already with their words. Leopaulus quickly pushed his resting blade against Lawan's neck and effortlessly cut his throat. He stood over his dying victim listening to his faint, gurgled moans of pain. Leopaulus could only smile as he listened to the Dark Warrior die beneath his feet. He succeeded in his plans today, he showed that the Dark Warriors could be defeated; he had given Syrnia an ample demonstration of his resolve.

It did not take long for the news of the deaths of the Dark Warriors to spread throughout Syrnia. Leopaulus became an instant legend and gained ample support from the masses. Syrnia finally had hope against their tyrants. Complete freedom, it seemed, was within their grasp. The blow DW suffered from Leopaulus' ambush was a grievous one. For, no one had ever before been able to come close to slaying any of the Dark Warriors. It was an unprecendented act of war against them and DW soon turned all their efforts to ensuring that it would not happen again.

The Great Hall of Torment was filled with the screams of tortured souls. Dark Lord Abu had ordered that every soul that entered the Outlands was brought to him alive for a personal interrogation concerning the recent events. If he could not gain any information from the random travellers of Outlands, he would relieve his frustrations upon them. The sounds of his last victim had stopped only moments before Muaat rushed into the hall. "Abu!" Muaat knelt in the presence of the Dark Lord, "There are reports of someone coming towards the dark citadel." Without turning to face his underling, Abu commanded, "Send out the hunting parties. See to it personally that his travels stop there ...permanently." "Yessir," Muaat uttered as he rushed out of the room. Abu was furious, two of his best warriors had been slain; he was still unsure about the third since SaucyWhopper had failed to make contact with the rest of DW. He needed details of the force he was facing, how many there were, who exactly was involved, and how they were able to ambush the Dark Warriors so easily. In an act of frustration, Abu thrust his fist into the wall next to him; he was tired of not receiving the answers he wanted. "I do not think they will find anyone Dark Lord," a voice uttered from behind Abu. Abu quickly turned; he recognized the voice, though it was not a Dark Warrior. He caught sight of a figure hiding in one of the room's dark corners. "Explain yourself now or prepare to die!" Abu angrily shouted as he made his way to the shadow-cloaked figure. "I hear you are in need of information regarding the recent deaths of two of your members," the man spoke as he began to move from the shadows revealing a smile upon his face, "Tell me Great Dark Lord, what do you know of the Child of the Light?"

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