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23-09-2008 16:08

As the amount of the Syrnia help guides in Syrnia forum is increasing steadily, along with all the Syrnia Help sites, here`s a quick list for all of the topics and what you can find in them:

General information:
Forum -> Announcements - the section you should look for all minor tweaks brought in to the game, also don't forget the Syrnia News link in the main page for major tweaks/updates brought in to the game.

Forum -> Contests - Note: Those are the only official contests held by game staff, while game staff allows for players to hold any possible contests which do not break any existing rules of the game, game staff is not responsible for any prizes you win delivery is by the contest holder, if that is not official contest.

Syrnia Forum Help:

Forum -> Help -> Newb Quick Guide <-- Introduction to Syrnia as a game itself. What, where and how. Created by Ragnarok

Forum -> Help -> Syrnia "Walkthrough" for Newbies <-- Introduction to Syrnia as a game itself. What, where and how. Created by Jeanna

Forum -> Help -> 15 Beginner Questions Answered <-- 15 most common questions which a new member of Syrnia will ask. "Can I see myself?", "Why is your name blue?" and more answers can be found here. Created by impi.


Forum -> Help -> All you need to know about Skull <-- Introduction to the basics of Piracy, Skull island itself and Helpful tips what can you expect while being a pirate. Created by ladyraven143

Forum -> Help -> How to Profit from Elven Island <-- Introduction and basics of Elven island. Specifics of Higher level in skills and how to make money out of it. Created by Karisade.

Forum -> Help -> Location Guide <-- Basic locations on 4 main islands, Remer [starting one], Dearn, Mezno and Skull [Pirate]. A helpful view of what you can do in each of the towns in a certain island. Created by willie.

Forum -> Help -> Combat Advice <-- Basic introduction to the combat in Syrnia. Helpful tips on how not to die. Preparations for your first battle and the combat levelling itself. Created by Roen.

Forum -> Market -> Market Topic Rules - to keep you informed of how you create a higher attendance Market forum topic. We don't want to have topics called "Selling" as it is not informative at all.

Syrnia Staff:

Forum -> Help -> How to file a ticket. <--A quick walkthrough of how you should be contacting game staff for any issue appearing in Syrnia itself. Created by SaucyWhopper.

Forum -> Help -> Forum Codes and Smilies <-- Want to know how they do all those smilies in the forum? Thats the most reliable source. Created by SaucyWhopper.

Forum -> General -> Manual updates - please inform what game staff needs to add to the game manual, keep in mind, that determination of what info needs to be in manual still falls under a decision of game staff itself. (it is highly unlikely that game formulas as avg. hit, gem drop rate etc. will be posted there).

Forum -> Feedback -> Correct use of the feedback forum - make your ideas interesting. Such things as "Lets fight dragons" without any further information is unlikely to work.

Forum -> Feedback -> Ideas that have been and gone! - This will Help you to find out what ideas have been already brought in to the game from the existence of it. Note: It does not mean that the idea you submit will not be implemented, it means you have to put a bigger effort for it to be interesting for community.

Forum -> Feedback -> Spelling mistake - Inform game staff about existing spelling mistakes in the game. We all are human, we all do mistakes, lets make it easier for us to find it.

Syrnia Clans:

Forum -> Clans -> Just a Tip for newer players - Be smart. Sell yourself. How to find a clan which suits you from your very first steps.

Forum -> Clans -> Clans Help Guide - Information of the basics of a clan. What it stands for in Syrnia.

Forum -> Clans -> Guide to writing a good recruitment post - advanced information for clan leaders. How to make your clan recruitment post interesting for others.

Syrnia Help Off-Sites:

P.S.Those sources can not include the changes Syrnia experiences from time to time. If you find anything which is no longer accurate, please contact thread creator or the game staff itself, to affect the current changes.

Furthermore, if you want your Guide to be stickied in Help forum, do not ask for it via Game tickets etc. If the Guide seems in a suitable content to further Help the Syrnia community to grow as a knowledgeable one, it will be noted and stickied.

If you find any changes in the Help forum itself which are not affected in this thread, please contact thread creator or Syrnia Staff itself, for the changes to take affect

Hope that will help you all, to find a quick answer for your questions.

P.S. If the question is rather simple as "What level is needed for iron dagger" etc, and is not listed in the Game Manual, firstly ask in Help chat [5], if you still have no answer, then create a Help forum topic asking for a feedback.

Thank you,
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Forum -> Help -> FAQ and Syrnia Help Guides

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