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14-03-2005 Informing

To keep you excited about the game I'll list some of the upcoming updates wich I am most certain of...Although I will always keep on getting new idea's ! P.S. We can expect another huge flow of new players because some new top game website's have accepted Syrnia !


-Some user statics For in the stats pop-up. A little effort but it would contain some things nice to know.

-Improving the droplist system For the monster drops....system needs to be re-written a little to manage future monsters droplists easier.

-Adding new locations The new locations would contain about 5-8 new locations with some new stuff...

-Other I can never make an exaxt list since I could add anything wich has not yet been listed though, whenever I got a great idea I'll add it straight away, so there could be much suprises.


-Clan system Needs to be thought out, whats the use of it...Some sort of clan headquarter could be made...But I'm not sure what to do with clans .

Player fighting ..Don't know anything about this might be done in an arena with gold prices and statics or freely on locations.

Thieving Planning new updates for thieving....It would be something like a thieving guild wich gives you random thieving quests for good experience rewards.
You should also be able to thief more than just players...;)

-Trading Hard to add but when I think of it enough a safe way of trading could be added.

-Items Ofcourse..more items..and rare weapons/armour.

That's all I could remember for now...But I know there's more wich I've forgotten for a second. (maybe to keep it a secret...)

13-03-2005 Little updates

Did some little fixes, updates and some exp changes.
Leather boots will reduce 20% travel time but give same exp as wearing no boots.
Woodcutting and fighting spiders and gnomes also gives a little more exp.
Also the anti bot check (nummer validation) has been improved a little, but it's just another update wich you won't even notice.
More updates wich you will notice will be added soon...

12-03-2005 News system

Updated this news system, I will add news here now and then. Although I sometimes have got no time to update the news page..I do update the game itself alot.
Today I added many fixes to the game, and you can now buy a Mule for decreased travel time, check the Valera stables.
Also manuals have been added, writted by the player Ruby, thanks!
(If you are bored... check out these funny Syrnia facts)

05-03-2005 Syrnia has been officially launched !!

Join quick and have the advantage to play this game from the beginning ! We're currently trying to submit Syrnia to every game listing website, to get much players, then we'll move on to the many planned updates !

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