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08-01-2009 12:31

We've succesfully moved to the new server in under 10 minutes. We hope some of you notice a slight improvement.

At 13:30 Syrnia will go offline for a server upgrade. We will be transferring all your precious items to a new and faster server.

The new servers is a lot faster then the old server. However we don't expect much of a difference because the old server could easily handle Syrnia as well (it's simply a bit cheaper to move to a new and faster server). Syrnia lag is usually caused by connection problems. However, we hope the connection will be slightly better too, as this new server is located at a different network. This new network wasn't affected by yesterdays network problems for example.

There will be a minimum 15 minutes downtime in which we transfer everything. After that you'll need to wait for your DNS to find the new server. This can be instantly or up to two hours. We expect to see most of you back at the new server at about 13:50.

Edited on 08-01-2009 13:50
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Announcements -> Server upgrade

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