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03-06-2005 03:19

Please keep all market posts to requests to buy or sell/trade items.

Please be specific in what you are selling, or what you want to buy.

Shops can be advertised.

Ordering services can be advertised.

But please note;-

13.2 Trade chat is solely for business purposes. Regarding this channel:

b,c. Buying/selling advertisements are limited to once every 15 minutes, shop and market forum advertisements are limited to once an hour.
d. Different items can be advertised but each item must follow the above rule.
e. Do not hold auctions in trade chat. Use the Market Forum for this.

Any changes/Edits should be done in the Topic Header to prevent the Thread from being locked due to bumping. (please see Section 14 - Forum rules)

Please keep these boards tidy and do not spam, when your Auction/Trade is over, please delete your Thread. Some good ideas can be found in;-

Forum -> Market -> Market Forum: The Insider's Guide

Any issues, please contact the Forum Department for assistance.
Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
Only users can reply.

Forum -> Market -> Market Topic Rules

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