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24-06-2009 11:03

As some of you may have seen, we did a test earlier in world chat. The test was this:

[2] 10:46 (Mod)Moderator: Testing..

We're bringing back the moderator voice for a trial run. We're quite aware of the feedback given over this and weighed the pros and cons over this. We feel that it is possible for us to use this voice again and have come up with some guidelines for usage.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Should you feel a Mod is not appropriate in how they are using the voice then please submit a ticket so we can verify what happened and handle it accordingly. The department to send the ticket to is the game information department.
2. We will be using the voice to warn as needed and we will announce when a player is muted. However we will not say how long a player is punished nor will we state the reason.

We're still working on updates for the game. This is a separate matter that was under discussion shortly after we put up the discussion thread about it and read your responses. We are still working on that and we don't classify this as a game update.

Edit: Minor clarification
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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Announcements -> Mod Voices

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