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20-12-2008 10:34

Looking at the stats of all available weapons especially those around the level 30 area..Also on the basis that a Two Handed Sword is stronger than any 1 handed weapon within the level requirement. Wouldnt it be better if the Elven Two Handed Swords had a stat increse to a suitable and more reasonable You can see a Centaur axe and a koban Axe at the level of 30.. Then at Level 35 when you are able to equip a Elven Two handed Sword.. both of the level 30 weapons are better than the level 35 weapon. It doesnt make sense.

Koban Axe 40/35
Centaur Axe 27/30
Elven Two Handed Sword 26/30

Im above the level to be of any use for any of the above mentioned weapons therefore its not affecting me. but there are alot more players that this would be beneficial too, if the Elven Two handed Sword, had a stat increase.

Anyone else think it makes sense?

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3-1-2008 11:56

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20-12-2008 10:37

Maybe have the elven sword 34/40.
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20-12-2008 10:38

Makes perfect sense to me. All the Elven armor received upgrades, looks like they missed the sword is all.
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20-12-2008 10:58

It used to be that Elven two hander was alot cheaper and easier to get than the rest. So it made sense at the time.

Now the market has changed and CA/KAs are just as common due to the silk update.

Think you may be right, it is due for a change. Maybe 30/35
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20-12-2008 11:12

I would only agree on making it better if all three related weapons' drop rates were changed.

As Rictor pointed out, they are way too common now. If they become harder to get then yes, I agree. If not, then I don't think a weapon dropped in a level 16-22 creatures zone should be better than those dropped at level 27-44 / 31-44 zones, as its only purpose would be to swarm the market even more.

Edited on 20-12-2008 11:12
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20-12-2008 13:01

The other alternative would be to raise the level requirements on the koban to perhaps level 40. This would give a progression between the three. All the smithed weapons had level requirement changes, why not the weapon that gives the biggest imbalance to the game? One of the reasons given for the combat update was to reduce combat gains, seems absurd to leave the koban as it was when you can't get to a better smithed weapon until level 66.

Of course this won't be popular amongst those fighters rushing to attack level 30 so that they can double their experience gains - but they could still use the centaur - which would actually have a purpose with this change. This would raise the value of the centaur and maybe lower the value of the koban a bit - but you high level fighters should still be able to make a tidy profit from selling them
03-01-2009 11:40

Yeah most definitly the weapons should be more equally spread. Just been talking about it there so thought i would revive this post before it got deleted, bu the E2H should be made more powerful than the Koban axe because of the decrease in defence..So should be made alot more rarer as well

Edited on 03-01-2009 12:16
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03-01-2009 11:48

I totally agree. It'd be interesting to find out how many people used the E2H as opposed to the other 2 mentioned weapons.

Right now I bet there are a lot of E2Hs out there collecting dust. It appears noone uses them (from checking players at combat locations), and you can't sell them at Eully.

So something this useless may as well be dropped with those other useless Elven things... the shoes.

A stat increase above that of the Koban axe would make them the true level 35 weapon they were intended to be.
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