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04-03-2009 22:00

We have noticed that the novelty of the fixed events has worn off. Both for us and the players. We do not want to totally put a halt to events like this, but we'll move away from the fixed dates/celebrations. We find custom Syrnia based events more appealing since they can be prepared well. There will probably still be some contests/invasions/chests and so on on the regular celebrations. However, we got no plans to open up party island or have similar festivities for tomorrows Syrnia birthday.

The next 'real' event we hold should be fun and new for everyone, but not a 'obligational' event. These events should be as exciting as the first events were and how they were meant to be. So; new players will still be able to see Party island in the future. And I'm sure we can still find use for the drinking skill in the future ;). At the moment no plans have yet been made for an event or for opening the party island.

We are currently concentrating on updating the game where it lacks content e.g. a high level island. The focus groups (As announced in Forum->Announcements->Opportunities) can help shape this plan.

P.S.: Today an USA based ISP fixed some problems on their side which disabled their customers to visit our website. This should fix some of the reported connection problems (See page 2 of Feedback->Having problems with Syrnia? Questionnaire to answer).
Mr. Addy
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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Announcements -> Events

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