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17-02-2009 17:47

Desert arena medal exchange
Today we've finally launched the desert arena rewards. Every player can exchange desert arena medals to receive a random item from any of the arena sets(16 new items). There are four arena sets: Equites, Retiarii, Hoplomachi and Samnites. The items from these sets don't require attack/defence levels, but instead require you to have a combat level of 30,50,70 or 90. We also increased the arena fights by about 25%. The arena now has a new group: The 40-150 group has been divided into 40-59 and 60-150

What use are rare items without being able to show them off? At the 12.50 donation level we've added an option to show off an item in a Trophy slot on your character. This 8th slot can contain any item (From the "Worldmap of a new island" to a Syriet axe you can't yet wear). Trophy items can not be damaged in combat, but be careful; trophies can be lost when dieing. Enchantments/upgrades on trophys are not used. You can edit your Trophy at the Options->Donation options screen. All those who had already donated 12.50 or more can of course use this feature right away.
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Forum -> Announcements -> Desert arena & Trophy's

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