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07-12-2005 Woodcutting

Woodcutting has been changed:
Old forests are harder to cut and only skilled people are able to cut these forests.
Every forest contains different types of seeds and wood (Unique experience, time and wood amount per cut).

A small note: Syrnia might be down saturday for about 1 to 3 hours. I might upgrade the server that day.
It's not sure yet though.

29-11-2005 The Server

The server was down for about 45 minutes because of a strange error.
It's all fixed now, but soon the server will get a complete reinstallation. The server should not give any strange random lag anymore after the completee re-installation.

Also thanks to the donations this month I can buy some new memory and double the total amount of memory in the server(A lack of memory was related to the error).

When re-installing the server it might be down for a little while..but during the downtime you will be able to play syrnia on another temporairy server.
The harddisk wich was bought using donations from a few weeks ago will be installed at the same time.

So soon we will get double memmory, a faster harddisk, and properly installed server. This should speed everything up very much.
Besides the server I also got a new sponsor (Akasts sponsership lasts untill 10 december).
The new sponsor offered me a great deal on a 100 times faster connection !!
We will switch to this faster connection when the server runs properly.

13-11-2005 Buyaworld

I launched a new site today. It's goal is to earn money for the server without any of you paying for it. But I do need your help to gain the money.

The website is an advertising site for anyone with a website. I hope you can contact some company's and refer them to my new website. I think this can even work as well, or even better than the donating option since companys got alot more money than we do. Now companys finally can contribute to Syrnias server and in exchange they get alot more website visitors.
Read the 'How to support Syrnia' page in-game to check out all details.

02-11-2005 Brigantines

Pirates can now build and use Brigantines instead of sloops.
They are constructable ONLY at the stockhouse, cost 3000 wood and level 15 constructing is required.

A few days ago I added the clan list at the highscores, forgot to note it in the news.

30-10-2005 Small but important fixed

I fixed a bug in the drops in fights, the monsters now correctly give you what they were always supposed to drop..
This includes the ogre hatchet and plate (!)

I also managed to speed up walking trough the outlands, it goes about 2 times as fast now.

20-10-2005 AKast, our official sponsor, has launched it's new webshop

A long time ago Syrnia had horrible lag...something saved us and speeded up Syrnia...

I was searching a sponsor to make a deal about a expensive new processor to save all the lag.
Then I found Akast, I mailed them and got a reply immidiatelly, after a conversation Akast agreed on becoming Syrnia's official sponsor.
Akast supports online gaming and helped Syrnia out.

Their new webshop has just launched and I ask you all to check it out !
It's Akast who solved all our lag !

A message from akast:

AKast, provider of I.T services such as Training, Solutions and Support, has launched its new webshop with great value products and very cool PCs.

Soon there will be an in-game competition with some great prizes to be won, so watch this space.
Don't forget to check out for some great offers and to support our sponsor at the same time.

19-10-2005 Pirates are recruiting

The pirates are recruiting at Xanso for 24 hours.
Between 15:00 19 october and 15:00 20 october everyone is able to join the pirates.
After this there will only be recruitments during pirate attacks.
1 Keg of rum is required to join.

16-10-2005 New 3d work.

We got new 3d pictures for all skills now.
They will also show you what time of day it is in Syrnia: morning, day or night !
At what time do you usually play ;) ?
Thanks go to Muaat for making the 3D images.

12-10-2005 Fame and Pirates

You can now choose the side of the pirates and prepare invasions on the islands of Syrnia.
This is the big update we have been waiting for.
Read the manual for full details.
I have done alot of updates the last few dates but they all were too small to note.

20-09-2005 Second big event

Captain Keelhail visited the islands of Syrnia today..
Everyone was making fun of him, what they might regret later...
Captain Keelhail will return and the Islands of Syrnia will be attacked by thousands of his pirates !

Captain Keelhail will attack 22-09-2005..Accidental, this also is the 200th day of Syrnia !

10-09-2005 Chest event

I did alot of bugfixed and added other weaks to the game.
But I also added a new random event; The locked chest event.
The first one to guess the right combination on the chest can keep it's contents !
You will understand when you see it yourself:)

07-09-2005 New island, new features !

The elven island has been added.
-A pub with private chat for the pub only.
It also sells beer and elven cocktails which can seriously make you drunk.
-New fighting area containing high level creatures.
-New quest "Huge problems".
-A casino with many games and prizes to win.
-New weapons/armour Elven armour !
-New magic Orbs which enable you to summon rats or teleport.

As you can see..much has been added thanks to my vacation !

06-09-2005 Abusing the rules

Various people have been punished for abusing the rules today.

A reminder:
You are allowed to controll only 1 character, you may not use any character but your own, you may also not share your character. Read the full rules by clicking 'rules' above the chat system.

04-09-2005 GOOD NEWS

We finally got the new processor and Syrnia now is twice as fast as it used to be !
Thanks go to all donators, the processor was bought with their cash.
I have made alot of bugfixes today and yesterday, and I'm working on a huge update for this month.

11-08-2005 Image update

Images have been updated.
The image size in inventory has doubled. All weapons and armour have been improved and look much better now !
Begin september the syrnia server will get a new processor and all lag should be gone :)
In the meanwhile there won't be much updates, but there are updates being worked on.
Invasions will continue though.

03-08-2005 Updates

I updated the invasions today.
Monsters invading a town give 1 extra exp then normal.
Invasions have a kill ranking now, the best 3 fighters will recieve an amount of gold when a city has been saved within the time limit. But they will not recieve gold if a city has been lost.
I have also added an Syrnia overview pop-up wich will show after logging in.
I am also adding some more donator features wich I will add to the donator list soon, 1 of them is extra stats at the overview pop-up.
Make sure your pop-up blocker does not block pop-ups from!)

29-07-2005 Rat attack

Thousands of rats are attacking Remer Island Saturday 30-07-2005 at 8 PM (20:00) GMT. (It is 21:00 Syrnia time)
All gather to defend the towns, because if the rats manage to settle there we will have to kill thousands more rats.
Double combat exp is gained during the invasions !
So use this event to train your combat level, and begin gathering food now. To check what time 8 GTM will be at your place use this link.

28-07-2005 Invasions & Updates

NEW Invasions !
Invasions are random attacks on our towns, the attacker can be any monster wanting to takeover our cities.
Attacks will be announced in chat.
During an attack, or when a city has been taken over, you cannot use any of the city its resources.
If the attackers are not killed within the time limit the city has been taken over.
The enemy will then settle at the city and will be alot stronger.
Less xp and drops are gained while killing the invaders when a city has been taken over.

So..I have been pretty busy working on Syrnia again :-).
-I did a redo on the whole magic skill, there are no more time limits on upgrades, you can check the magic manual for the new levels for spells.
-I did a lot of bugfixes...
-..And I managed to half the lag we had ! I changed the chatsystem and it works like a charm !

And I'm very happy to annouce we are getting a new processor and connection for sure.
I don't know when exacly, but it's sure we will get it; An agreement has been made with a computer parts webshop.

06-07-2005 New location, new armour, new weapons.

A new location has been added: The ogre cave.
Ogre armour and weapons have been added too, these cannot be bought in a shop and are not smithable.
The ogre armour and weapons are very rare...
The ogre cave can be accessed via The Outlands 35 and players cannot fight eachother in the ogre cave.

05-07-2005 Changed exp and time

I changed exp and time on all skills. Allmost all of the current levels have gotten a boost of around 140%. Even though more time is needed to produce something, levelling will now go much faster than before.
It would have taken 7 years of 6 hours a day playing on the old system to get to level 85.
That will be alot less now...Although, this game is still not too easy ! Like the rest out there..:P

You can now also change your password at the OPTIONS in-game.
And you can recover your password at the mainpage.

05-07-2005 Updates

I have updated the following:
Shops can be upgraded
You can now upgrade you shop slots.
Houses can be upgraded
You can now upgrade you house slots.
Travel with your own boat.
You can now use your own boat to travel; It is free, and faster than the regular boat trips.
Breaking tools
Tools like hatchets, pickaxes, nets, rods, and hammers can now break. This should help moving the market a little.
Donator benefits have been added
If you donate using the 'How to support Syrnia' page you will now gain some small benefits. The benefits can be found on the support page.
These advantages do not give donators a advantage over normal players, and I will never make it like that too.
It's just a thanks from me to Donators. I can't explain how much I appreciate the donations !


I got 3 interesting topics:
-Win a Syrnia T-Shirt !!!
-New project

It really suprised me how nice this Syrnia community actually is !
Because of the lag much people did their best to help Syrnia out.
I recieved 4 donations and am on 1/3th of the cash needed buying a new server.
I really thank the donators for this !

New project
Please all check This is a new project of mine. You can signup for free and make your own startpage. It really speeds up your internet usage and saves alot of time entering links.
It will also help Syrnia if you use this project.
There's a special Syrnia layout with a handy link in it to open Syrnia fullscreen !

Win a Syrnia T-Shirt !
Im very happy to be able to annouce we are giving out a Syrnia T-Shirt as price for the new contes we set up, you can read everything about it at the Forum ->Contests -> Contest 13
Pictures of me, manda, and beefian will be included soon...

29-06-2005 Speed

Syrnia's speed has reduced pretty much lately because of all the traffic.
I am working on it and try to speed everything up as much as I can but I'm limited to it.
But everyone should know this lag has got my full attention.

23-06-2005 Ignore option

You can now add people to your ignore list so you don't need to see their chat messages.
This should help calming down alot when people would start to argue.

22-06-2005 2 New quests added

I've added 2 new quests wich will test your combat skills:
-Monster training
-Slaying the monster
These new quests start in Valera...

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