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05-09-2008 14:03

See last page/topic for the latest changes.


-removed the non-intended ability to add html in clan ranks


The last few days we've fixed a huge amount of minor bugs and a few of the last serious bugs. We're almost able to say Syrnia that an average player should not be able to experience any real bugs.

Some of the bugs fixes:
-OL/PvP refresh bugs
-Groupfighting timer fixed
-Last login timer improved
-Rare auctionhouse bug fixed
-Clan creation typo
-A botcheck will no longer interrupt applying silk
-Bronze bars fixed

We've also added the option to click "fight all" when in a single fight, right from the beginning (instead of waiting).


We've fixed an issue that was used by some Syrnia fighters to gain more exp/h than other fighters by skipping the pause between two fights in "fight all"- mode. For this we've also had to disable the "Fight all" link in the fighting screens.

However, to ensure you gain about the same exp/h as before (or even more) the pause in between two "fight all" fights has been reduced from 10+crowding to just 10 seconds. This should remove about 8-15 seconds per fight.
Please do watch out with AFK fighting, as you might now be able to face more monsters than before in between two botchecks. Nothing has changed regarding the "Fight one more" option.

We have considered (and are still considering) other solutions to this problem. But it's quite hard as every solution has got a few downsides.


-Removed the instant farming fail on all crops, this was intended but caused a lot confusion because it was not properly documented. Instead of the instant fail, we've added the chance to find less crops than you tought to harvest, just like there already was the chance to find more crops. There will be no more instant fails.
-Frozen players shops will be hidden from now on.
-The silver medium shield armour has raised from 9 to 10, silver small shield has been raised from 7 to 9

-Improved inactive account deletion. Inactive accounts who ran a clan, will pass on clan leadership to a random clan member. If none found, the whole clan will be deleted.
-Fixed whisper ignore: Ignored players whispers would still be shown in whisper history.
-Fixed: Group fighting will not take other fighters into account that are at the same location, but fighting different monsters.
-The OL payer display will now display as: TAG LEVEL NAME ATTACK HP instead of TAG LEVEL NAME ATTACK LEVEL HP
-Weapon stats have been increased to make sure all smithable items are better than all the smithable items that require a lower smithing level (The same counts for the level to equip it, as its equal to the smtihing level). This mainly affected the daggers/short swords etc. Also especially Platina and Syriet.



-Fixed disappearing weapons & armour thanks to some moderators and montimus. You lost items when equipping an item that you already wore. This would also happen when trying to add "Bronze daggers" to your house and forgetting to click on "click here to add to house" (While wearing bronze dagger).


-Added ( sad ) and ( wink ) smiley, removed ;[ and ;)
-Added links to speed up magic ("back to spell selection", etc.)
-Added a confirmation popup for usage of teleport orbs


-Fixed mainpage layout issue on Chrome & IE8
-Changed critical hit range from 75%+ to 80%+
-"Add an auction" text now shows you where to collect your items from expired items when your at your auction limit.
-The CPAlead tool has been updated. If you now have any problems recieving your gifts, you can add a CPAlead support ticket. You need to use the "Problems? Click here" button which you can find at the offers page.
-Timer have been reworked. They now count down to a certain time, instead of just substracting a second. This fixes problems on some PC's whose timers counted faster or slower than the server. For this change to take affect, everyone needed to refresh the game once (Only those who were online during the update). To reduce future hassles with updates like this, we also included something so that the game will automatically refresh if its required to reload when the game has been updating while playing.

05-09-2008 14:47

-Forum navigation links added to the bottom of the page
-Fixed shop search owner names.
-Users will no longer see chat 'bleeding', instead, bug reports will be send automatically.
-If you logged in before 17:00 today, please refresh the game once, for some changes to take affect.

-Striped red fish will now not show as cookable
-Clan pages now have a title.
-Pensax map movement links improved
-Improved constructing texts (houses/shops)

-Fixed ":[" smiley on the forums
-Fixed (clan) forum ordering of sticky topics
-Improved OL #52 and #54 moving
-Fixed chainmail, legs and large helm smithing levels

02-09-2008 21:29

-Fixed bronze hatchet and iron chainmail smithing link
-Fixed pirate invasion chat channel ( 4->6 )
-Fixed fighting durability: the item will no longer unequip if it 'breaks'
-Healing (food/drinks) now instantly shows in combat log
-Shop thieving fixed
-Minor balancing: Platina dagger and short sword stats raised.
-Some more typos fixed

01-09-2008 21:24

-fixed talking to disabled region channel
-added an error message for non existing usernames.
-Whispers for offline users now go trough normally, so that it can't be used to check if someone is online.
-Elven casino message date fixed
-Fixed the total skill rank at the stats popup
-The "delete all messages" button will not disappear after switching send/received messages

01-09-2008 19:43

-Fixed whisper history (shows what you've send AND received)
-Fixed typo when drinking beer

01-09-2008 19:10

-Fixed typo at battle mage
-Fixed typo at flower shop
-Shops: canceling selling now properly works
-Clan chat history fixed
-Fixed tutorial moving bug, and some other tutorial bugs.

Edited on 27-09-2008 17:46

Edited on 07-10-2008 18:04

Edited on 06-07-2009 21:17

Edited on 17-08-2009 16:54

Edited on 17-08-2009 16:54
Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
03-08-2009 15:11

-Typo at stats.php
-Removed double slash in tickets link
-Cleaned up the database(This caused some lag, sorry!)
-Fixed all items that were leftover from the trophy bug.
-Removed a dead voting link
-Upgraded javascript libraries to latest versions. This fixes some bugs for (rare) browsers.
-Fixed typo at Exella
-The daily 0:00 task had to be ran +/-12;30 just once
-Chest events do not 'cancel' your previous task/work/job any more. This solves the Arch. cave 4.7 woes

The bug tickets are down to 40% of the amount of mid-July.
17-08-2009 16:46

  • -added the ability to close a shop. A frozens players shops will all be closed automatically. Note that this is not meant as fix for the thieving skill, the thieving skill still needs to be re-evaluated in favour of both parties (victims of thieving AND thiefs).
  • -Trophy upgrades do not work any more (as intended).
  • -Fixed a bunch of typos
  • -Fixed a trading bug
  • -After a item pickup has failed, the dropped items will reload.
  • -Deletion of inactive users will properly delete these users from clans, their tickets will be removed too.
  • -Quest bug fixed where receiving an item as monster drop did not always properly trigger the quest
  • -pressing ENTER now works at the shop search
  • -Fixed ticket link that displays after creating a ticket

The bug tickets are now down to only 16% of the amount we had in July.

Edited on 17-08-2009 17:12
01-09-2009 13:49

We have updated the quests & job system. This caused a few problems during the update (since quests are linked to monsters, drops, etc.). Everything should be working fine again.

Friddik and thieving guild jobs have been reset.

We've added no noticeable new features.

Edit 20:35
-Bluebell is back
-Botchecks only get focus when the chatbar is empty.

Edited on 01-09-2009 20:35
13-10-2009 11:43

-(anonymous) donation transfers to other players must be 0.50 Euros or more from now on to prevent future abuse/spam.
-fixed the new fish images
-fixed casino image bug
-fixed rare logout bug
-fixed kanzo school level req.
-improved fighting log vertical spacing
-drops are now properly removed when too long on the ground
-thieving message typo
-Timer issues where it resets to 30 seconds have been improved. This happens when your pc's timer is ticking too fast.
21-04-2010 12:37

-Updated server side software for performance
-Double checked backups
-Updated the AJAX library

If you're currently online don't forget to refresh(or relogin to-) the game for these fixes:
-You can now click on names in the chat to quickly whisper them.
-You can now click on chat channel numbers to quickly switch chat channel
23-04-2010 12:36

Due to popular request: Donators now have the option to un-do the reduced botcheck frequency when fighting.

See Options->Change botcheck frequency
11-05-2010 22:51

The frontpage layout has been revamped.
This update brings no in-game updates or other new features and is aimed at streamlining the frontpage processes only (logging in/registering etc.).

Edit: 13-05
Added a mobile verson of the frontpage. Added login focus. Saving selected screen resolution in a cookie.

Edited on 13-05-2010 17:53
15-05-2010 13:26

Battle arena groups change:
We're now using:
10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59
60-79, 80-200

These last two groups were set like this to make sure there are at least 100 players. (..should we use overlapping groups?)
12-06-2011 23:38

Thanks to work behind the scenes by the Mod team we now have some additional support on the coding front. We have already implimented some bug fixes and minor updates. Our main focus is on addressing some longstanding bugs and to improve usability here and there. Please don't count on big new content just yet and give us some time to set things up properly .
Enjoy the fixes and once again big thanks to the entire MOD team, in particular SYRAID and Hazgod, for their work!

-You can now leave the Arena tent
-Fixed three unusable items
-Addressed clicking on items in inventory (for mobiles mainly)
-Tradeposts now allows you to click on items in your inventory
13-06-2011 11:18

-Renamed "Ogre spiked helm" to fit the Ogre naming
-Burnt snapper image fixed
-Fixed a few typos
-Forum asks for a confirmation when clicking a delete link.
17-06-2011 16:00

-Blocked high orb use on remer. Now you can use rat, gnome and young eagle only.
-Fixed the vote links so #6 isn't missing
-Changed the "Clearing the tomb" quest mine stone blocks link to say "Mine stone blocks to clear the tomb" so it is more clear
-Fixed bug making the event results text appear at trading posts
-Gather event fixed for upgraded items.
-Changed the way it updates the player in battlemage
-Fixed sending multiple messages for lottery tickets
-Checks and removes lottery tickets from trophy slot
-Now doesn't drop quest items from trophy slot when killed
-Added fight links to ketil main text so it's 1 click instead of 4 (click fight, click drop down, click creature, click fight)
-Bot frequency fix so it always uses the users (donation) option
-Pensax was enforcing construction level 10 for creating a farm, which shouldn't be linked to the construction level
-Made the system chat (Mod)Moderator and event text non clickable
-Removed horse died message because we have the popup
-Stopped items working from trophy slot (e.g. spade, lockpick, staff)
-Fixed houses inventory background
18-06-2011 00:03

-Fixed main page login for Chrome (press enter to submit form works again)
-Confirmation progress for new players is much smoother; No more need to login after confirming; the user is send to game.php automatically
-Fixed a minor thieving bug.
-Durability doesn't interrupt work anymore. The message is displayed in a popup instead.
21-06-2011 15:31

- Added inventory ordering
- Food in combat is now ordered by hp
- Now does a popup when cauldrons break as the work continues
- Fixed a lot of typos
- Player page (clicking a player at a town) now displays total and combat levels
- Cooking in battlemage disabled at least until the exploits are fixed

Edited on 20-07-2011 11:45
24-06-2011 11:52

- Fixed bug preventing house use in jail town after being released from jail.
- Fixed thieving exploit (alternative fix in next update)
- Added clan allies. Add clan tags or players in the clan options and they will show yellow in the OL. Doesn't effect the clan/player in question so you can't add it to confuse people
24-06-2011 12:39

- Drunk text no longer appears in help or trade chats
- Forums and messages can now be opened in multiple windows
- Last login now works correctly
29-06-2011 17:35

- Boats are now ordered fastest-slowest when sailing
14-07-2011 13:02

OK players have found all the changes relating to woodcutting now so just confirming them

- Woodcutting experience increased to make it worth leaving a level 1 forest before level 85.
- Chests were not dropping above Unera/Avinin. The forests now get locked items, higher forests getting higher items
- Carnelian can now be found at Ammon as it should have been
- Timers for woodcutting have not been changed
- Seed drop rate has not been changed

Non woodcutting changes

- House inventory is sorted like player inventory
- After fights in combat the exp of the trained skill is displayed like in all other skills
- Players working beside you but at a bot check no longer affect crowding at that location

Edited on 19-07-2011 13:08

Edited on 20-07-2011 11:45
02-08-2011 12:00

- Players can now set individual allies using the options menu
08-08-2011 14:29

- Removed work images from the outlands
- Now only shows 5 items in the outlands combat log - Reverted to 25 after server maintenance
- Fixed Pirate attack bug to prevent empty boats being sent
- Group fight timer reduced to 30 seconds + crowding instead of 45 seconds
14-08-2011 22:03

- Lowered the capture time per pirate to make them more competitive and give a better chance to win. Rewards to be tweaked in line with cost of new resources used
- Inactive players are no longer eligible for promotion to captain
- Fixed manual to work on mobile devices
- Fixed bug with pirates being unable to see (Mod)Moderator lines in history if the mod was not a pirate
18-08-2011 16:47

- Locked items, raws and seeds are now ranked correctly in your inventory (locked by exp, raws by hp, seeds by hp of grown item)
- Burnts and other useless items have been dropped to the bottom of your inventory
- At cooking locations, raws are now ordered by hp
22-01-2012 22:05

Links should now be clickable in clan chat. Needs to be http:// and have no spaces, e.g. will work, will not

Edit: Links in clan chat should now be green, but you might need to ctrl+F5 to refresh the stylesheet if it doesn't change for you right away
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 73 damage to the White bat.
08-03-2012 14:43

Yesterday's history bug fixed
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 73 damage to the White bat.

03/02/2012 - [3]03:44 Our stockhouse at Burning beach has been upgraded to 50000 slots!

[3]03:07 Shinobi requested 714.2 Cooked Cod from Burning beach
18-12-2012 17:25

Added locked icon to all the locked images
xmas stuff
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 73 damage to the White bat.

03/02/2012 - [3]03:44 Our stockhouse at Burning beach has been upgraded to 50000 slots!

[3]03:07 Shinobi requested 714.2 Cooked Cod from Burning beach
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