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12-04-2005 Syrnia offline

Syrnia was offline for exacly 24 hours.
I did not know this was coming, the internetprovider had a problem in their station wich cutted the server out of internet (and phone lines). Why this had to happen to only this line of all those in this city is a miracle.
Although this is the first downtime in a year so I guess we won't have more days like this.
Everything is up an running, the game had no damage ofcourse.

Some good news: I'm almost sure I'm buying a bigger server.

09-04-2005 New Forum's & Stats

I added clan forums.
Clan admins can assign moderators, and clan adminsa nd moderators can fully manage their clan forum.
Also I've upgarded the syrnia main forum with to the new forum.
It's alot better, but I couldnt transfer all posts.

Also sine today there are 4 new 'counters'. You can check your kills and deaths at your stats pop-up from now on.
It counts all your monster and player kills and also your deaths.

06-04-2005 Save the earth, recycle your house and/or shop

I did not add any news the last few days but I did fix, and tweak some small stuff the last few days.
Today I added the Recycle option for houses and shops. You can 'Recycle' them for some wood.
I gues this satisfies dreagen wich is taking action to save the environnement ;)
I've also added some more clan options:
Admin's can enable members to add/delete news and/or change clanranks.

02-04-2005 April Fools

Yes..the 3d was an 'April Fools'. Sorry for this.
It almost felt bad to make you all happy with it whilist it was just a joke.
I never thought (almost?) everyone would believe this, even people who know me very well believed it.

I only heard 1 player doubt about this news, but when I said it wasn't a joke once, everyone believed it right away. Thanks for believeing me though ;).
I really hope this doesn't disappoint you alot and you can lauch about it.
Conclusion: Never trust news with date '2005-04-01

If I would be able to make a 3d game I would already start making one. But I still got to learn 'C++' wich is needed for those games. Although I am planning to learn it, and if I know a little to make a small 3D game I would do it right away. So there's a chance that I will make a 3D game anywhere in the future.

01-04-2005 Informing

I have been working on a Syrnia 3D project a pretty long while whilist keeping it secret.
But since im pretty far developing it and sure I will add it, I'm now publishing the plans and I will keep you all up to date while developing this huge upgrade.

Syrnia will have a real game client wich will be able to download for about 10-100MB.
The graphics will be excellent ! The 3d images wich are currently in game present the actualy Syrnia 3D game engine :) !
But don't be afraid; even though the graphics will be great the game will be able to run on pretty low system specs, so this won't be a problem! The exact required system specs are unknown since I'm still working on the 3D engine.

Below are 2 screenshots to give you an idea of the 3D engine.


The interface screen (50% done)

Progress so far:
-Made the 3D engine.
-You can walk around.
-You can wear items.

The progress so far won't really indicate how far I am so I'lll add a special page dedicated to this new Syrnia 3D launch.
It will contain statics about the progress. Snd I will also add some news about it now and then.

I hope you all are very excited about it just like I am !!
Im looking forward to see your characters in 3D and waving to eachother :)

31-03-2005 Cooking

In the outlands a place have been added with a stove: You do not need any tinderbox or wood to cook at that place.

30-03-2005 Many updates, including 2 big ones.

Several updates:
-Added the chat disable option.
-Added clan news.
-Added clan kick option.
-Added an option to exit a clan.
-Several small bugfixes.

Exp has been changed:
Exp for fishing, cooking, mining, smithing, woodcutting, school(Trading/Constructing) has all been changed, most skills wil go 1.5 to 2 times as fast now.
No worry for users wich have already spend alot time at these skills: You exp has been raised with the same amount the current exp levels raised with :)

Crowding system:
When more players do the same work at the same location it will take more time to do the work.It can take up to 5 seconds per player wich does the same work. thats why on 25 locations new work places have been added, most of them are in the Outlands...
Smithing, Constructing 5 seconds per player.
Mining, cooking, fishing, smelting 2 seconds per player.
School 1seconds per player.

Realise that 2 seconds on a 20 seconds work makes out a HUGE difference...

So try to find an uncrowded place to work. Try to get a house, storage your worthy items, and get a clan to work in the Outlands...At least if you dare to ;)

29-03-2005 Random 'treasures' & Clans

Added several gems wich you can obtain when mining. When you are very lucky you can get a:

Also when fishing you can catch Leather Boots ;)
Have fun fishing yourself some new shoes..

Also a clan system has been added.
It will be updated with some extra's soon enough.

28-03-2005 Killfest ! PvP fighting added!

It was a hell of a job, but it has finally been completed.

At the Outlands players can fight eachother, you can also mine/cook/fish/smith/smelt at the new island.
More (rare) stuff to do will be added to the island soon to make it attrective to train (and to die) there.
Beware, anyone can attack you, so be prepared when visiting the island.
The island can be reached by sailing, using Port Senyn.

Thanks to KenN for helping with some boring code work.

And some other things:
-Congratulations to Julia (Blessit).
I think we all heard about her birthday since she was counting down in the chat the last few days ;)

The chat has been improved, it had some problems starting, but it should work perfectly right now. I lost my crown, and we all lost our smileys, but there is no stupid refreshing anymore :)

26-03-2005 Bugfix - Work;Image validation

When the game popped up the code validation, it did not give you the product you waited for.

This has been fixed now !
When you wait you will always get the product you are making.

20-03-2005 A new island has been added.

Well I've got to admit, I've had LOADS of fun when launching the new island.

I dropped +- 50 "Worldmaps of a new island" and it took some minutes before anyone noticed..Then everyone tried to reach the island..And all the brainstorming about what could be on the :)
Thanks for the fun, I didn't say anything to keep it mysterious, but I've been lauching all the time.

This update contains:
A new island with:
-Food shop
-An constructing site.What will this be ;)
-2 Woods with random monsters.
-A food shop.
-Coal mining.
-The brown horses cannot be bought at valera anymore, but at the Unera stables.
-The school at rile can teach you constructing and trading untill level 10, Unera university can teach you more.

Also I improved the monster database so I can easily add and edit the monsters in the future.

19-03-2005 Working on..

Working on the new island at the moment, so no big new updates right now, the new island might be done tomorrow.

So be patient for 1 day :)

18-03-2005 A few changes

-Added online and offline messages in the chat.
-Added another job for the Friddik brother quests.
-Fixed some other tiny things.
-And started working on the new island...

17-03-2005 Some updates

Today I've added a huge item database system wich makes editing adding monster drop list and item price's very easy for me.
Although you will not notice any chance at the moment, this system makes all work very easy for me wich enables me to work on alot of new updates quicker.
Also a little change, you can see how many hours and minutes you have played syrnia at your Stats pop-up. IT might shock some of you ;).
The last thing; Online users are displayd on the top of the city menu now, and are sorted on username.

The next thing I'll work on is the new island....

16-03-2005 Update's

Added the forum !
It can be read from the mainpage, and is also accesible via the ingame menu. But you can only write on it via the ingame link.
The forum will be the easiest way to suggest your ideas for Syrnia.

Also im proud to say there are no known bugs atm !

14-03-2005 Informing

To keep you excited about the game I'll list some of the upcoming updates wich I am most certain of...Although I will always keep on getting new idea's ! P.S. We can expect another huge flow of new players because some new top game website's have accepted Syrnia !


-Some user statics For in the stats pop-up. A little effort but it would contain some things nice to know.

-Improving the droplist system For the monster drops....system needs to be re-written a little to manage future monsters droplists easier.

-Adding new locations The new locations would contain about 5-8 new locations with some new stuff...

-Other I can never make an exaxt list since I could add anything wich has not yet been listed though, whenever I got a great idea I'll add it straight away, so there could be much suprises.


-Clan system Needs to be thought out, whats the use of it...Some sort of clan headquarter could be made...But I'm not sure what to do with clans .

Player fighting ..Don't know anything about this might be done in an arena with gold prices and statics or freely on locations.

Thieving Planning new updates for thieving....It would be something like a thieving guild wich gives you random thieving quests for good experience rewards.
You should also be able to thief more than just players...;)

-Trading Hard to add but when I think of it enough a safe way of trading could be added.

-Items Ofcourse..more items..and rare weapons/armour.

That's all I could remember for now...But I know there's more wich I've forgotten for a second. (maybe to keep it a secret...)

13-03-2005 Little updates

Did some little fixes, updates and some exp changes.
Leather boots will reduce 20% travel time but give same exp as wearing no boots.
Woodcutting and fighting spiders and gnomes also gives a little more exp.
Also the anti bot check (nummer validation) has been improved a little, but it's just another update wich you won't even notice.
More updates wich you will notice will be added soon...

12-03-2005 News system

Updated this news system, I will add news here now and then. Although I sometimes have got no time to update the news page..I do update the game itself alot.
Today I added many fixes to the game, and you can now buy a Mule for decreased travel time, check the Valera stables.
Also manuals have been added, writted by the player Ruby, thanks!
(If you are bored... check out these funny Syrnia facts)

05-03-2005 Syrnia has been officially launched !!

Join quick and have the advantage to play this game from the beginning ! We're currently trying to submit Syrnia to every game listing website, to get much players, then we'll move on to the many planned updates !

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