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15-04-2009 11:03

"In order to help the players understand and for coherent acting of the mod team, we have compiled a set of guidelines about bumping"

What is "bumping"?

Although there are many slightly different definitions, bumping is basically posting irrelevant or unneeded replies in order to bring an inactive thread back to discussion.

Why is this not allowed?

Some forums allow bumping, others do not. The main reason to not allow this is because it disrupts a forum's organization and promotes spam. It also gives an unfair advantage to those who constantly monitor their threads and bump them back to the top, even if other players are not interested in that discussion.

The forum department team's aim is to allow all posters a fair and freely flowing Forum, not just the aggressive posters determined to keep their own Thread in the top. Bumping promotes other viable Threads to be pushed off of the main page, which then promotes further bumping.

What kind of posts are considering bumps?

Deciding if a certain reply is a bump or not is a subjective process and it varies from person to person. It is, however, related to two major factors: 1) The reply's relevance to the thread and 2) the time frame.

Because it is subjective, the forum department team has compiled a set of guidelines in order to try and be as coherent as possible and to inform the players on how we make our decisions regarding this matter:

Irrelevant/Unneeded replies

Any irrelevant reply or with low relevance (such as "I agree.", "Good luck.", "Message sent." etc) will be considered bumps if they are made 24 hours after the last reply. This kind of replies adds nothing important to a discussion and they are often used as "bumping tools".

Relevant replies will *never* be considered bumps, whatever the time of the last reply. A relevant reply is a post that adds considerably to the discussion: A new point of view, a revamp of a feedback idea, constructive criticism, etc.

Particular case: Market/Auction threads

Most of the bumped and therefore locked threads fall in this category. The forum department team has been and will continue to be especially strict with this section because there is absolutely no need to post back on your auction.
If a player asks a question, you should message him and possibly edit your first post so that others also have that extra information. If you want to add an ending time, trade location, etc, edit your first post.
When the auction is over, we ask you to either delete the thread, ask us to lock it (by filing a ticket) or just post "Auction closed", in which case it will be locked to prevent further replies.

Particular case: Feedback threads

These threads follow the same rules as any other with the following exception: The thread author or clanmembers are allowed to post *relevant replies* within 3 days of the last reply. This is to prevent authors from posting their ideas partially and then using further posts to bump their thread. Notice that by relevant replies we consider well put posts, with plenty of content that can actually change something in the course of the discussion.

What happens to bumped threads?

As per the rules, bumped threads can be either locked or deleted if the bump was made by the author or clanmember, depending on the situation. A warning or even a punishment will take place considering the bumping player's infraction history.

Please note that these are guidelines. Exceptions may appear in which cases the forum department will decide on the best course of action. If you have any questions, please contact us by using the ticket system

Changed Title
Please note that deleting and reposting is not an acceptable reason, as we can now edit the Title for you. In this instance, please send a Ticket to Forum Department with information on exactly what is needed in the Title.
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Forum -> Announcements -> Bumping

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