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30-10-2008 23:57

Halloween 2008 is here! This day has brought Syrnia an unwanted visitor. The activities will begin at 00:00 Syrnia time on October 31st, and will last all day. Party island has not been opened, instead nearly all islands will be visited by this stranger (Kanzo and skull island too).

Today you'll be able to collect some nice items today, some of which are new and/or unique.

Hint: Every 15 minutes the strangers location will be announced. Find her and annoy her...THEN make sure to be close to her when she decides to take off!

A few more events might be added over the day (invasions etc.).

Edited on 31-10-2008 01:47
Mr. Addy
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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Announcements -> Halloween 2008

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