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18-06-2008 13:57

As some of you might have hoped: the invading Sorer spiders did not came out of nowhere! They came from the Webbers island that you can now reach via Mezno island - Xanso.

Webbers island
On an unknown island, a breed of spiders evolved to become a dominant force and quickly infested the entire island. While humans gained control of a few locations, the spiders still lurk in the shadows, ready to prey on the weak and add to their collection of webbed corpses.
You can help the citizens of Web haven defend this last location of the island not under danger by the spiders, and who knows, you might get some of the rare Spider silk!

Smithing upgrades
Smithing upgrades have been added. You can now use certain items to upgrade armour/weapons. At the moment you can use Hardened and Soft spider silk as a Durability upgrade. (Yes, spider silk can be very strong!).

Pirates can not reach Webbers island. They should not miss much because pirates can still gather the spider drops at other locations.

However, jealous pirates can attack this island though...Let's hope they won't invade the island as a surprise party today!

Some notes about these game updates

* No new quests have been added. We do want more quests in Syrnia, but we want to update the quest system first. Once that's done, we will add quests to all existing islands.
* While we did want to give pirates access to the Webbers island, we decided it was better to let them have a new island to attack. Plus, most pirates are not in the level range that the island is designed for (This island is low-mid level).
* We know there's need for new higher level locations/features, and we will of course be working on higher level features and/or locations.

Boat fishing
It looks like the pirates are more active on the Sea again: You can now find Locked small chests on the open sea.

The staff
Besides game updates we've especially been working hard on our staff structure and organisation. It has been completely renewed last week, and we have expanded the staff.

Bugs & Tickets
Our top priorities now are resolving bugs and all open tickets.
A few minor bugs have been fixed already, but not much worth mentioning yet:

* Bouquette stacking has been fixed.
* Thieving shop gold; the minimum time is now 900 seconds, max. time is 1800 seconds. It was already coded like this, but due to a bug the times were messed up.

Please help Syrnia, and the staff, by marking any of your tickets as solved if it's solved or not important any more.

Edited on 18-06-2008 14:23
Mr. Addy
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18-06-2008 14:03

Just a quick bug fix - figured easier to post here than open a ticket, its marked as Sorers island on the image for the world map - webbers island on the drop down.

Moderator edit:
Fixed, thanks.
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